“Cynthia Nixon has been frequently referenced in the press as trying to become New York’s first lesbian governor — but the actress-turned-politician does not actually self-identify as a lesbian, instead considering herself as queer, according to campaign spokeswoman Lauren Hitt.”

full story at Fox News, the network that LGBTQWERTY’s love 2 hate event though they believe hate is a crime

Hoping to hear more PUBLIC/PEOPLE correct others for calling them gay when they identify themselves as fags.

It’s funny how LGBT has now morphed into LGBTQ “officially” whereas the Q is for Queer.

Queer used to simply describe all of those letters and actually, adding the Q is really stupid, as it really is like saying lesbian homosexual fag, or transgender homosexual lesbian bisexual or gay lesbian homosexual queer fagsexual or any of a billion other stupid terms.

For those who are all hung up on labels, please don’t ever call me queer, gay, or ESPECIALLY/LGBT, I am fag.