Liberals are the most racist smart devices ever made.

They are always bringing race into everything while others could care less about race.

Take for example this simple discussion about a photograph. Those who took it and participated in it did not give a shit about anyone’s race where a “Mexican restaurant” owner took a selfie with Jeff Sessions quite proudly.

Liberals pounce. They immediately LOOK AT RACE of all involved, even the race of the restaurant, even the race of the corn used to make the taco, and they get their panties in a bunch. Calls Sessions a hypocrite.

Oh wait, they just pounced on me for that as being sexist.

Liberals are loony toons.

So the Univision anchor talks with Tucker Carlson and uses an example as to why this is an improper photo, saying “There is something to be said about a man … about Jeff Sessions and the moral contradictions of a man that led the charge to dehumanize and criminalize immigrants and then suddenly shows up at a Mexican restaurant to order huevos rancheros. That’s like Cuban officials going to a McDonald’s to order a Big Mac after a speech on American imperialism.”

Yes actually I agree. It’s like that. Cuban officials may own stock in McDonald’s even. So what.

Making such statement is racist. It’s based on race.

The Univision dude even makes choosing what food we eat as a racist matter.

What can be said is that Sessions and the owner of the restaurant are obviously not racist and you liberals are all warped and cannot even see the trees, forest, or how your militant plastic bag bans are going to cause more deforestation and plastic bag use than ever.

Plastic bags reuse is unsanitary and they use 10x more plastic than the throw away ones yet are used only 3 times at the most before discarded, thus, if  any of you can do the math, they are doubling the plastic ending up from bags in land fills and oceans.

And if you are brilliant at math you would notice I just under calculated that, it’s worse than double.

Now about those contacts you are wearing are you flushing them down the toilet or in the trash?

They are ending up in landfills and oceans.

Time to ban contacts.