In the rush to feed the American appetite for gorging on sensational news, there becomes many false claims made about guns and mass shootings. Some of the claims made are such that “This never happened in the US before” and “The United States has 10 times more of these mass shootings than all other countries combined”.

These claims are fake news at it’s finest. All one has to do, if they can step back from their CNN and other news outlets for a while, and actually study, they can see that these kinds of events have happened on occasion everywhere and regularly. These current ones are not even anywhere near the worst.

One should note though, even though these events are horrific, Americans are not so innocent, they have massacred Indians, and many other cultures on their land, not ours.*

Here in the 20th century we had THE WORST EVENT EVER that is never referred to.

“In the 1930s, there were two more mass shootings, which followed a psychotic farmer’s 1927 attack on a Bath, Mich., schoolhouse. Using a rifle and explosives, he took 44 lives, 38 of them students. Andrew Kehoe had wiped out most of the children in an entire town – and exacted a death toll greater than Columbine High School and Sandy Hook Elementary combined.”

Then there’s this one, “The first mass killing at an American school predates the existence of the United States. In 1764, a teacher named Enoch Brown was gunned down in his Greencastle, Pa., schoolhouse by Lenape Indians, who then tomahawked 10 children and scalped them.”

There was no tomahawk control I guess.

And the liberals who are hell bent on “gun control” need to consider this one very very carefully that is if they have any brain cells left able to comprehend,

“When the grim record accumulated in San Ysidro was eclipsed in 1991 at Luby’s Cafeteria in Killeen, Tex., the other side of the gun control debate rose to the fore. As George Hennard methodically executed diners with two semiautomatic handguns, 32-year-old Suzanna Hupp reflexively reached for the pistol she carried in her purse. But as she later testified, that day she’d left her gun in her car before going into the restaurant, worried that violating Texas’ guns laws might jeopardize her chiropractic license.”

Gun free zones kill.

*referencing user “nourse” comment which is a fact: “As always, the largest mass shooting in United States history was not mentioned. The largest mass shooting in United States history occurred on December 29, 1890. On that date, agents of the United States government MURDERED almost 300 Lakota Indians near Wounded Knee Creek on the Pine River Lakota Reservation in North Dakota. At least half of them were innocent, defenseless women and children. The Indians had been assembled there so that the government could seize their firearms “for their own safety.” About 20 US soldiers were given the Medal of Honor for their part in the murders.”

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