Before we build a wall and make anyone entering our country (USA) Congress must make a law that bans acronyms or before long our police will be telling people to SOIWS and F and GDOTG as commands and FUCKING/OBVIOUSLY on one will understand what they are saying.

They called Apple’s iPhone the MVP in the stock market.

I had to look this up. The fucking acronym means most valuable player.

I understand how these acronyms save precious syllables so that you have more time to sit on your fucking device or count your millions your $10,000 dollar investement in Apple is now worth on your iPhone, but please, speak legibly or we will have a communication crisis worse than ever, in which case we will have to spend more time on our devices interpreting all this crap.

SOIWS – Stop Or I Will Shoot

F – Freeze

GDOTGN – Get Down On The Ground Now