It’s funny, they hated Exxon/Mobil a decade ago and other big companies that payed too low a wage. They hated Haliburton which paid high wages, no employee there was on food stamps. But now, Amazon is much more valuable than all these companies and thus of course, since the liberals are now rolling in the dough, they love big business and defend when it pays it’s employees low wages.

Take for example the interview with Tucker Carlson where Amy so and so defended Amazon. Tucker mentioned that the company pays many of it’s employees so little they qualify for food stamps. He said doesn’t a company have a moral obligation to treat it’s employees better so they make enough to not have to go on food stamps?

Amy said no, they don’t why would they. They are a business like any other business.

This is so hilarious. Because Amazon is a liberal company and people like Amy who are defending it likely watched their stock in Amazon go up a zillion times in value, oh no, Amazon is suddenly doing nothing wrong, Bezos can be the richest man in the world and pay his employees little, it’s all ok now.

This wasn’t the battle cry of liberals before. They screamed about company CEO’S making too much. The whining about it went on for decades.