“Dr Hallie Rubenhold has argued that ‘sexist’ attitudes of policemen at the time and researchers in the 130 years since have led to inaccurate beliefs about the women who were killed.”

This is the kind of thing that happened with new “mysterious” diseases that were killing gays in the early 1980’s which in reality was not mysterious at all, they were all old diseases which all had well known causes but the politics of policing disease got hold and infected the public understanding.

Their diseases were not caused by a new virus never seen before, they were doing poppers and drugs and not taking care of themselves and partying 24 hours a day.

They called it gay related immune deficiency. It’s what happens when you are gay and you party too much, eat potato chips instead of a balanced meal and eat other junk, drink lots of alcohol, do drugs constantly, and never get any sleep. They called it GRID.

The gay politicical forces did not like it being just a gay disease, so it was renamed to human. They didn’t know what caused it they said, ignoring all the obvious things, and this is what many doctors will do, hunting for a virus instead.

So like with Jack The Ripper, the victims were deemed prostitutes because that calmed people down, this way they wouldn’t be living in so much fear that “it could happen to them”. They did this with HIV, said “oh it’s only transmitted by having dirty gay sex”. That calmed everyone down. You probably were not around when the hysteria took hold of anyone that had a TV set. It was just awful, every night’s news broadcast headlined HIV and GRID then AIDS for years.

They came up with treatments, using an old cancer drug that was pulled from the market because IT KILLED EVERYONE WHO USED IT.

2 – 2 = 0 but no one separated 2 and 2 to figure out that THAT IS WHAT KILLED SO MANY OF MY FRIENDS in the 1980’s.

Well, not no one, there were those like Duesberg who knew more than anyone in the world about retroviruses who tried to warn everyone that there was no retroviral cause, it was other factors, yet political preference took over, and because the need for public calm was paramount, the mind latched onto HIV as the cause even though the the world’s most knowledgable expert in looking at viruses under the electron microscope stated that what they were looking at was not even a virus, it was CELLULAR/DEBRIS.

In other words HIV is CELL/SHIT not a mutating monster capable of bringing down something that is trillions of times it’s size.

It’s kinda like the cell says “Oh shit, you are shit go away” and only absorbs the nutrients to rebuild, while the shit heads outside the body try to bombard the CELL/SHIT with killer nuclear bomb drugs that kill every healthy cell in it’s path like Hiroshima in the bloodstream and they got so many people to believe this was good medical science.