TMMP was mentioned on an episode of “The Facts of Life” that aired this morning. Today it’s called TM.* It’s the exact same thing. TM/TMMP.

I like that term, typical male macho piffle. It was stated when Blair was trying to break up a fight that was threatening to occur between two male sports rivals.

This term evolution happened with the word trafficking. Prostitution didn’t do much when control freaks wanted to reign it in so they came up with the G word as using that in marketing their push for controlling laws then would be acceptable as it gave it a more horrific meaning as it emphasized the concept of humans being used like trade of goods. They got their way. Craig’s List dropped their personals in order to not take any chances of them being found liable for T. This is all done in the name of protecting humans from T. It did so in some extreme instances, but then it also harmed those who like in the movie “The Florida Project” could not get work because of other laws that are supposed to help people but harm them. Governing control freaks also have done this with labeling electronic cigarette vaping liquids. They are requiring them all to have big bold warning labels on them claiming the negative effects of addiction that nicotine can create. Coffee almost had those labels on them warning that it caused cancer, then somehow, those requirements disappeared before implementation. Must be that coffee heard and straightened up, stopped causing cancer. Addiction and cancer are very different. Coffee is also addicting with caffeine.

New warning label.

WARNING: Your government is not balanced and is overpowering you when it finds it can make money from doing so and doesn’t like seeing you make money without them controlling all aspects of that which is why the Yankees declared war on US citizens.

* Toxic Masuclinity