Just when you thought we could celebrate the day in peace, we learn that MSNBC Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough claimed President Donald Trump poses a “far graver threat to the idea of America” than the September 11 attacks”.

The loony bin is getting quite full.

Then again, when we read the article, he does have a point. He mentions that under Republican control wars were the way and those were very costly and destructive in so many levels. He compares the power of presidents to the destruction they can cause that is worse than twin skyscrapers being blown to smitherines.

The US under Bush America was attacked. And to those who make everything the president’s fault never forget that it was all 500 members of congress that voted for the war.

We attacked Saddam Hussein. We attacked Iran. We attacked Korea and Vietnam. We attacked for the wrong reasons.

How is it when a woman is attacked by a man and we find that abhorrent and Congress and Presidents come to their rescue, while those in Congress and Presidents don’t similarly find attacking humans in war abhorrent.

Millions of lives lost in these wars but not one of congress officials or presidents.

On September 11, 2001 we lost about 3000 civilians. It was a day of horror. Over a year later war was declared. 17 years later the war continues.

I remember when war was declared on AIDS. It’s been going on since 1984. It started when government official Margaret Heckler stated “The probable cause of AIDS is HIV”. Note the word “probable” not “definite”. It was like how the cause of all our terrorist calamities is blamed on Bin Laden or Saddam Hussein or others throughout history. Causes of bad things is usually complex. There’s nothing quite like declaring war on a disease. The battlefield is the body. I will never forget that day.

War is complicated. Many casualties. Good lives lost.

  • moment of silence

I will NEVER FORGET that day when congress and the president of the United States all said YES to war while people like me and liberal retards said “what they fuck are you doing that is not the right thing to do”.

The medias won’t let us ever forget 9/11 they make too much money from it.

There’s also those lives lost in that WAR ON AIDS which sent my friends to the grave using tools of war, drug bombs to supposedly kill HIV, similar to what our presidents and congress has done in wars, by pushing “hit hard hit early” which was like dropping a nuclear bomb on Hiroshima.

The war on AIDS destroyed so many innocent cell lives.

Unfortunately we do not have images of the attack like we do of the attack on America where we see people falling to their deaths that day and the towers falling to it’s death.

I think we should change the slogan from “Never Forget” to “Never Again”.