I go to Google news aggregator and there’s a story on Seattle home prices dropping a whopping $70k. I use an ad blocker so the site stops me from seeing the article. All I had to do is Ctrl-A to highlight everything since the article HAS BEEN DOWNLOADED TO MY COMPUTER ALREADY then open up a word processing program (these thingys are now referred to as apps) do a Ctrl-V for pasting it into the open document, and there’s the article, no ads, easier to read than ever.

All these publishers that block people from reading their articles unless the viewer “unblocks” ads are stupid. I can go to any library and there are many newspapers there. The ads are there, unblocked in the print edition. I don’t have to pay to read it. The library can buy ONE copy and 10,000 people can read it or one person can read it.

The ads are there, people reading the news will see the ads. Actually the advertisers in print editions make out better than online ads.

All these publishers have to do is post ads on the page they serve up instead of “injecting” the ads through third party services, meaning, like in print, just put the ads on the same domain name so they are not blocked. Publishers don’t want to do this, they are lazy and greedy. So I could care less about their demands and are offended by them. This action by them tarnishes their brand.

It’s bass ackwards.