Blaire White is a new sensation.

She says she has endured far worse vitrol from the LGBTQmunnity for coming out as CONSERVATIVE than any suffering endured from coming out as transgender by anyone.

No surprise there.

The LBTGmunnity can be viscous. And vicious.

Imagine if she also said that HIV is a lie.

In this video, in the theme of LIE/DISCOVERY the woman sees a psychic who says that she is pregnant.

Sylvia Brown (more famous in the 1990’s) did a reading for a mother who’s daughter went missing. Sylvia said that the girl was dead.

As the new millennium progressed, we see in the news that the girl was being held captive for over a decade by a sicko with two other girls.

I predict that psychics will be exposed even more for their fraud as time goes on and that we also will find out that we never did go to the moon.

Unfortunately though, HIV will still exist in the minds of many.

Wear protection from that.

Tin foil sometimes works.

MAV – Made A Video