I went to look for a good book to read, fortunately I live in a very expensive area where libraries still exist.

When I went in there was a sign at the door, “WARNING: This library contains books, books cause cancer and addiction to nicotine.” This is because studying any of these subjects can expose you to harm and basically this is what is happening to the internet and the vaping industry, which is an industry that is shifting a lot of people away from smoking cigarettes to instead, harmless vapor.

FDA (Fake Dipshit Authorities) made a rule, like that grade school nun did when you were growing up, for vaping companies and retailers to provide a warning that “their products contain nicotine”.

The warning has suddenly appeared on every product made and sold to the public for vaping, that includes websites, mods, and juices that don’t contain nicotine.

Nicotine has been associated with cigarettes and cancer.

President Trump has been associated with liberal shitheads. Just because something is associated with something does not make it the cause of the other yet FDA goes around with it’s authority making rules that satisfy themselves.

Where is the warning on coffee? I want to see these black print with white background stark warning labels that caffeine is addictive on 20% of the front label of coffee.

What about the warning labels for government, should say that power, control, and rule making is addictive.