It’s not just the conspiracy theorists (said in a typical haughty way) saying this, it’s NPR reporting what The Eductaion Department says.

NPR examined a U.S. Education Department study and discovered that over 66 percent of reported school shootings for 2015-2016 school year never occurred.

Also, 66% of all moon landings are fake, look closely under the craft, absolutely no crater – you cannot land a propelled spacecraft without this – it was lowered there by a crane – we never landed on the moon. Other landings on the moon are real of course even though the Van Allen Radiation belt fries everything in it’s path.

Makes some wonder if elementary school shootings, where people are seen walking in circles to stage it to appear like a relief center is set up and not actors in a play, is real too. Why would government ever lie? Impossible. Governments never lie.There is never any corruption in government where it’s exposed many years later.

Vaccines are safe (except for the many who die from them). They never cause the very thing they are claimed to prevent by injecting the very thing you are trying to avoid, that’s coincidence.

HIV testing is accurate even though the masters of retrovirology have said otherwise government keeps saying get tested and that HIV exists, and the instructions and warnings on these tests say they are not even accurate and are not supposed to diagnose anything.

And Nixon was listening like Frasier Crane listens, it’s all good.

“It’s all good” is not.