There’s nothing like eating “pure poison” every day using it to cook your food.

There’s also nothing like swallowing pure poison called AZT which is found in all HIV drugs.

The Harvard professor gets his name in the news calling coconut oil “pure poison”.

That’s a stretch because it’s a fruit oil, it’s not a chemical like AZT which has killed many of my G friends.

So today it’s going to be all over the news and you watch, store shelves instead of missing coconut oil on them will be full.

The coconut oil “helathy oil” fad has been going on for at least a decade.

I learned decades prior that it is a SATURATED FAT, in other words it’s greasy like fast food french fries and is unhealthy.

It’s not poison unless you dump a gallon in your throat along with gagging on cock.*

AZT is poison. The insane “Hit Hard Hit Early” campaign killed millions. That could be called pure poison as that was it’s sole purpose, to kill cancer cells 50 years ago, it also wiped out all other cells like red blood cells so they took it off the market until some brilliant con artist saw a way to kill off the gays and make money at it.

*When I say cock that means cooked male chickens.