The woman “ran out of gas” she says on the highway and a homeless man gave her $20.

She “was so pleased” at his self-less-ness that she set up a go fund me page.

Now it seems a year later that she and her pal seem to have gone and funded themselves, that’s the allegation and the homoless dude seems to have a lawyer who says the money is gone, all $400k that was collected from good people who were touched by the televized and internetized story.

When I first hear this sob story a year ago, listening to Kate McClure tell it, I had a sick feeling in my stomach.

That was because I ate too much sugar which for some reason does not contain WARNING: labels.

I did not trust her. I heard her tell her story again on other interviews, something was amiss. I felt like it was a con game, too unbelievable, seemed set up though the homeless guy seemed real.

Now they missed the deadline to provide the judge an accounting of where all the money went, they are in contempt.

The dude’s lawyer says that Kate McClure and Mark D’Amico have a new BMW and have taken trips to Las Vegas.

I would guess that’s where the money went.

Go fund me says they will cover the money lost so reports NPR.

I am often very suspicious of those who go public with their stories when there seems to always be money flow involved.

This happened with the Holocaust In Virology (HIV) early daze in it’s hysterical founding. It’s so much harder though to prove something amiss with viruses though as no one can see them. Testing doesn’t even see them yet the liars in the industry keep claiming it does. It’s a stretch how they define it but it’s obvious to those who understand how deceit works in channeling psychic energy.