The American Cancer Society states that they support vaping as a smoking cessation tool. That’s fine.

Thing is we all have been brainwashed by years of propoganda about smoking deaths.

On their statement on their support of vaping they say that every year 7 million die WORLDWIDE of smoking cigarettes.

OMG I thought it was more like 7 million in the USA alone.

Well, that changes things. I did the math, it’s about 1/10th of 1% of the population of the entire world.

These numbers also do not consider that there are smokers in countries that are very poor and have chemical spills next to their shacks they live in, don’t have enough food and sanitation, don’t have running water or refrigerators, but they smoke and then the cigarette is blamed.

A friend had an uncle who smoked cigars incessantly. There would be a cloud of smoke in the home every time he’d visit.

He died of stomach cancer, not lung cancer.

reference the American Cancer Society website statement on supporting vaping


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