Once again the hype monsters ruled the world, this time it was the massive category 4 hurricane that was going to be the worst most destructive storm to ever hit the North and South Carolina coast.

It became a 3, then a 2, then when it hit, a 1.

Basically it’s a heavy storm now with lots of rain, caused by global retard warming.

Millions of people evacuated. Your protective services left. You were on your own.

Your tax dollars at work making sure all of your police, fire, politicians are protected, safe and warm in homes and hotels.

And they want to take your guns away.

Imagine the dirt poor person who is now in their 70’s who has lived in a family home that was passed down generation to generation, now has some mental problems, everyone leaves, he cannot because he cannot afford a car, a hotel, or any of that so he stays there telling everyone TV is full of shit.

He’s there with no police, hoodlums come by right as the storm ends, and he has no gun because fucking liberal retards took it away because mental people cannot own guns, too risky. The hoodlums rob and beat him.

The liberals make excuses and divert attention while they work on disarming other groups, those who have cut themselves while cooking because obviously they cannot handle a knife.