Researchers – what a funny field. The loudest voices become gospel.

In the case of HIV this has remained classified as a “serious threat”. In the case of planetary science, we have Pluto, which once was a planet, then became a rock, and now is being said that it should be a planet again.

It’s easy to occilate in science when it comes to classifying a celestial body, but with the human body and what can affect it, that’s a different monster.

Pluto was deemed to be a rock in 2006, after all that time of planetary science giving us all the impression that science is science, calculations are exact, and once something is deemed something that is what it is because after all it’s science.

Those who think this do not understand science at all.

When it comes to measuring and analyzing something that is allegedly billions of miles away there are factors that can cause a miscalculation that is not seen.

When it comes to measuring things that also can’t be seen in the human body which has a billion calculations in cell division and a billion other processes there are too many variables.

You may think you know what HIV is but you likely do not.


Pluto should be a planet again