CDC reports that 2 million 200 thousand times a year guns protect people who have them for protection.

CDC also reports that condoms are used for protection to fend off other attackers that are 153 zillionth the size of those they attack.

Once or three times a year we have tens of people killed by a mass shooter but then liberal hysterical theatrical dramadians take to the twitterwaves to voice their disdain for Republicans who support our constitution. They demand gun control. They demand repeal of the 2nd amendment. They do not like our constitution. They are retarded fools. They live in walled estates with 24/7 armed guarded security. They hire armed bodyguards. They complain the NRA is to blame. They also blame a virus for complex disease conditions because blaming others is easy.

Wearing condoms for protection from a virus is like staying inside your house to protect yourself from mosquitoes and flies, and you leave the front door of your home wide open and you expect no flies or mosquitoes to come in. That was a statement also made by a CDC official in a discussion in the early DAZE of HIV/POLITICS/INSANITY back in the 1980’s.

Buy a condom to live in a fantasy world of fake protection from viruses as viruses are so small that they go right through the microscopic holes in all condoms. It’s a membrane with holes in it. Liquid does not exactly pour right through because the molecules are too big and the holes are too small, but those holes are bigger than the virus, and smaller than the holes in these celebrities heads.

Guns fend off thugs. Wear a gun for your own protection.