The hackers renamed maps of New York City (note I am not acronymizing the city name) Jewtropolis.

For some odd reason there is backlash.

They claim it’s anti-semitism. What? What is semitism?

Oh my bosses say it’s being anti Jew. Is that anti Jerusalem? Or is that anti Jewish wherever they live?

If so none of that makes any sense. Naming a map Jewish is just making a statement of what is perceived, lots of Jewish live there.

It’s sorta like calling an area of downtown Los Angeles Koreatown, just sorta as with Koreatown it’s actually a designated racist place that the city of Los Angeles approves naming that way. There are thousands of others like this all over the country.

Then if we look around the world we see all sorts of names designating race, Africa is one – African – France is another – French.

Why is it when Jewish neighborhoods are labeled Jewish they get upset?

It’s not like naming the neighborhood what would be actually offensive, “Penishackers”.


image snapshot of google news 8/31/2018 at about 6:04 am pt