Famous Internet Gamer wrecks his expensive car driving wrong way on I-805 in San Diego.

He had lucrative career at 18 years old selling virtual game piece skins. Lost between $100k to $200k income.

This is obscene, kids should never have that kind of money.

If you don’t know what a game piece skin is think of it as playing Monopoly and being tired of playing with a shoe and wanting to dress it up to look like Armani except that it’s only an image of the game piece within the video game. These games are played online, players compete worldwide.

The online community that knew him say he was very distraught and probably committed suicide.

Where are those liberals gun control freaks? I hear not one peep about car control. This guy murdered a mother and child on that highway. Like guns, they must be confiscated.

He did not have to own a gun to kill. He used his expensive car which was probably going to be repossessed.

Prior to landing on the highway though he blew threw a fence at an elementary school, stopped, got out, threw a rock at a window. That rock could have killed a child as well as how that car could have. He could have run over children.

Liberals should be calling for new laws to fix the problem if they were consistent. When ever someone has a sudden change in income, confiscate their car.

Then make sure that if they live somewhere where there are rocks, those too are confiscated – we cannot wait for mental illness diagnosis from a therapist.

Why is therapist spelled THE RAPIST?

see report about this from another gamer who knew all about him and these lucrative virtual game piece skins here