The winds on the Atlantic are 140 mph. It’s expected to hit land by Thursday night. The governor of North Carolina declared mandatory evacuation. Walmart closed up shop at midnight Monday night.

Isn’t it just lovely. Walmarts barrel into communities just like hurricanes, ripping apart small businesses everywhere, leaving just Walmart to shop at, then when they are needed most by the community for supplies they hai-tail it the hell out.

That’s big corporations for you. That’s government declarations for you. That’s thinking about liability issues and the investor of stocks taking center stage for you.

I hope we can make America Great Again, starting by removing Walmarts from our communities.

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feature image in public domain from some NASA space ship shows how cold air from the entire space around earth which is -458 degrees below zero causes hurricanes and constant global weather balance. Also note the “curve of the Earth” in the photo is an illusion due to use of wide angle lens. It actually looks flat at this height which is not millions of miles away but rather a few hundred thousand feet up.