They keep bashing YouTube, Twitter, and others for so called censorship. They claim they are violating free speech. OMG they are retarded hysterians.

The latest example they blast on the airwaves and online is about searching YouTube for Ann Coulter’s newest babble video entitled “How Trump Should Deal With Cohen & Manafort”. shows how they searched, and the results were that other videos coming from liberal sources were listed.

I went to YouTube and pasted in the search term with quotes and guess what, Ann’s video came up first. Without quotes the search bot looks at the words one at a time and thus comes up with results that match those first terms. This is standard and has been the way search programs (now deemed algorithms) work for 30 years.

These conservative networks are totally wrong about these claims of censorship. Take downs are mostly about copyright infringement or out of line behavior that infringes on others personal rights to privacy.

Example of my search using quotes. Look Ann, no censorship.