California liberals have a way of not understanding things as they really are. In the case of so called ERRONEOUSLY LABELED “net neutrality” the liberals are all for this concept that all of the pipelines for internet service never be throttled ever.

Why don’t they do this for water pipes? Why are they not lobbying the other utility companies to be forced to allow unlimited unthrottled water use?

I think they DO understand the basic architecture of pipes providing water yet they don’t understand the NEED to be able to throttle internet connections and similar delivery. Like with water, the delivery has to be throttled at times, and let to be full force at others, at the decision of those running those services as best meets customer needs. A water company could set up separate lines for say FIRE company use and others for residential and yet others for a big industrial complex yet liberals don’t want this same thing when it comes to internet.

It’s like the liberals for “net neutrality” want laws that make it mandatory that all water be allowed to flow where ever and when ever it wants, no controls, let it flow.

This would be a disaster during flooding where dams back up and the flood gates must be opened. Other areas where there are streams that are feeding into the dams also might need to be closed off, cutting the flow for a while.This is what happens with the internet also.

You cannot just let it be the wild west. That is what “net neutrality” proponents want, no controls, no flood control of internet pipes.

The reason why the big tele communications companies push hard for NO NET NEUTRALITY is because it makes the internet work better.

One of the big dams that was created against such controls is the Electronic Frontier Foundation. All they ever want is wild west for internet, and of course unlimited flows of money in donations. They want to let everyone do whatever they want whenever and wherever they want. This concept which has dominated successfully for 3 decades now and it allowed the dam to burst on copyright infringement. They don’t care though because it’s not their copyrights. In their arguments for free flow they claim they are all for innovation, they fight hard to keep this wild west a flowing, the problem is it can damage things, the small copyright owner can’t do shit to protect themselves, whereas the large ones can. Innovation wins, the social network companies get rich and donate big sums to guess who, Electronic Frontier Foundation which employs people who have lucrative careers making sure that the internet is always free and wild. Their pitch sounds great but there are those who get hurt.

I recall a great man named Liam Scheff, may he rest in peace or maybe seek revenge on those who harmed him and his efforts. He made some internet videos on the HIV nonsense bull crap peddled by the world. He was very well versed, did fantastic presentations, challenged the wacky theories with facts, and one day one of those self absorbed “HIV denialist haters” came along blasting him, creating his own video, trying to make him look like a fool, stating there are mountains of data “proving” HIV is real and does what these mountaineers say, bla bla bla. That’s fine, there’s lots of those but the video showed something like 80% of Liaam’s copyrighted works of him speaking, maybe 20% of this stupid HIV denier (he’s really the denier, denying that HIV is a lie).

Liaam was appalled and sent take down notice through YouTube. EFF got wind and came down hard, they claim it’s fair use and called Liam another nutcase AIDS denialist. What a load of crap. Besides EFF not understanding the incorrect use of calling someone an AIDS Denialist as if they are a Stalinist (no one denies that there is AIDS) it’s not fair to use that much of one’s work in a critique. The mountains of data that are all based on lies and garbage science don’t prove any that a virus causes the various diseases labeled under the broad category of immune deficiency poorly labeled with the acronym AIDS, yet the dude babbled on with his vitrol against Liam. Liam gave up the fight real quick when EFF threatened to sue him as he’s just a little guy. He did not have the resources to fight. So EFF cared more about the internet’s wild west which made silicon valley kids and adults fabulously wealthy.

Anyhow, liberals have used the recent situation of throttling WHICH WAS A MISTAKE THAT VERIZON MADE AND ADMITTED TO of the firefighters “unlimited” plans when they were fighting fires and some of those who were using their phones in the field there were throttled, slowed down. The proponents of this new law that California is making they call the “gold standard” of internet non-throttling freedoms claim they need this law to stop firefighting efforts from ever being throttled again. How absurd their argument is using this as an example, it’s just the opposite, what Verizon and others want to do is make sure that very thing does not happen BY CREATING BIGGER PIPES for some users and smaller or medium sized ones for others based on needs.

Of course the cost for bigger pipes will cost more and that is where these liberal retarded arguments get it wrong. It’s like they want all gas to be the same, no premium blend, no diesel, no eco-plant based fuels, all the same, and always sent through the same pipes so while you are waiting for your jet fuel to fill up your plane you wait for 10 hours because the pipe size is now one size so that no plane, train, auto or other fuel device gets preferential treatment.

Vote against all “net neutrality” bills – they are stupid liberal fantasies that are not practical in the real world, unless you want everyone to also be forced to drive at the exact same speed on every road. This is what “net neutrality” proponents want with the roadways of the internet, no one can pass another, just wait for them to get there so everyone is treated equal while they go drive to see the little old lady in Pasadena. This would apply of course to ambulances too, cannot pass through because it’s “net neutrality” NO ONE GETS TREATED BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE on their internet dirt road.

California Senate Bill 822