He entered 4th grade and after his mom said “I still love you” when he timidly came out to her, then he came out to his classmates. Did not go well.

He killed himself after being taunted.

So let’s look at this. I get real pissed when I hear our so called LGBTQ leeders push this coming out crap.

Hate, which is what was thrown at this poor kid who came out to his classmates, is like a rock, it sits all by itself not harming anyone, yet it’s harmful when thrown. It’s cannot be controlled with laws when haters decide to hate anyway.

Liberal retards like some of our gay community leeders who are “resisters” and gun control freaks, will push and push and push until they get their way with taking away constitutional rights to own a gun, and pushing homos to come out. Their self absorbed idea that they are doing good makes them feel like they won the war then, like had happened when they made new laws making hate a crime, and yet with all their wins, this kid killed him self anyway.

How could this happen, the leeders stated repeatedly they won. Their new laws would fix these problems.

His blood is on them in a sense.

LGBTQ/LEEDERS also have blood on their hands as they destroyed the lives of many of my friends who bought the lie of killer viruses.

The did what they were told, take HIV drugs or you will die.

They died, because the drugs killed them.


reference story on this terrible suicide can be read in full on Yahoo!