Future production of VWB’s are stopping.

So Popular Mechanics headlines “The VW Beetle Is Dead Because They Made It Too Good”.


That’s absurd, it’s been around for 70 years because it was good. It didn’t die because it was good.


There’s just too much competition now.

The writers go on to explain that the style changed from cutsy to beefy. That’s not “making it too good”. Again, proves CLICK/BAIT disease.

Then SpaceX claims they are going to sens a human to the moon. Once you click the bait you learn it’s not ON the moon it’s around it.

This will be easy to “accomplish” using computer graphics imagery. They will sell this as real.

We never even went to the moon in the first place. That’s the most fascinating lie ever.

They did it on a movie set. It was fake.

There are so many flaws like for one there is no crater under the craft from dust blown around when “it landed” as it was lowered there on the Moon by a crane.

Then there’s the blood facials that may have exposed clients to HIV.

Sandra Bullock should take note, she boasted on Ellen about rubbing penis foreskin all over her face and they and the audience thought it was funny. I thought it was horrific.

I doubt those innocent infants that had their dicks hacked in Korea were all tested for HIV.

Then there’s fibromyalgia, it doesn’t exist so says the expert. Listen to this absurd statement from Dr. John Bergman “Fibromyalgia is a collection of symptoms and doesn’t really exist.”

THAT IS THE STUPIDEST STATEMENT I have ever heard from a doctor.

It’s a label, labels exist. Labels describe a variety of things. Maybe what he means is that like HIV it exists in label form, but the full definition of what it is is a fantasy.

No, he gets into a rant about a patient and how he asked her “what shape is fibromyalgia”. What garbage. It doesn’t have a shape any more than the fucking flu has a shape.

This is con artistry yet again.