I got an email warning me of new vape products listed on a vaping website and that the email contained nicotine and that it is addictive. I tried warning them of my thoughts in a response but these stupid “smart” spam prevention algorithms (a fancy name for a calculation program) sent it back claiming it was something it was not. My email response was born that way and I felt my email was not being treated equal.

Here is what I wrote:


Thank you for warning me in numerous ways about things, including informing me of sales and new products. I hope you had a wonderful holiday. I am a new vaper and love browsing your website and hope to buy at some point. I was just looking at your NEW section but see the same things I have seen there before, so I don’t know how to find the “100 items added”. It would be cool if those new items would be in order with the newest on top. Maybe those are the latest in order? I have seen them many times already though.

I am also looking for a BEER flavor ejuice. Not root beer, just alcohol type beer. If you have that or know where I can find it please let me know. 🙂

WARNING: This reply contains pixels that are addictive.

WARNING: Caffeine is also addictive yet I was not warned when I made a brew this morning prior to consuming 129 cups.

WARNING: Most people already know that e-mail is addictive so warnings about them containing nicotine are pointless.

WARNING: It’s time to warn people of how corrupt the FDA can be as they do not put warnings on tooth rotting hormone unbalancing sugar infused children’s cereal or on cooking oils that create oil slicks that damage cells worse than Gulf oil spills damage wildlife and fish, yet they force that on vapers regarding a chemical that never rotted a single tooth or blood cell in the name of “protecting public health” which leaves an unpleasant aroma of a rat.

This play on warnings is because the FDA is being inconsistent in forcing vaping suppliers and manufacturers with providing warnings on everything they make and sell. It’s absurd, an abuse of power, unfairly targeting the poor, lumping cigarettes in with a completely different product called vaping, and I suspect it’s because they are trying to keep their jobs as vaping is killing the cigarette industry and the taxes those generate, and if they don’t do something their jobs will be toast.


feature image used with permission is by Vojtech Okenka of someone vaping not smoking, vaping is harmless