I am supposed to believe there is hexagon shaped clouds or mountains or aliens or whatever it is on Saturn?

I don’t buy it any more than the lie of landing on the moon where absolutely no moon dust is disturbed.

In the article the image description states this “The Cassini spacecraft used its wide-angle camera to capture this image of the ringed planet Saturn on April 2, 2014. You can see Saturn’s hexagon – an odd six-sided feature – surrounding its circular north polar vortex. Image via NASA.” They say that the scienists are “scratching their heads”. Maybe the reporter just noticed them scratching their heads after a dust storm rolled through where someone left the door open and there was dust everywhere or left the door open like when people wear condoms and think that it’s like leaving the door open and expecting flies to not get in.

The gravity of such lies is immense, and pulls everyone into it.

I also see something besides planetary physics being contradicted, how round this image of “Saturn” appears using a “wide angle lens” is also defying physics. Why the need for a wide angle lens of a circular object that is far enough away?

Shouldn’t the planet then, since it’s close enough to necessitate a wide angle lens, be distorted?

The lens must have created those hexagons.

reference fake image of a hexagon shape claimed to be on Theiranus


feature image of “Saturn” provided by NASA/CGI and is public domain