Macho (2016) on IMDb

This movie got an unfair low rating because it just doesn’t resonate with the more conservative straight crowd, it’s way too gay, but unlike many gay films this one is unique and doesn’t harp on the “gay relationship” as much as it harps on antics.

In the film the main character is a wildly successful fashion designer dude who has pretended to be gay through his entire career life because if he was OUT as straight he’d never be accepted with such high acclaim. When his own reality camera crew goes too far in violating his privacy so they can get the real scoop they find this out.

What follows is a whirlwind of trying to pretend to the world that he’s actually gay by dating one of his employee boys. That performance between the two is better than what I have ever seen in popular awarded movies. It turns the camera back at the straight community AND the gay community as they both have their own styles of prejudice.

This film is fun, dramatic, light, festive, FANTASTIC CAMERA WORK, and exceptional quality, a great view for the gay and gay friendly audience.