You can have the most incredible product, better than anything by leap years, and galaxies, but if you label it in such a way that it invokes FEAR/TERROR or other negative emotions including death, you might not sell a single item.

Take for example a new electric car that is 1/10th the cost of any other, charges 3 times faster, drives 600 miles at 65 mph at minimum on one full charge, and does your taxes for you, if you label it HIV you won’t sell a single one. Call the car a Virus and it won’t sell either. Call it HIV/AIDS and they couldn’t pay you to even sit in one.

It doesn’t matter what you do to try to sell it, no one will buy it without the right name. The name doesn’t change the physical properties of what was manufactured and assembled, the name only changes the wiring in the brain.

It shows how the human mind cannot get past certain associations. Humans have associated the letters HIV with terror, infections that come from sex that cannot be gotten rid of, death, misery, prejudice, and a billion other negative things.

HIV is a belief system much like religion. It is religion. HIV is treated like Satan himself.

Like with religion, they tell you to go to confession, tell them you had dirty sex, and believe that you are smaller than and have to follow a certain doctrine in order to find some salvation.

For me, they couldn’t pay me a billion dollars to take HIV drugs and they couldn’t pay me a TRILLION to take a HIV test. To do so would require selling my soul and that is priceless.