There needs to be a class action suit against probably all vape coil manufacturers.

There is a flaw that is making many many of these coils leak where they should not be leaking at all.

This video points out the problem. It’s not just the SMOK brand it’s Limitless, iJoy, many others. Probably ones made in China which is most of them.

It shows how the coil wire ends bend over the edge of the coil housing whereas the rubberized seal cannot completely seal around it so there becomes a gap and this is where 99% of these problems lie.

It’s frustrating tens of millions, maybe hundreds of millions of coil buyers who have stopped smoking and started vaping or ones that just started vaping for the fun of blowing the big vape clouds.

Someone needs to start a lawsuit. I found this problem with my coils, all of them were made this way, they cannot hold the vape liquid in this way.

When you start vaping the coil gets hot, the juice gets hot, and this makes it seep through very fast. When the liquid is cool it does not flow so fast so there is little leakage.

A serious design flaw that customers have dealt with for years, where they end up buying more coils to try to fix the problem, or buy a whole new vape kit, they can spend another $100 or more trying to resolve it. I would guess that the manufacturers don’t really care that much as they make so much money on replacement coils.

Here is another one that exposes the problem with the Kangertech Subox coil.