I was asked that question as I was sitting in front of the TV.

I said “I want to watch the stock market crash and see all these millionaires cry about losing their imaginary million$”.

What a horrible thing to say right? Not really. Look around if you can get your eyes off a device long enough.

Amazon stock has soared into other galaxies hitting $2000 while putting countless book stores 6 feet under, places that were a wonderful place to get away from every day life much like libraries are. Amazon hasn’t come up with a way to fix that yet.

Then there’s Apple and Google rule the world with connective devices which have billions of Fort Knox’s at their disposal as do shareholders raking in gobs and gobs of money while the people who own all this money when they are forced to walk the sidewalks are tripping over shit, real shit, pooped out by homeless people which population has exploded. Apple and Google have not fixed that yet with a new device.

Play Stations have harnessed unbridled teenage energy but hasn’t sent any of it back into the grid while all these people turn their noses up to those who “waste energy” with their old station wagons that get horrible gas mileage, where if something needs to be fixed, you can fix it yourself for $50 in parts.

What happened?

It’s progress.

As with a hike in the woods, you leave your car behind, and progress into the wilderness, then get eaten by a bear.