Auto Immune Diseases (AID), it’s got that added lower case “s” on it when it’s plural (more than one). That’s the new thing in the world of acronymania.

The Definition Syndrome (DS) that nit picky altered science dumps on us routinely like traffic stops and rain had sex with DN (Disease Naming) and it reproduced babies called CS (Category Syndromes).

One of these days I have to show you more effectively how categorization of diseases work$.

So the football player gets AID. Not AIDS, AID.

Under that    B  R  O  A  D    category “Auto Immune Disease” is the disease called

Guillain-Barré Syndrome (a rapid onset of muscle weakness)

That happens when you get the FLU.

So “what he’s got” is not a disease, it’s a syndrome.

So he has AID/GBS.


The entire point of all of this is, besides the noble attempt to provide relief or cure, is to categorize for new drug$.

With that comes COMPETITION.

In the sport of making new drugs and creating names for selves enters deceit and greed.

That is how we got HIV/AIDS which when you look at what it really is by definition, is a broad category like saying Earth has been infected with crooks.

Try treating that with one pill.