Trump boldly proclaims the facts, almost a million birds are killed by windmills each year.

In rebut, the liberal retards* cite studies that were paid for by who else, windmill companies, or Department Of Energy studies that were done under Obama, who picked people in that organization that would of course, like oil companies do, support what outcome they want for the results.

These wind energy enthusiasts I now call WINDMILL INDUSTRIALISTS.

That includes all the con men and women in politics, the environmentalists that make endless false claims about wind energy, and people who write articles and blogs that support the industry, none of whom declare how windmills draw energy from the grid when they have to be energized with electric consuming motors that spin the blades at times when the wind does not blow in order to keep them functioning and not freezing up. They NEVER EVER TELL YOU THAT WIND ENERGY USES ENERGY.

Just like how they hate industrialists in coal, oil, and steel for “harming environment” they too are guilty.

So Trump goes and proclaims the dis-virtues of wind energy with 3 pronounced points in a rally.

1) bird deaths – claims a million birds a year are killed by windmills

And the response by so called “” is that cats kill more birds than that every year and that Trump’s numbers are off, only a high of 679,000 are killed every year. Well hello DUH round that off and what do you have, one million.

These groups say there are really no solid statistics, just estimates, so Trump is on mark, on the high end.

Thing is, let’s look at the liberal response, what the fork kind of response is that anyway to say cats kill more birds than steel structures with spinning blades. It’s lame. It is not related. It’s totally retarded. Cats kill birds because that’s what they do and that’s a part of the BALANCE of nature not the imbalance. Surely all environmental commenters would agree or would they call for cat control like they do with guns?

So here’s what liberals are saying then, it’s OK that any industrial thing kills cats, or maybe it’s just those things that provide “clean energy” that also “use energy” can be used, doesn’t matter how many cats or Fringe Toed Lizard critters are killed by windmills because in nature MORE Fringe Toed Lizards and cats are killed. It’s an absolutely RETARDED explanation the article has presented, or, it’s a con like all arguments are about wind, geoTHERMAL (which adds heat to the environment causing global warming), hamster, etc.

Man’s industrial revolution, so said the liberal retards for decades, harms the balance. Be it cars, oil exploration, steel manufacture, mining, etc. the liberals forever have cited how these methods harm environments and thus should be curtailed, stopped, managed, moved elsewhere. Now they are consistently making excuses for their own pet projects just like industrialists and those who PROFIT off it always do. Make no mistake, these liberal “clean energy” supporters are always making money off this, be it in carbon credit schemes, lucrative positions of power, or writing articles. And what is required to make money? Energy.

2) what happens when there is no wind?

Trump declared that it can upset the energy grid. He is correct. The article of course, as they are Trump haters, blast him but how? They claim the energy grids can handle fluctuations. Yes it can and does but those fluctuations caused by human factors are predictable and minor like knowing that summer is here and more air conditioners (which cause global and home cooling) will be drawing much more energy, thus they fire up extra generators which of course use fossil fuels of which not a single fossil gave up its life (unlike birds). The wind can start and stop 100 times a day creating MASSIVE fluctuations. Our societies depend on solid streams of well regulated energy. Call it “energy control”. We can’t rely on the emotional swings of wind which changes like the wind.

3) turbine noise is enough to drive one crazy or at least move away if they can

This is also challenged by the article, trying to minimize these noise effects. They are loud. They have been built by homes. There are countless first hand reports by those affected. The article again cites Obama era wind hugging Department Of Energy studies and others that are biased. Then it cites this “As part of testing for the U.S. space program, human subjects found infrasound as loud as 130 decibels “tolerable” for 24 hours.” That’s like saying it’s fine to have a carnival built in your back yard as the noise is tolerable every 24 hours. It’s garbage. They cite the traffic is louder than wind. That’s again using backward logic, traffic and roads are NECESSARY, wind energy is not. The wind mills also thump, like a beating drum, a worse sound. The article even compares windmill sound to that of the ocean. Typical of insane LIBERAL ENERGY industrialist supporters making excuses to support their argument rather than look at the facts. Again that’s the very thing they consistently accuse oil companies, drug companies, etc. of doing. The article even goes to the extreme of comparing it to being exposed to the sound of your heartbeat. That’s disingenuous bullshit. They also cite Obama era studies that claim that it’s all in the person’s head who claims to be affected in sleep by windmill thumping, not to be confused with Bible thumping.

Here is what they concluded the article with. I now refer to them as FACT WRECK.

After presenting 3 key points that the President of the United States made against wind energy this is all they could come up with in conclusion, citing the president’s statement of people going “crazy”, stating that there is no evidence of anyone actually driven insane by wind energy. That may be correct as being clinically driven insane by a windmill is a stretch and anyone claiming such could considered to be in error in the most technical of senses if that is what they were presenting though it’s not likely he was using this statement in any sense other than in general terms of how things can “drive someone crazy” which happens to most everyone at one time, or another, or many times during a work day.

In contrast, it’s incredibly easy to find those who have been driven insane by the Trump presidency.


*Using the word “retard” is no longer a slur as liberals have made it clear that there is nothing wrong with being retarded, even though they have changed that word to others in order to make the retards feel better which if you look at the fundamentals of this is retarded