From the website:

“All HIV antibody tests are highly inaccurate. One reason for the tests’ tremendous inaccuracy is that a variety of viruses, bacteria and other antigens can cause the immune system to make antibodies that also react with HIV. When the antibodies produced in response to these other infections and antigens react with HIV proteins, a positive result is registered. Many antibodies found in normal, healthy, HIV-free people can cause a positive reading on HIV antibody tests. (23) Since the antibody production generated by a number of common viral infections can continue for years after the immune system has defeated a virus — and even for an entire lifetime — people never exposed to HIV can have consistent false positive reactions on HIV tests for years or for their entire lives.”

And they keep telling u$ to get te$ted.

All LGBT testing organizations are influenced by the drug companies that make these tests.

They refuse to believe anything other than “official” HIV claims.

The claims do not pass even the most basic logical scrutiny.

Hysteria, fear, repetition all prevail.

Government agencies have made many mistakes thrughout history. This is one of them.

STOP testing.