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Press plague

Everyone has been taught from day one that the “Black Plague” that occured in Europe in the 16th century was spread by rats.

I have known for 30 odd years that claim is bunk. Disease is created not spread.

So in today’s widespread plague of garbage news, we at least see they are getting somewere albeit slowly, they announced now that the Black Plague was not spread by rats, rather it’s spread by humans.

This new discovery is at least closer to the truth as if a disease is caused by a virus, then really any object living or non living can “spread it”. This includes the air.

But disease is not caused by virus because if it was everyone would get it.

Disease is a complex formula of things happening in a body. There is not one thing that causes any disease and disease is created by humans in many ways.

For example, the ingestion of simple processed SUGAR causes so much havoc in the system it’s hard to ignore this CAUSE of disease, but it’s done routinely.

Here is the snapshot of Google News dated January 16, 2018 where we see this new discovery about the Black Plague.

Shit whole

The prezident of the USA was said to have said by she said at the she said see shore that wheeee shouldn’t let in more people from shit whole cuntries.

Maybe he said “shit hole” or maybe he didn’t, who cares.

Libtards have freaked at his “shithole” remark, yet the prez is doing exactly what America was founded on, free speech.

Free speach is like our bodies, needs constant exercize.

We don’t want speech to be fat and flabby.

Technically freely speaking “shit holes” are a place where excrement flows through. Excrement includes HI viruses that leave the body through “shit holes” who study viruses, and other shit holes.

Unfortunately those viruses also infect the minds of H’s who cannot understand the processes of fantasies that travel in through eye holes and ear holes coming from saliva holes.

Feature image of what some verbally fit freely speakers say is a “shit head” who refers to lousy countries as “shit holes” and this image is in the public domain and displays the best president I have ever spoke freely about in my lifetime, Donald Trump.

Ricky Martin does not impress me

Yea at first swooned by his looks and charm and that he’s a married gay dude now which is so ground breaking, and both are “hunks” but after hearing him babble on recently about how, yes, he feels good calling his mate his husband, I had to start to wonder, “Hunk of what?”

In the interview he was all giddy about spending 3 days partying. Huh? My impression in looking at this as seen here saying “I’m a husband but we’re doing a heavyyyy party”.

I am assuming that like with many fag parties he and others will be using drugs imported from Mexico, drugs that are illegal.

Heavyyy parties is not just alcohol.

This is a big but small assumption based on the fact that everywhere I go I run into QWERTY’s that do illegal drugs and that I keep running into people who say “Everyone knows that drugs are rampant in the gay community”.

How dare I support or swoon over anyone that is directly responsible for the problems of illegal drugs. I won’t.

Fuck Enrique Martin Morales or whatever the fuck he goes by now.

I mean fuck this whole concept that he’s swoon worthy. I think he’s an occasional heavyyy drug user of drugs that are illegal. He and many fags demanded fag marriage, they got it, it’s time he and other fags demand derogatory drug use be not supported.

Feature image of Enrique Martin Morales in a store is by Australian photographer Eva Rinaldi


Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome – SIRS

I bet you never heard of this. I had not either until reading about “the flu” which is also called HIV (Human Influenza Virus).

In 2016 SIRS was replaced with qSOFA [1]. I have no clue what qSOFA is, maybe it’s where queer doctors sit and decide these things.

I came across this term when scanning news sites and a headline read something about a 22 year old dying of it. The picture of him was bodybuilder in great health.

Sepsis. Think of septic as in tank. Sepsis/septic. It’s basically a condition of a lot of bacteriological, pathogenic, viral infection in the body.

It’s especially interesting to read about “host factors” which mentions PAMP, DAMP, MODS, and ARDS.

Upon detection of microbial antigens, the host systemic immune system is activated. Immune cells not only recognize PAMP (Pathogen-associated molecular pattern), but also Damage-associated molecular pattern (DAMP) from damaged tissues. Uncontrolled immune response was then activated because leukocytes are not recruited to the specific site of infection, but instead they are recruited all over the body. Then, immunosuppression state ensues when the proinflammatory T helper cell 1 (TH1) is shifted to TH2,[41] mediated by interleukin 10, which is known as “compensatory anti-inflammatory response syndrome”.[18] The apoptosis (cell death) of lymphocytes further worsens the immunosuppression. Subsequently, multiple organ failure ensues because tissues are unable to use oxygen efficiently due to inhibition of cytochrome c oxidase.[41]

Inflammatory responses cause multiple organ dysfunction syndrome (MODS) through various mechanisms as described below. Increased permeability of the lung vessels causes leaking of fluids into alveoli, which results in pulmonary edema and acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS).

When you read some of this stuff you start noticing how different acronyms often state the same thing. For example, a damage associated molecular pattern (DAMP) can be referred to as disease. ARDS can be referred to as disease and PAMP can be referred to as disease.

AIDS can also be referred to as disease.

When we try to fight disease, do we really need all these sub classifications and to understand all their complex sub classifications? Not necessarily. It becomes like how one can over analyze something. Ever had a friend that just couldn’t decide what to order at the restaurant dinner table? Basically it’s just dinner, it’s just food, pick something right? With disease it’s basically disease, whatever you pick you have disease, whatever food you pick you have nourishment.

Should you get vaccinated for the flu?

Yes, if it stops you from getting the flu, but it doesn’t. It gives you the flu.

Why get something that you don’t want?

Even Scotland’s Parliment knows this, as they declare that it is a decision for each person to make for themselves, they do not force it on anyone[2], which is in such contrast to the militant draconian Nazi state of California which mandates all children be given the flu or they cannot attend school.

It’s also interesting to see how words are being used now to try to get people to believe something is a certain way when it is not.

For example, in a statement they reference “evidence-based medicine” to imply there is medicine that is not evidence based. This is s slick pitch to try to get people to believe that what is currently being stated, in this case the push to make it mandatory that people be given the flu, be readily adopted implying that all other medicine is too questionable to believe whereas “evidence-based” should be believed. It also implies that “evidence-based medicine” should not be questioned, giving those who hear that term the idea that if it’s based on evidence, how can it be questioned, but those who would infer that don’t understand how science and evidences work.

Maybe they could call it “correct conclusion based medicine” but since all medicine is used on moving targets, no medicine can be conclusive so as evidence based as one would make it, the claims of their efficacy are all questionable to various degrees in scientific analysis.

One GP, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “When flu changes to a new strain, the old vaccine no longer works. “The evidence is conflicted on the benefits. The current epidemic still happened despite the vaccination programme.” Carl Heneghan, professor of evidence-based medicine at the University of Oxford, agrees that take up is low because the evidence of its effectiveness is “uncertain”.

Medicine is all evidence based.

[1] wikipedia

[2] BBC

A % please

The rather gay city next to Palm Springs’ mayor says it’s his priority to get an In-And-Out Burger joint (that’s restaurant not marijuana) in the section on the main highway where they dumped so much money into redevelopment and business 40 years ago which never really came. How he puts it made me wonder…..

“On a scale of 1 to 10, there is about a seven or eight chance the iconic burger restaurant comes to Cathedral City [1].

Why do people talk like this especially in the AOA (Age Of Acronyms)?

What he just said above could be said simpler like, “There is about a 75% chance…” instead of all this nonsense “On a scale of 1 to 10 and not a scale of 1 to 100 or a scale of 1 to 5 as is done in the movie review sites which even use scale of 1 to 4, there is a bout a seven or eight chance…”

I don’t understand why people have such issues with using percentages. They often do this “On a sale of…..” thing. Maybe time to change the scale, I’m going to start using one that’s 1000 instead of 100 or 5.

Even better, let’s also acronymize it like the QGBT community does, he simply could say, “There is a S maybe E chance TIBR comes to CC when looking at this on a scale of OTT”.

Of course this would take time for people to be educated what these acronyms stood for, like with the edercation that was needed to teach humans that humans can have immune deficiencies (as if they didn’t have them before).

[1] reference article found here

Note: I am not going to provide what OTT and CC and TIBR and E and S means, you should know that by now. If you don’t maybe it’s time to do what certain “gay community leaders” did, demand your tax money to be spent on edercation.

Feature image of lines drawn in the sand of California deserts is by DemocraticLuntz at English Wikipedia [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


The website says HIV is more likely gotten by gay guys because they fuck ass holes.

They say it’s scientifically proven that ass holes have HIV in them much more than cunt holes.

Obviously and scientifically this is because of shit.

Nevermind that HIV is shit, cell shit, science and Simon says it’s found there a lot so that’s why gays get it.

So let’s have science and Simon and The Cat In The Baseball Cap explain what happens to shit when it’s sitting in the wast treatment facility before processing and flies get on it.

Flies on shit with HIV.

Flies fly.

Spot runs and tries to catch the flies.

He eats the fly that was on HIV shit.

He licks his shit hole and kisses his owner.

Can’t get HIV any more cuz it’s now DIV.

But what about that pesky mosquito. It’s drinking the raw sewage water. HIV is all in that water because as we know scienterrifically that HIV is in gay shit and gays use toilets and the shit ends up exposed to mosquitos. These mosquitoes then stick their hypodermic needles in H’s.

Terrific. Mosquito Immunodeficiency Virus now infected the human and it becomes HIV again.

Circle of HIV life.

Look at all those HIV viruses in orange. Orange is the new HIV obviously.

Image snapshot acquired on 1/8 two thousand 18 years after Christ birth found at the website noted above

Feature artists rendering of ancient humans that all shit is in the public domain Gaudenzio Ferrari, Stories of life and passion of Christ, fresco, 1513, Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, Varallo Sesia (VC), Italy

GaudenzioFerrari StorieCristo

Official counts off

It’s interesting to learn how government counts things. In the case of how government counts deaths in a hurricane in Puerto Rico, we thought it was 64, but it appears to be 20 times that.

How can this be??? We learned to count at 5 years old. The United States is 242. I guess the US has Alzheimer’s.

Numerous news outlets questioned the numbers as they started interviewing people in that hurricane ravaged UTOTUS – Unincorporated Territory Of The United States.

A similar but in reverse thing happened with HIV/AIDS/GARBAGE. They over estimate deaths. Someone dies of a heart attack, they are listed as dying from AIDS and the unicorn fantasy virus that caused it.

Heart attack deaths go down. HI virus deaths go up, or H/A deaths remain the same while HI virus deaths go up.



Also read my alt-Explain:

Counting logic is sometimes like this:

64 people were supposed to have been killed by the hurricane in Puerto Rico but the number is more like 1064. So to explain why this happens human logic might look at simple math and say, “________ even a 5 year old can figure this out, when someone dies in a hurricane it’s counted. Government can’t be doing it wrong and any assertion otherwise is retarded.”

But certain logic is not taking into account other things, it’s like certain logic would say that it’s simple math, any 5 year old can figure it out let alone a government, and the USA is 242 so it’s old enough to understand how to count.

Then evidence is presented that the numbers are off because the United States has Alzheimer’s.

In rebuttal, it’s said that somehow we must Make America Great Again instead of accepting that it’s been made into, by time, Great Great Grandpa with Alzheimer’s which explains why government can’t even get simple math correct except when it comes to taxes.

Technically the real reason counting by government is not even child’s play and that it doesn’t really have a memory problem, but rather a government $5,000 each toilet seat style/system, is because when someone is having a heart attack because the hurricane is literally scaring them to death, they can’t get 911 on the phone, no one comes, they die, and that is not considered a hurricane death, and government doesn’t want to over inflate numbers that make it look bad, and also not count things that by even a slim chance, could be considered simply natural deaths not from the hurricane.

I doubt Trump is going to fix that but I think this really is a big problem.

Feature image of an eye of a hurricane By Image courtesy of Mike Trenchard, Earth Sciences & Image Analysis Laboratory, NASA Johnson Space Center. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


Golden Globe Awards, a place for all the elite better than most of us people slobber in a orgy of self and peer absorption pedestaling.

After a few months of nauseating reports trashing men in the industry who were alleged, not proven in a court of law, to have done bad things to women as if women have never done bad things to men, it was refreshing to see the writers of the opening MC skit basically poke fun at the matter though trashing Spacey might have not exactly been on par with Weinstein, nevertheless they did a great job of doing their job, entertaining. Other years we have heard nauseating over emphasis of political views that over-permeate these industry award reely good shows.

Alas, as the show went on we get to the end and the big black woman speaks. She had a talk show once. She’s about to receive the CBD award. She has to buy a warehouse again to house them all. The woman has an ego like a freight train heading toward a snow pile.

In her speech she tells the story which she is good at of Recy Taylor, an black woman born who was “brutally raped and left blindfolded by six white men as she walked home from church in 1944.”

The story was told using “African-American” to describe the woman, and instead of using Caucasian, no, she uses the term white. It’s the thing these daze to trash white men. They have destroyed the world that created a system of wealth generation that she slobbers over.

The former nauseating talk show host should received the award for being a big bag of air, using storytelling to twist reality. She did it with health problems – HIV/AIDS/GARBAGE.

Look at her use of language.

Take a HEAR at how different it seems when it’s said as she actually said it, “Recy Taylor an African-American who was brutally raped and left blindfolded by six white men…”. Do you notice how it makes the woman appear better than the white men? I mean drop the rape part and just look at the two terms. This is how story tellers use language to get you into their world, a space where they purposefully want you to be, feeling all sorts of emotions that they want to elicit. This is the entertainment industry at it’s core.

The problem is that certain entertainers twist reality, and then move people to do things they had no interest in doing prior in a very crafty way.

Oprah is an opportunist. Note the above image. She and others like her use tragedies for their gain, get in the public eye, act like you will save them, like you care about them, then go back to your penthouse and watch yourself on TV and all the little people doing the real work.

She led the charge in promoting the failed theory that a virus was in charge of gay dudes dicks and entire bodies. It was HORSE/SHIT. You were not around then, you were a square then, and didn’t hear the terror that she and other story tellers created in people.

HIV was going to kill 2/3rds of the world’s population she presented on her show and of course it was due to a white dude, a flight attendant no less.

The story telling moved people to perpetuate non-non-nonsensical hype from other story tellers. HIV/AIDS was in the news daily and in all the talk shows. People flocked to their screens to learn.

Techniques used to elicit certain emotions for one’s gain:

1. Be sure to define an exact number of white men, or viruses, don’t leave it to their imagination. For example don’t say a virus, or a man, give it drama.

2. Use the general color when putting down someone who is American-European. Do not say European-American or American-European or dare say their exact nationality. Saying those although technically would be more appropriate and linguistically correct, when that’s said it brings the mind to wonderful Europe, we as STORY/TELLERS are not here to be fair, equal, correct, you don’t want to do that when subtly trashing white men. Make them ALL sound like gutter rats.

3. Never make the subject to be trashed seem equal in any way.

4. Get people excited.

These techniques have been used by many people to make themselves feel better, appear better than, etc. Sometimes it’s all for fun, but with her there always seems to be an agenda.

It was mentioned she should be President. Many love the idea.


Feature image of Oprah Winfrey visiting the shelter after other wind blowing phenomena had swept through (Hurricane Katrina) is a FEMA image and in the public domain


When I was growing up gay, it was called gay, not QWERTY+whatever, the HIV/AIDS holocaust was in full force.

The AIDS war had massive casualties. Gay sex was deemed irresponsible if you were not shielding the world from your dangerous sperm or spit fluids. Condoms were used as artillery. They were flying everywhere.

Then they added chemical war-fare to annihilate sperm which was claimed to be the enemy. The chemical was called nonoxynol-9. I told all my friend that adding chemical warfare to sex was not a good idea, nor necessary, much like how today good people state that chemicals shouldn’t be used in and for so many things, deleting them now from killing bad bacteria in the chicken we eat (that makes no sense – reference trend of having chicken with no antibiotics).

Of course, as with many things during the war, officials later declared chemical weapons to not be a good choice. Like duh.

These chemicals caused more war injuries than prior.

From 1996 to 2000, a UN-sponsored study conducted in several locations in Africa followed nearly 1,000 sex workers who used nonoxynol-9 gels or a placebo. The HIV infection rate among those using nonoxynol-9 was about 50% higher than those who used the placebo; those using nonoxynol-9 also had a higher incidence of vaginal lesions, which may have contributed to this increased risk.

Reference: Wikipedia Nonoxynol-9

Apparently no one told them about iodine.

“Tincture of iodine effectively destroys virus and fungus on contact. Ninety percent of bacteria is killed on the skin within ninety seconds.”

No million$$$$ to be made promoting iodine.

Hmm. I remember seeing iodide on my salt shaker. Iodized salt. I wonder what problems arise without iodine in the diet?

“Iodine deficiency is a lack of the trace element iodine, an essential nutrient in the diet. It may result in a goiter, sometimes as an endemic goiter as well as cretinism due to untreated congenital hypothyroidism, which results in developmental delays and other health problems. Iodine deficiency is an important public health issue as it is a preventable cause of intellectual disability.”

Reference Wikipedia

Apparently those who prescribe nongoodidea-9 suffer from this deficiency.


If they chopped off a part of your dick, they are MONSTERS.