I find deceit distasteful and expensive. It’s all over HIV/AIDS science but now I’m finding it somewhere else.

We have all heard about the wild claims about cannabis which is marijuana and the non-psychoactive friend cannibidiol (CBD).

In looking over a hemp oil product with the ANNOYING and deceitful acronym CBD I see a product called Captain CBD Gummies. This is not to target this particular brand, it’s to point out what is prevalent in the entire CBD industry.

Here is a snapshot from the LeCig.com website featuring an edible gummie with CBD in it (image captured on 9/3/2018 at 11:33 ampt).

On the package it shows a cute gummy bear and a doctors cross with the winding snake around it in green.

I look at the back of the package and am stunned to see that CBD is the first ingredient, meaning that it’s the one ingredient that is in the highest quantity.

Wow! That’s impressive!

Except when you realize, and this might take a while to do, that the amount of CBD in that first ingredient which is actually “CBD oil” is not that much.

Notice that the second ingredient is corn syrup which is corn sugar in concentrated syrup, and the 3rd ingredient is sugar. The 4th is gelatin, the 5th is dextrose which again is sugar. There are other ingredients that are in lesser quantities, quite minimal.

Basically the product is almost all sugar and some oil, not 100% CBD oil as in CBD fully comprising the oil, CBD oil as in a minuscule amount of CBD added to a large amount of vegetable oil.

We can calculate this using math, something barely used in HIV/AIDS science EXCEPT/WHEN it comes to calculating paychecks and dividends.

The amount of sugar can be about 77% of the product while the CBD oil is about 20% and the other lesser items 2%.

corn syrup – 19%
sugar – 19%
dextrose – 19%

CBD oil is never pure CBD, it’s CBD + oil, so we can have CBD oil that hardly has any CBD in it. The actual CBD that is in the “CBD oil” is infinitesimal and is not stated on the product label. A similar concept applies to how immune deficiency is labeled HIV/AIDS but that’s harder to explain, let’s stick with what’s easy yet is still very confusing to the consumer. I think the cannabis industry uses this acronym to it’s advantage as basically what you are buying here is a bag of sugar and oil that compromises almost the entire product. If they called it that you surely would not spend the money you are spending on it. Let’s look at how much that is.

This oil and sugar weighs 50 grams at a whopping cost of $30.00 USD. That comes to a one pound bag of sugar costing you $274.80.

$274.80 for a pound of over 99.9% oil and sugar

That is exactly the same formula for every gummy that is made, almost all of it is oil and sugar, not pure CBD, other oil that is added into “CBD oil”.

So this product that has CBD in it states there is 200mg of CBD total in the package of Captain Gummies.

THAT’S NOT EVEN ONE GRAM and you are being charged 30 dollars!

There are 454 grams in a pound.

You are getting 1/5 of 1/454th of a pound of CBD for $30.00.

So one pound of CBD without the oil costs you at these prices…..sit down for this…..


Oh but the fun does not stop there.

The recommended serving size is 2 pieces. There is 10 pieces in one package. That’s 20mg of CBD per serving.

At $30.00 per bag, that’s $3.00 per “hit” of 20mg CBD.

On that same website they sell their finest CBD “Blue Moon Hemp Kush” for $137.99 with 1000mg CBD.

That’s $.14 per milligram.

X 20 = $2.80 per 20mg “hit” or “dose”.

Some recommendations say for pain to have 2 or three doses in a day.

That comes to $8.40 for the best oil they offer and $3.00 for the gummy dose (so you are paying about $.60 per dose for just the sugar).

CBD oil is stated to include terpenes. What does that word sound like? Terpentine.

Terpentine comes from trees. It’s used to thin oil based paints. You can buy it at home depot for about $4.00 per pound ($8.00 per quart which weighs about 2 lbs).

Most of the CBD oil is terpenes, which Wikpedia states is the oil from the plant.

All plants have oil in them. This oil is cheap except when it comes to hemp but why?

Is it the miracle plant for you and me or is it the miracle plant for those scamming us into paying massive sums of money for terpenes?

What if CBD oil’s so called “healing properties” have more to do with the oil than the CANNABIDIOL which costs $68,000 per pound?

What if all terpenes have these “healing properties”?

Ever hear of Tea Tree Oil? Yes it’s all the rage. Ever smell it? It’s quite expensive. It smells like turpentine.

Turpentine comes from trees. Tea tree oil comes from trees. Get the picture?

Are we basically paying for turpenes and sugar when we buy these products?

To put this in perspective, if we are only getting 20mg of cannabidiol (which rhymes with cannibis oil and is confusing probably on purpose by those who chose these names) compare to the amount of Vitamin C we should at least get daily of 60mg. Ever see how much that much Vitamin C is? You almost can’t see it but I hope you will see how the claims about CBD (the acronym) are being used to sell you something that by the pound costs…….


Can it really cost that much to grow this stuff and process it into oil?

Another good question to ask and get solid answers on is how much oil is used in these industries to process this stuff especially if we are concerned about “global warming without equal amounts of global cooling from space which hovers infinitely at 458 degrees below zero.

Another concern about these products:

Because there’s no oversight or regulations, some of the edibles being sold in the U.S. aren’t manufactured from food-grade ingredients. A document from the Denver Department of Public Health and Environment recently noted that some cannabis products being sold in the U.S. are coming from unregulated, unsafe and unsanitary manufacturing facilities.