CIA, JT, FBI, agree Russia meddled in the election.

This news along with the Cohen/Muller trials helped get Rachel Maddow to her highest ratings level ever.

Drama queens united.

As a side note though, one should keep in mind that Kindergarten children meddle in adults affairs at home and get spanked for it.

It’s very similar.

These meddlers do not affect the outcome of mommy and daddy choosing to remain married, nor do these children’s meddling cause them to break up, nor does their meddling cause the house to go into foreclosure, nor does the meddling cause the neighborhood to go to hell, nor does the meddling cause the economy of the household to suffer, nor does the children’s meddling nor did the people who act like children’s meddling cause the public to vote for a dynamic somewhat ego driven boisterous businessman instead of a droll boring non-dynamic lying to the gay community on gay marriage career politician (Hillary) as a new fresh President of the United States of America who promised to clean out corruption in Washington, D.C. which he is clearly doing as you can see if you are not glued to CNN, MSNBC, ETC.