It’s real.

They wanted a businessman for President instead of another “politically correct” (which is a misnomer) bureaucrat.

They voted for Obama then wanted a person running the country that would not be like all the rest.

They wanted an America that was great again.

Many people do not realize how great America was long ago. Inner cities were not blighted. Crime was not rampant. People were respectful. There was no school shootings. You could walk to your local stores. You didn’t have to have an internet connection to survive.

Of course there was a time where the country was at war with itself. That was not a great time when 625,000 US residents killed each other. Being that population at that time in the mid 1800’s was 10x smaller than today, that would make it like 6,250,000 US residents killing each other, like a United States holocaust. We don’t want that kind of America again.