One of those activists who has ARMED GUARDS around him 24 hours a day says that shooting range is so far with an AR-15 rifle that it cannot be used for self defense. Tries to make that case against such guns.

It would be rather informative for such activists to go visit citizens who have a Constitutional right to bear arms who DEFENDED their businesses from the roof tops in Los Angels during the riots in 1992 after the Rodney King verdict created havoc where the business owners pulled out their AR-15’s, parked themselves on the roof tops, and DEFENDED themselves and their property. Those who didn’t have those rifles watched their businesses burn. The problem is these activists are not interested in such details.

Even the State of California government couldn’t protect it’s Department of Motor Vehicles building in Long Beach as the rioters set it ablaze.

David Hogg says that the hand gun is for a shorter distance thus can be used for self defense, the longer distances is for hunting.

David Hogg is a child.

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feature image shows riot aftermath of a business that was not self defended using an AR-15 rifle by it’s occupants after the LA riots of 1992, this image is provided by Mick Taylor from Portland, USA with Creative Commons permission