Watching TV or “fleecebook” and the like for our information you would likely believe that Muslim faiths have strict punishments. They often do. America has strict punishments too, just consider 3 strikes laws that throw away the key for the 3rd offense. They were implemented in the 1980’s after public hysteria, outcry, and media abuse of that subject.

Sharia Law which is a foundation of Muslim faith, is discussed and pounced on in the US especially by conservative slant networks, radio hosts, etc. claiming it’s infiltrating the US through Muslims that immigrate here legally and illegally. They present this campaign of fear (like medias did with HIV long ago) of Sharia Law entering our legal system. Medias use this fear to manipulate, in order to get those they want in power elected and sell lucrative advertising contracts. These tactics of fear and manipulation have gone on in the world for billions of years, it’s nothing new.

What I find facinating as I stumbled on some solid information about a country that owns Al Jazeera, which is a media channel based in Qatar, which is a part of the Arabian Penninsula, next to Saudi Arabia, and has more Muslims per capita than ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, where the country’s official religion is Muslim, and Sharia Law is in their constitution, is that if you are not Muslim, you are not subject to Muslim punishments, only Muslims are.




Let me repeat that, if you live in Qatar, and you are not Muslim, you are not subject to punishments based on Sharia Law. That means your Muslim coworker there can be flogged publicly with 50 lashes for infidelity while your Catholic coworker there would not.

You wouldn’t hear that on Fox News and many other outlets.

You can look it up yourself on the Wikipedia page or thousands of other places, like at university libraries which is the place I first started to discover in the 1980’s that medias presentations of HIV were BULL/SHIT** yet those presentations infiltrated many aspects of our legal system, killing many people because of public policy that pushed HIV drugs, Hit Hard Hit Early policies, etc. Medias now make gobs of money from commercials selling HIV testing, drugs, etc.

See any connection there between hyping things up and commercial gain?

No one on Fox News or other conservative outlets preach these important facts about Sharia Law not being applied to non Muslims that live in Muslim countries yet they spend many hours scaring Americans that they should be afraid.

Maybe Al Jazeera does present these kinds of facts, maybe not, but certainly it has a take on world events that might be not what you are used to hearing.


feature image of airplane with the word Qatar on it’s underbelly is provided with permission at no charge by Carlos Pernalete Tua you can see more of his works there


** in the 1980’s after HIV was declared THE/CAUSE of AIDS which is a broader category of about 28 different diseases, the medias were claiming that Karposi’s Sarcoma was a new cancer that doctors had never seen before. They claimed it was a gay disease. They claimed it was new. They claimed it was caused by HIV. I went to a university library, found books written in the 1950’s, 30 years prior, explaining a new disease (later labeled AIDS) which in all reality was not new, it was Karposis Sarcoma, which is what these people had in the 1980’s. Medias were all full of shit on this subject, not one of the reporting agencies ever looked up any of these facts that there was NO/NEW/DISEASE at all, they just quoted interns at hospitals working with these “new mysterious diseased patients who had AIDS”. It wasn’t new at all but from all of this BULL/SHIT reporting we got an industry that has made zillions of dollars from taxpayers, insurance, etc. to study a new label for old diseases where the cause for all of those old diseases which all have different complex causes, were all blamed on one itsy bitsy virus which like all viruses can get on a plane and go all around the world in hours. There is no virus. There is only new labels for old diseases that all have complex, not simple, causes. If there was a viral cause, it would have affected all groups equally like the FLU. To claim that a virus is the cause of what clearly affects homosexuals in the USA more than heterosexuals is absurd.