I ment to say treat meant, no, treatment.

The story captured on 8/26/18 at 6:12 ampt reports that 2 in Africa that were treated for Ebola with an experimental treatment recovered.

“They” don’t mention if 2 who didn’t get treatment with the drug also recovered.

I notice “they” do and did this with HIV treatments saying the person recovered but don’t tell you who wasn’t treated. They don’t care to study that usually and when they do they gloss over the results that show those who get better without treet  ment.

They also say “HIV never ever leaves the body” which is a clever way for you or taxpayers to be stuck buying their products for the rest of your lives because you believe what they say as they are experts, which gets them and investors that new car they wanted.

I don’t trust these treaters they often play tricks. They all make gobs of money. They all have investments in drug companies.

With HIV I watched the hype play out in the 80’s and 90’s. Their claims were outrageous. They gave a drug with the acronym AZT to my friends in high doses when it was already proven that the drug was deadly. Gee guess what they all died. The hit hard hit early” campaign also murdered my friends. They hit hard like they did for sure, like watching a person who cannot stand killing bugs because “they are living beings” being told to hit them hard and hit the buggers early with a baseball bat

Everyone I have ever known and heard about who hit hard died. Then of course “they” blame the virus, not the drug. Eventually smart enough doctors saw this happening and stopped prescribing it, reported it, and quietly doses were lowered so that it at least wasn’t a killing field.

These were supposed to be experts. Experts at what, throwing whatever they lost money on decades prior so that THEY can recover?

It’s a worse holocaust than that in Germany, at least there it was obvious what happened, here we have the Nazi party of medicine gassing millions of Jewish red blood cells in order to kill the one bad cell “infected with HIV” amongst them all.

The H in HIV stands for Holocaust in my mind.