That cookie box you know and remember as a kid called “Barnam’s Animals” referred to as animal crackers……well finally after many years of public disgust with animals being caged, even though pets are caged in homes all the time, Nabisco freed the animals who were depicted as caged in a circus carnival mobile cage for 110 years.

This came about after liberal prodding by PETA which obviously has a problem with wild animals being caged. Or is it they feel caged themselves and are projecting this on others.

So now due to liberal manias and corporate BTP the animals roam free ready to eat anyone who would eat the cookies inside. That’s the message.

These new depictions are coming to your neighborhood to roam and eat children and pets.

What a great image to present to children…..never should animals be caged, just let them roam the suburbs and cities free.

Liberals are loony toons.

As a kid me and my friends used to play with these animal crackers before eating them like they were in a circus, well trained, behaved.

Mellenials kids will now have them run wild on the kitchen table stampeding and killing everyone including the bird on the Fruit Loops package.


BTP is Bowing To Pressure