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Polish leader invites Catholic boys to Parliment

Wants them to speak about how liberal media in the Unites States is totally full of crap I would guess, how they all are communist mobs,

“Dear Covington Catholic students, I’d like to invite you to the Polish Parliament. After watching this video, I am now standing up for these wrongfully accused young men and all of you!,” wrote Dominik Tarczyński.

He is a conservative member of the Polish Parliament, and newly elected Vice President of the European Conservatives in Council of Europe. Tells them to leave Joy Behart at home.

Fake Twat account “@2020fight” to blame.

LBTz1q bigots

There is a lot of bigots in the LGBTQ+munnity.

bigot n. – a person who holds blindly and intolerantly to a particular creed, opinion, etc.

That can apply to many people regarding a wide variety of subjects not just race or gender THEY WERE FUCKING BORN WITH not changed like shoes.

Think about all those who hold blindly to the idea that people who hack off their private parts are equal in ability to serve on the front lines of combat. The transgendered who have done this or are in process of are considered by top military brass of being unsuitable for such roles. They are correct but those who blindly hold their ideas that people who hack off their body parts of reproduction, sexuality, most private prized possession of anyone who is sane, are the same as men who keep their dicks in their pants attached to their bodies as they were born keep insisting these nuts are equal. The LBTGQZ+ community is filled with these overly active opinion holders that are unmoving and intolerant of looking at the horrors of war, what it entails, mental states in such, and how if a male soldier said he wanted to hack off his arm because he said he was born the wrong way, that person also would not be considered suitable because of MENTAL/STATE. These bigots in the LBTGQZ+ world refuse to acknowledge that the top brass will allow transgender in other roles in the military, many other roles, but not that of combat.

I get so tired of hearing bigots call others bigots who are not at all bigots but yet again it’s that projection thing again.


Projectors present their imaginations

Democrats have become masters at projecting now. They used to present how hypocritical others were like in the daze of Jerry Falwell who would call Ellen Degenerate a sinner. Now they are the hypocritical party. They keep projecting their flaws onto others. Trump won because he campaigned hard in all the right states, blowing completely out of the swamps of politics all the other GOP candidates that Democrats all hated, and now they hate him. They loved him before. Joy Behart had talked with Trump on The View many times ever so friendly and admiritiously. Many a liberal praised Trump on his reality show “The Apprentice” over and over again. Now he’s Hitler. It’s hilarious to see the unglued try to keep an appearance of being sane and well put together.

KH is a condemned POLYP

Catholic Advocates Condemn Kamala Harris in Bid for Presidency: ‘Hostility Towards People of Faith’

“Her lack of respect for the countless good-hearted Americans who have participated in the Knights’ charitable projects, painting all of them with ugly suggestions of intolerance and bigotry, will be a strong mark against her in any presidential bid.”

POLYP – Piece Of Lying Yippie Politician

Equal lynching

Use of this term “lynching” has been disingenuous for some time now. I think Oprah started it, she seems to start everything.

So now we have some equality in it’s use at least. A lawmaker (of which we have too many and should all be furlowed) says that Negroid and Caucasoid Republicans are receiving “equal lynching”.

“The lynching comment is extremely problematic, in the sense that it really does kind of take away and hide some of the dark past that this country has faced,” Herod told Colorado Public Radio.

Ya think?

TJ 28 17

In TiJuana there was 17 murders in 24+4 hours.

The Mexico laws on bearing arms is like what Democrats want in the US.

Basically the entire city of Tijuana is a “gun free safe zone”. No concealed or open carry with few exceptions. Those with a brain can compare laws in Texas and Arizona to those in TJ and see the difference in murder rates.

People in Mexico have a right to keep arms at home, that’s about it, of course those with money can hire private security, which is like what a lot of Dodocrats do as they take guns away from the poor “for their protection”.

Targets of crime are given special privledge to carry arms, guess who that would be?

“Politicians, public officials, wealthy citizens.”

Allowed: Transgender ban

Trump’s ban stays in place for translogicalbodyparthackers in military as per Supreme Court while lawsuits in other courts continue.

Oh boo hoo. Trump is evil, Trump is Hitler, ya ya ya.

It is NOT/EQUAL to hack off genitals and claim you are equal to me. It is sick.

I find it very offensive for transgenders to bring me down to their level by claiming they are equal to me. I had part of my dick hacked off without my permission and it’s hurt me deeply.

I would NEVER hack off my foreskin by my choice nor my entire dick!

YOU ARE NOT EQUAL TO ME except in that you are a human being and entitled to a wide array of equal treatment as a human being but as a human being who hacked off genitals you are not equal to me and I do not want such individuals on the front lines with me as a warrior in battle even if we are just playing Battleship!

Ok that’s going too far, but my point is made, I am obviously racist, scum, Hitler, yada yada.

Joe Biden is RACIST

Says “White America needs to realize that there is systemic racism…”

That is a racist statement. He is grouping all Caucasians as racist, that in itself is the very definition of racism.

How is it that Dodocrats can be so blind to not see that?


We have 12 years left

The Loony Toon in congress Miss Young Thangofherself says we must control the Earth’s spin and move it’s distance from the Sun a few million miles further away or we are all going to die in 12 years. That puts it at 2031. If we add those nubers together we get a 6. Since AOC is 3 letters, that means there’s 666. OMG AOC IS SATAN. We thought it was Al Gore Fuckhimself and his predictions which have been wrong so far. Must be drugs. No it’s $$ as we see 1,500 private jets descend on climate change talks. This shows how stupid people really are, it’s the people who fell for this crap that keep electing idiots who as has been done since time immortal use fear to channel funds their way. One of those jetsters is David Attenborough who has headed BBC and is very rich. He’s been involved in environmental scare tactics since the 1930’s. Today he says we have to get rid of people to save the planet. Hitler said that about saving Germany.

“In 2018, Attenborough said an interview with BBC Newsnight, Slowing population growth is key to saving the planet.[132]

The ditwit also says she gives zero fucks what her fellow Dodocrats criticisms. Oh this woman is going to fry herself and her little newly built empire before long. I don’t expect her to last her entire term.

Mob rule fake news closes school

Covington Catholic school in Kentucky can’t take any chances as the mob does not understand that the news is fake.

The whole thing was staged. There is no racism.

The sick networks of CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC are all perpetuating the lies just as they did with HIV.

“Yet, subsequent videos show that the students were not only approached by Philips first, but were verbally accosted by a religious group, Black Hebrew Israelites, which have been labeled by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group.”


Do what you want with that one. It’s rampant. It painted the media airwaves all weekend. The black Hebrew Israeliteismist hyperproactivists were yelling “FAGGOT”. Race baiting was the rage.

Nathan Phillips exposed as far-left provocateur

Infowars points out this guy is a part of the fake news narrative.

Denying a right to carry

Martin King applied for a concealed carry permit (to carry a handgun for protection).

Democrats know how to keep us all safe though, even then the law was tight so he was denied that permit even though he knew the more he got out there the more likely chance for someone attempt to silence him.

The “May Issue” state laws on carry of weapons gave power to the local sheriff at the time.

Democrat party is the party of slavery.

Democrats were the authors of Jim Crow and of policies which which kept southern segregation alive.

These days liberal retards when in power will not even let you carry a plastic bag or straw.

They all remind me of hall monitors.

Oregon is THIS/CLOSE to monitoring your baby at home

Using anti-vaccine lies to push control agenda to “protect the public” and “protect the child” by surveilling your baby at home for the first year.

Vaccine pushers are going all out to keep injecting their potions into their cult followers arms as they make it illegal not to accept these injections because what they really want is to show you how much “they care” about you and not about money so I guess they will do what president Trump has done, take no fees and rile you up to scare everyone into following them.

If vaccines are so great as those pushing them and profiting them declare, why is it that the measles VACCINE is linked to 127 deaths in last 15 years; only two deaths linked to humans who contracted measles naturally in that same period.

Authorities seem to tell us to not question science even though the very foundation of science is to question it.

The producers for Vaxxed II the movie actually had a big bus tour the country collecting real interviews from people who’s loved ones were harmed by pricks.

19 year old illegal serial killer


Found in the United States of all places.

Please RESIST allowing libtards to negotiate any further hostage situations anywhere

The staunch Wicked Witch of the West position that we must open up 25% of shut-down government which doesn’t do much anyway first before we negotiate is like the police telling a group of thugs that are holding hostages in a bank that they must release the hostages before they will negotiate.

Did you hear that sound? That was a hostage being killed. There goes another.

Pelosi’s position and that of her cult followers is stupid, egotistical, not at all logical, does not fit even in the slightest any hostage negotiation understandings used in everything.

Democrats keep insisting that Trump is holding the country hostage. They repeated 5.7 billion times already. If we had a dollar for each time they repeated that we would have the wall funded double what Mexico trade deal already funded it.

Democrats call Trump to be on par with Hitler, which is even worse than bank robber thugs, and although of course it’s over the top exaggerations to the proextreme, they are the ones claiming he’s the thug. Ok let’s go with that, they are dealing with a thug, all the more reason to negotiate while there are hostages.

Democrats need to be told they need to get some books on negotiations, or hire a new negotiating couple who understand negotiations that doesn’t stand at a podium looking like retarded statues. The police would never tell the bank robber thugs they will not negotiate, they would never tell them to let go of all the hostages first, then we will negotiate your demand for billions of dollars, negotiate only then your demand for a get away vehicle as the thugs know that with out leverage the cops will just come in and shoot them all dead as there’s no hostages to protect them.

Wake up dodos before your evil president starts shooting dead some of these government jobs he is holding hostage.

KH not the RW for P

Kamala Harris is all giddy for herself in running for President.

She is not the Right Woman for the job.

Proegomaniac, loves sticking you with higher taxes, take your guns while she can use your taxes to protect her with added security guards and estate walls, did not support transgender in prison who wanted sex change, wants to do the unrealistic task of eliminating natural fuel sources such as oil, gas, depending on wind and others when the wind does not always blow, is all for aborting the next Martin Luther King, radical prohyperanti-Trump, gave 2 shits about woman released in middle of night from prison who was later found dead in a canyon, assisted in the destruction of Craigslist personal ads which helped a lot of people connect – an oversimplified attack on prostitution for ego, upheld false interrogation confessions, faught against California Innocence Project, added privacy warning that affects developers worldwide as if we need another warning label on things which California is well known for excess in that, supports the Wicked Witch of the West in bogus claims that walls are immoral, hyperprolegalmarijuana, vehemently opposed Kavanaugh Trup’s pick for SC siding with woman because she was woman, could not accept reality of fair loss of Hillary presidency, holds grudge, constantly trashing Trump in excess, regular speaks with climate faeries, proagainst death penalty, part of the “Hell-No-Caucus” what the hell is that if it’s against hell fine but no it’s RESISTANCE prononsense.


MLK was not an abortion baby

What if Martin King was aborted? Who would have led what is called one of the biggest RESISTANCE movements ever? Hmm. How can anyone be for abortion when you consider that?

He’s called a resister, comparing it to resisting Trump, but that comparison is so back asswards and is just another stupid bandwagon pitch.

MLK addressed inequality based on race, he resisted not a president, he resisted the racisim that still existed, though even then, much of it was being erased there was still plenty to go around. His resistance was resisting racial division.

Trump resistance is about losing an election.

MLK resistance had nothing to do with who was president.

Trump resistance is all about psychosis.

W at W march grabs dudes dick

So here we are at a Woman’s March and the woman grabs his cock and admits it. Ok, so now we know this is ok with women as she speaks for all women there. Notice how all he has to do is change hats and people react based on the hat. Another dude tells him he should have been aborted, such love and equality. Creepy woman says “You’re a fucking pieeeeeece offfff shiiiiiiiiiiiit”. They admit they are all haters at the Woman’s Rights March. TF

Ax control

Are Democrats calling for it in light of mom being hacked to death, 3 others killed by ax, and one little girl barely escaping with her life? No.

But why? There should be ax free zones, ax background checks, ax ownership databases, rules forbidding transfer or sale of axes without permission of the nanny big brother transexual state.

Will Hurd Texas says wall is not needed

We shall look at the facts.

He calls it 3rd century technology as if that’s bad even though the walls around his house are pre-Christ technology and his chariot is 1st century technology. Both walls and cars basic “technology” is simple and effective.

His district spans a massive section of Texas border so you would have to think HE knows borders. Either that or he knows politics, how to get elected, how to please those in his district.

Many of these extremely rural border areas in Texas have a lot of people who have family in Mexico. They are citizens but prefer to elect representatives in their district that are easy on border crossings because many of them are family. Ok that might be a valid point. He also claims 3rd century technology is what walls are. Hmm. Rivers are 10 million year old technology. Look at the Rio Grande River that acts as a barrier there. Based on his claims of old technology the United States made a mistake using the river as a barrier.

He also represents an extremely rural area without any cities. Many illegals go to the cities, they don’t cause problems in these rural areas “Just passin through”. They do cause problems in the cities like San Antonio which is just OUTSIDE his district.

The ancient barrier called The Rio Grande River is older technology than walls. Rivers are natural barriers carved into the earth making it impossible or difficult to get through.

I’m sorry I have to label his views rather biased. They reflect the lack of problems he faces by illegals in his district as they just pass through to the rest of the country. He’d rather look good to his voters who prefer to not have a wall, as I said, many live at the river’s edge and have family that cross it back and forth regularly, which in essence does not really harm anyone right there, those who are good people, but there are vast areas there that the bad ones traffic and bring in drugs through there, without walls they get through easy.

This statement of his is disingenuous.

Then again when we look at the Bing maps of the Rio Grande River and valley there are vast, I mean V A S T expanses of areas where a wall does look pretty unnecessary where it’s like the Grand Canyon, yet even in the Grand Canyon Indians traversed easily on donkey and foot, even Millenials go in there on foot, traveling down switchback trails, building walls would be such an undertaking, something like building a wall on the Moon in order to stop the Chinese from landing there, like what’s the point.

If we are going to build walls, they need to be more around the population centers, look ma, they already are. So there needs some to be improved but walls are immoral, so take those down.

Certainly if one is going to say walls are necessary we must build them in front of fancy golf resorts like Lajitas Golf Resort which overlooks the spectacular views of the Rio Grande River so that guests when they are looking out feel totally safe as they see a wall blocking them from seeing the river. It’s a hop and skip from Dallas which is 600 miles away.

Another thing to look at closely is how the Rio Grande is a winding river, it goes all over the place like how politicians all do. My toddler is easier to keep track of than where politicians position themselves all over the place. Where would the wall go in these area?

In fact, as we look back in history, Texas mostly belonged to Mexico, as well as all of California, Arizona, and New Mexico not all that long ago. Look at Mexico as it was in 1824. If a wall was so necessary it could have been built by slaves.

Mexico owned a lot of land in 1824. The United States was at that time only to the East of the Mississippi River plus Louisiana. Image used with permission by

One other thing I need to add though is that as I looked closely at the entire Rio Grande River most of it is desolate, there are not a lot of areas where people live. Walls in these incredibly desolate areas that stretch far and wide and are hundreds of miles from any population centers would be insane.

We could add walls or strengthen weak ones that exist in areas that are near population centers and spreading out some miles from those yet the concept that many in his district who voted for Will Hurd I think still would prefer not to have such barriers in part because seeing non-citizen family and friends from right across the borders is easier that way thus with his position on a wall not being necessary they voted him in. He has only been in office a couple of years.

And promises made by politicians are almost always exaggerated. The claims made that we need a border wall to stop a murder of a cop on Christmas Eve ignores the fact that the lawman may have been a bit lax in following protocol for protecting himself thinking it’s what we hear all the time referred to as a “routine traffic stop” which by repeating that term over and over again we all get accustomed to the idea that is just the typical stop to give a good citizen a traffic ticket.

Illegal aliens who are dangerous criminals can also get in the country with fake identification, right through entry points. They even get in hiding in mattresses. Pelosi may be right in saying that newer technologies are what’s needed, but then we go into those good old arguments that xrays are killing us. Do we want to be exposed to that much radiation even though we are exposed to it from the Sun? Are we going to see signs at checkpoints telling us to be sure to wear xrayscreen?

feature image in public domain of elected representative Will Hurd and he represents Texas 23rd Congressional District that spans a massive area of rural lands right at the Mexico Texas border to the western part of the state

The white teen with the MAGA was not racist at all

It was the Hebrew Black Israelites that were.

“The students were confronted by four members of the Black Hebrew Israelite movement, who “called us ‘racists,’ ‘bigots,’ ‘white crackers,’ ‘f—-ts,’ and ‘incest kids.’ They also taunted an African-American student from my school by telling him that we would ‘harvest his organs.'”

But every news outlet in the universe jumped onto this bandwagon trashing the MAGA wearing kids as the taunters, racists, and all that same old accusation crap. They all grabbed you by the attention.

The mobsters did this with HIV as well. There now are even institutions that grab you with that line of lies all making money at it like medias.

Pelosi’s technological wall snaps great photos

The images show thousands of migrants scaling a very short fence at the border in New Mexico. Pelosi does not want walls which are immoral (walls should seek forgiveness from God through Jesus and the Poop). Technology is enuf she says. I guess it works if you want photographs for your bedroom WALL. Why does Pelosi have IMMORAL WALLS in her bedroom??

$15/hr wage causes staff cut

New York City law goes into effect for higher minimum wage in restaurants, so gee guess what happens, employers lay off some of the workers just like how anyone with a brain predicted would happen. Like duh, this is what happens when you have liberals in charge “making things better” by law.

In 3 years the minimum wage rose a whopping 50%. That’s unheard of and totally unnatural rise but those who are in charge of riding their unicorns into restaurant owners payroll accounts will tell you everything is better.

So let’s see we have some making more money, but less employed.

Naw, everything’s just fine. Those people will get jobs in Mexico or something, actually, soon they will be employed at steel mills making The Great Trump Wall and getting $40/hr and then there will be calls for hack saw control as we see holes in that appear.


He stated on 2nd of Jan 2019,

“Whenever there’s a shooting Democrats immediately start screaming for gun control, except last week when when an illegal immigrant shot and killed a policeman. No coverage. No Democrats demanding more gun laws, no Schumer crying. No one even asking where he got the gun.”

Trump nominee OK with pot


The Trump administration’s nominee for US Attorney General, William Barr, during Senate testimony on Tuesday affirmed that he would not use the power of the Justice Department to target marijuana-related activity in jurisdictions where the plant is legally regulated. – NORML

Resist the definition of insanity.

George Orwells democrat party

“We haven’t seen this level of breathless hysteria over a fake story since Orson Welles’ infamous “War of the Worlds” radio broadcast in 1938.”

War Of The Worlds was broadcast through media outlets without informing the public of it being merely a fictitious story. People panicked thinking there were space aliens coming.

Today we have routine fake news hysteria producing stories and people still think these are real.

So much fun to watch the retarded liberals bite while the viscous con liberals spew out all this recycled trash.


The resist movement in the gay community and elsewhere is so filled with hate. It’s interesting as these people are routinely “calling out hate” while they are filled with it.

Ding dong Debbie Dingell

Democratic dodo representative of retards claims in discussion regarding being pressed about whether we need a wall finally says that what we need is A DISCUSSION.

Liberals prioritize discussion.

So when you are being mugged by the overwhelming San Francisco homeless population of illegal criminals now first sit down and have a discussion. That discussion will continue for decades and you will never call police because only discussions are moral. Calling the police would create a wall of justice between you and the criminals. Walls are immoral in all forms.

Meanwhile more criminals cross where walls are pronon-existent.

Then she gets into the lowered caring concerned distressed voice saying about all the families that are not receiving a paycheck to again try to con the public into believing that is the most important matter at hand.

Says Trump was electecd because the people got tired of partisan politics, then says we need to bring people together.

Problem is the retards keep following The Wicked Witch of the West cultish vision of immoral walls that she will not remove from around her many homes nor will she remove from the border between Tijuana and San Diego. That immoral wall needs to go!

Let’s be consistent.

The Party Of Nit Picky Annoying Neighbors

Liberal retards that nit-pick TO/DEATH everything now-a-daze remind me of Bewitched’s Gladys Kravitz so much that I decided to coin the term “Gladys Kravitzism” as a way to describe them. Another is simply “Gladysism” and in the theme of prohyperacronymization of everything “GK”.

One of their Gladysite ear piercing get the fuck away from us screams is that “Trump claims he did not say that Mexico would write a check to pay for the wall yet he did”. This is nit pickyness to the extreme. He already explained many times that the trade deal has brought in money many times over the amount of the wall cost, so by all accounts of sensibility indeed they have written a check to the US for the wall. No they didn’t “literally write a check for the wall” but please, when did liberal retards suddenly become so concerned about precise literal interpretations of everything as if they mean anything.

Mexico is/will be funding the treasury so much with the Trump crafted trade deal witch is helping the US that the cost of the wall is now paid for so this nit picky Gladysismness is stupid and EXTREMELY/ANNOYING.

PON/PAN – Party Of Nit Picky Annoying Neighbors

And as with Galdys antics, theirs never really accomplish anything other than making themselves crazy.

Add an extra $2.22 to your outflow

Trump promised a deal that included protection for illegal children living here so their lives are not upset by deportation to their relatives in Mexico who have homes and families there, that included $800 million for humanitarian AIDS.

Every time we turn around as taxpayers governments keep adding costs, this one is another two bucks. That’s two bucks you won’t be giving to that homeless person you always like helping on the street corner, instead, you will be FORCED to give it to that homeless person who is illegally crossed borders to take our jobs and TAKE and TAKE many things.

If you have a family of 5 make that gift to these illegals who need your money $11.10 you won’t be giving to that person asking for food in your local park even though they are a veteran from the Vietnam war.

Anyone who supports the Democrats position of sludge and quicksand who is following Pelosi’s concernlessness of the country is shifting money to those who are criminals. Fuck you. You are taking my money.

Trump does not need to make such concessions. You will lose even that as you refuse his generous offer using my money. Keep it up.

Well traveled more likely to be successful

When are these wasteful of energy studies going to be cancelled like Roseanne?

Reality is that the successful are more likely to be well traveled.

Sexist shave ad

The stupidity and the hypocricy of the left now a daze has reached so much farther than the Fundamentalist Christian hypocricy ever did in the 1980’s when conservatives were the ones that were hypocrites.

The situation is now so reversed. Liberals are overwhelmingly now racist, sexist, homoginist.

The shave ad is one of the best examples of this, take a look at Greg Gutfield show presentation where women did the ad instead of men. It shows exactly how the ad against “TM” is totally sexist.

Watch the logical tirade in response by Kat Timpf who identifies herself as a woman that lasts over a minute presented starting at 7:25 in the video on this page

Save billion$$ and energy now

Democrats are all for saving energy, which helps cut CO2, imagine how much energy is saved when all those 800,000 federal workers are let go.

“Roughly 800,000 federal employees could be permanently removed under this plan, with an annual savings of roughly $80 billion in salaries alone.  Including the pensions; the government vehicles; and the rented office space, furniture, and equipment, it could be $150 billion.”

Let’s see how fast they jump onto that save energy bandwagon. They won’t. Here’s how they save energy, hire 8,000,000 federal workers to figure out how to save energy, that costs 8,000,000 times more energy than would be used if we did not hire those people. Spread out those cuts over time, it saves enough energy to power all the homes in 3 major metropolitan cities in the USA for 10 years.

If you Democrat liars want to do something about CO2 emissions, start there. Let all 800,000 federal employees go.

Of course they won’t do this, they will hire violinists instead, buy more TV ad space, get on more TV programs with concerto playing music to cry by as they say oh woe is the family that is suffering now. In reality some will have to go down to owning one car instead of 4 cars.

OH MY GOD that would cut CO2 emissions by 75%.

Trump offers dreamers relief, Wicked Witch says “No my pretty impeachable”

Pelosi will not have any of it, she’s the queen she thinks. Doesn’t look like one.

Trump fairly offers those who are in the US illegally who are children the guaranteed right to remain here for 3 more years without deportation, with all benefits, including work permits, in exchange for the fair request of $5.7 billion firm for border wall and security.

The swamp people and the witches brewmeisters say it’s a prohypernon-starter. They cannot allow this key win for this fantastic president and the public, no, it’s all about them having what little they have left to get re-elected which is sinking faster than a “Titanic 10: Submersive” movie.

All he wants is 230 miles of security walls like is seen around elementary schools, government buildings, Pelosi’s homes and estates, banks, zoos, bakeries that serve gay wedding cakes, and the walls around the Catholic Headquarters in Rome, not even spanning the entire border of 2300 miles, only where it’s desperately needed.

That is 10%.

That in fact is exactly the number Pelosi ignored when she says 90% of drugs comes through checkpoints. Yet it’s 90% of the criminals that avoid those spots because they can’t hide their entire bodies in a gas tank so they go to the 10% of the border that is not secured. All Trump AND THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES want is to secure that 10% and add some additional technology to help secure Pelosi’s 90%.

How can anyone say that is not fair?????????

Even retards and those on life support who cannot even speak agree that this is balanced and fair to everyone.

It’s only the insane and the control freak zombie swamp people that have a problem with this plan.

Soon Trump will have one of those tanker jets drop water on this Wicked Witch and it will all be over.

Commenter on Breitbart puts it in more serious terms,


President Trump likely can get this passed in the Senate with McConnell backing him now. Once the House refuses and with the caravans organizing again, it will be very easy to declare a national emergency. It’s historic and we are getting the wall.

feature image found here where they say They Should Have Dropped A House On……

Pelosi’s inner walls in her mind

She has plenty of immoral walls surrounding her thought processes that according to her “don’t work” yet they seem to be stopping “the enemy” from changing her mind.

What a hypocrite.

?ing Israel’s “right to exist”

As the leader Tamika Mallory of the Woman’s March if fending off many accusations of how she allegedly “Refuses to Acknowledge Israel’s Right to Exist” and that event is falling apart, while the Abortion Prononadvocates march successfully on Washington en masse, I find it facinating that we have a woman’s rights advocate calling into question quite publicly the so called “right” of Israel to exist as a State.

I question it as well.*

From my studies it seems Palestinians have been shunned. It’s kinda like how in the US corporations and Monsanto’s of the world use their tricky dicky means of pushing out small farms to take over an entire community and what ends up happening to the small farmers is they go bankrupt, have to move to a completely different state with “greener pastures” while these big corporations then buy up all the land. I think this is what Israel has done in that territory.

I applaud Tamika Mallory for calling this out, or more accurately put, declining to clearly answer to her accusers that want her box her into a corner with all the Hitler 6 million Jews killed crap that is used on people EVERY TIME THEY want to discuss the plight of Palestinians who were not responsible in any way for the Holocaust.

*from the moment I realized someone cut off part of my dick I started questioning who and why this was done, and when I came across claims that Jewish doctors in the USA pushed the procedure for profit and that it’s a part of their religious beliefs (not mine). They conned my parents into believing it was a good thing to have done thus legally my parents were then considered responsible for making that decision. Since realizing this whenever anyone would tell me something about Israel (home of the Jews) Judiasim and Judeo-Christian principles, I put up my WALLS OF PROTECTION which are not immoral and they do work as everyone does in life and started analyzing what was being told me. I now doubt a lot of what we have been told about a lot of these things. A certain disingenuous tactic is very often used when anyone criticizes Jews for anything they do, they immediately throw out the prohyperoverused term “anti-Semitism” and brand the person as a “Jew hater” and other nasty terms, it is often a POWER TACTIC to make someone inferior over them. Rather than have serious logical discussion, they bring in fear and emotion of the widely believed number of “6 million Jews were gassed” and the horrors of the Holocaust to quell any questioning of anything that needs serious discussion. People use this tactic with a lot of things in life and when you see it happening to you it’s good to be aware of it and find a place within yourself where you stay strong, I think this is what Tamika Mallory found in herself as she may have noticed inconsistencies in stories told about Palestine and Israel. I question any religious group of people who would dare hack off part of the male’s most private posession at any point when they are not of adult legal age and get away with it. No human being should have any part of their body hacked off especially on a sexual organ unless it is fully of their own decision process as an adult. How can a group of people even be allowed to do this routinely for thousands of years!

Delusional rep thinks Trump is sending SSDT

Tlaib, the new fuckmouth congressthing thinks that Smoke Signal Death Threats are caused by HIV/TRMP.

Disproportionately razor burned

Abandon ship

At some point the liberals are going to have to abandon the sinking impeach Trump ship and they won’t have the resist ship as lifeboats or the immoral wall life vests to use either so it will be sink or swim time.

Some of course will go down with their ship as the non-paid US Coast Guard goes out to feverishly save them yet they will still resist and die for their cause which is sad as they could have saved a lot of feral cats and shopping carts instead of being in politics.

Toto sends wall to Wicked Witch and her Troll brick by brick

It’s a huge task since Toto can’t get the Witch to release $5.7 billion but he said it has to be woof.

“Since Chuck and Nancy keep stonewalling the president, we’ll send the wall to them, brick by brick, until they agree to secure the border” said the Trump campaign.

The blockheads will receive fake news bricks.

Liberals do not believe in walls thus soon they will be calling for an end to all housing for cage free chickens, making sure they can cross borders of the farm into the land of the home of brave wolves and be eaten, and letting go zoo animals because walls don’t work, and letting out all the dogs and cats from the animal shelters because shelters have walls that are immoral and don’t work and all these immoral walls want to do is work.

Snowflake Comedy Club bars dredlocks

Is this for rea;? White comedienne wearing dreadlocks is racist? I guess this is happening at a University. Oh that explains it. The term is now “cultural appropriation” I guess derived from “appropriate” so we must learn to appropriate. This is pretty dumb.

“A new controversy over cultural appropriation has arisen in Montreal, resulting this time in a white comedian being barred from two comedy shows because he has dreadlocks, a hairstyle associated with black Culture.”

If this is true, the logic goes then that black comedienneans who straighten their hair or bleach their skin or have nose jobs shall be banned.

That is the decree. Hali Caesar.

Liberals could solve homelessness 100% by 2020

If all those who are focused on impeaching the President and all their resistance activities were dropped into the toilet and they focused all their donations into doing something actually effective instead of all their political games, they could accomplish housing all the homeless people permanently finding them all forever homes, getting them all off the streets, cleaning up cities, and so many other residual things of taking care of their neighbors instead of wasting money on all the POLITICAL/WARS they would have a fantastic platform to run on for 2020.

I have hope that they will wake up and see what they could do and drop all this garbage and get some amazing things done instead of what they are currently doing.

Step one has to be putting Pelosi in her place, realizing that she has become like Jim Jones, and that all the followers need to stop following her lead, band together, and get her into a nursing home.

Cause of shutdown hugs TSA employee who’s suffering

One of the many causes of the shutdown, leaders in the Democratic party who refuse to be reasonable and do what’s good for the people of the country and fund the wall which is already funded by Mexico via the trade deal, Gavin Newsome, California’s new governor, Nephew of Wicked Witch of the West Nancy Pelosi, did a photo opp where he’s hugging an employee who’s “selling his home because of the shutdown” as he has to drive 40 miles to get to work. This is the fakest bogus crap, he does not give a shit about this guy, all he cares about is his Demododo party’s chance at a Demoswampscum to be elected president in 2020. If they did what was right and gave the country it’s wall, which it desperately needs, as even Peolosi’s words were that 10% of the horrors of criminals and drugs come in through wall less areas, the guy would not have to sell his home (if this is even real) but you see then as the swamp scum knows, Trump would have fulfilled all his promises to the public and win by a landslide in 2020, the year where we all have perfect vision seeing where all the swamp land is using the new SwampvisionEarth app.

Some ros

Hero is a sexist term now according to liberal proretards.

The latest use of the new version of the sexist term is used by that thing Rashida Tlaib who says that Maxine Waters is her shero.

So get ready men to be trashed for saying hero, a sexist term, while the women go around saying shero instead, another sexist term.

To get the upper hand, or should I say equal hand as we don’t want any unequal fighting now, be sure to just say ro.

What if MLK was aborted?

In light of marches on Washington, D.C. by Right To Life groups, which get bigger every year, and the more popular beliefs that it’s not right to abort fetuses one has to ponder something.

Unlike Million Mom Marches that support Jew haters, and these RTLers go in the dead of winter, and still throb.

So what would the world would be like if Picasso had been aborted in the womb, if Martin Luther King and Ted Kennedy had been aborted in the womb, if Michael Jackson had been aborted in the womb, if Miley Cyrus had been aborted in the womb, and if Kathy Griffin had been aborted in the womb.

Get tested for AMD

Here’s the test, what does AMD stand for?

Answer: Age Related Macular Dengeration


What happened to the R? Where is the R in AMD? It’s not there. Funny thing this happenes a lot. Like with HIV/AIDS which should be HIDV/AIDS.

They do a retarded thing, making it Age-related instead of Age Related. Hmm.

They played this game with Human Immun-o-eieio-deficiency Virus slash Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. There is no eieio in AIDS. Hmm.

Did you test positive for figuring out the scam?

LA school teachers on strike start bullying substitute replacements

Nothing like watching those who call for an end to bullying at school start doing it themselves. They started posting the names publicly of the substitutes on social media to shame them.


OMG not another crazy word, yes. I guess it means being proactive yet doing it over and over again.

The definition of insanity.

Another view is that it’s the name of a group that’s proantiantiaborion. That would mean they are especially antiantiabortion, or in other words, against those who are against abortion or in other words they are into killing babies before they are born as matter of convenience.

In watching on C-Span the leader of this group speak about the groups that come to abortion clinics and protest, beside noticing that yet again we see a prooveremphasis of the extremists, making it sound like all who are against abortion are kook head extreme in their protest, I thought of a question I would like to ask her, “How would you feel right now about abortion had you been aborted before you were born?”

Tori Spelling’s kids are fat

The father is furious and now free speech shaming anyone who says that while we are supposed to stop, listen, readjust our behavior, as they continue on with their posh lives in Beverly Hills as they poor shame others.

Trump Derangement Syndrome hits new highs

The C-Span video of Rep. Dodocrat AOC got more views online than any other rep video in history. That’s being made out into some kind of wonderful thing. No, it’s because there are more deranged lunatics watching other deranged lunatics than ever, or, there are those who are merely totally sane who are simply aghast or entertained that a deranged lunatic could be in Congress.

Bull that killed cowboy in rodeo will continue it’s career

Obviously an illegal immigrant bull that meandered over the border looking for a better life and remained here getting free health care, food, shelter, and a fantastic life because all it wanted to do is work while other bulls get slaughtered. And because the rider was white no one wanted to be thought of as bull racist thought it’s clear they are all full of bull.

If the cowboy killed the bull liberal cons at PETA would be there in a rage worse than the bull had during the show.

Honduran caravan walks right through Mexico border

Rather than confront the mass of people at the legal Mexican checkpoint thus encountering violence they just left the gates wide open. They are now in Mexico illegally making their way to the US where the disease of the Democratic party will welcome them all in but tell them they are not welcome behind their estate walls.

Democrats will continue to lie to the public and say this is not a problem and say that Rachel Maddow knows life better than anyone.

Annabelle Lima Taub slams new potty mouth congresswoman

So here we are in the FREE SPEECH FREE ZONE yet again.

The Florida official slammed Rashida Tlaib and being condemned for speaking out. Rashida Tlaib the one who suffers from HATES/TRUMP and said he would remove the motherfucker. She’s a Muslim which is a RELIGION not a race.

As a fresh new face in Congress many found it unbecoming for Tlaib’s many rants and actions to be so vehement, yet with the ongoing vitrol coming from Tlaib and statements against Israel surfacing boldly from her, Annabelle Lima Taub had to speak against her, calling for her immediate removal. Of course this immediately is labeled as racist, because you see, Annabelle is Caucasian, and Rashida is not, thus anytime a white person says something negative about someone who is not white, that is considered racist. It’s the ultimate form or racism though to immediately make such claims but many are too afraid of the mobs to stand their ground, or look at the facts which almost always that there is no racism involved what so ever.

Double standards are obvious, Tlaib can freely bash the President of the United States with no corrections on her behavior while others, who are white of course, are corrected when they do the very same thing back. In this case Annabelle said she’s “…a Hamas-loving anti-Semite has NO place in government! She is a danger and [I] would not put it past her to become a martyr and blow up Capitol Hill.”

Tlaib can say things like that about the President, she’s of course calling for HIS removal, but no, white people must sit and behave, not speak freely. The disease of PELOSI/SCHUMER goes right along with it because that’s how they make their millions.

Texas teen remains found on roadside

Might he have been taken there by someone he met online for gay sex? What if it was an illegal alien that killed him, we do not know and may never know but it is possible and we have seen others be killed by illegals, while the disease of PELOSI/SCHUMER and their lies, HATE, and resistance, are all left untreated. I mean what else would it be. He was a football team player. We don’t hear much about how illegal criminals could be responsible for such things except when we have absolute proof when we catch them. Speaking of catching things that nasty catch a predator guy got caught finally in his own web of deceit.

Austin fined $9 million for refusing to allow legal guns in courthouse

While the horrible disease of PELOSI/SCHUMER has plagued the nation with their contagious politically transmission of the sickening WDNCTIAKYLO policies they spread like the Black Plague we see sensible decisions made whereas legal gun owners are being prohibited from carrying guns where they legally are allowed to whereas those infringing on their rights are being slammed with huge fines.

We Do Not Care That Illegal Aliens Kill Your Loved Ones is the Democratic party motto. They fight to take away your guns for your own protection, which is a fantasy like HIV, while gleefully welcoming in criminals at our borders that have no walls so they can ignore that those criminals will not obey our gun laws, and thus murder your family, friends, sons or trandaughters, and life as you knew it.

Article at Breitbart about the $9 million fine

How PELOSI/SCHUMER look when they take off their sweet politician costumes

This image is a good representation of what is not commonly reported in medias whereas the game players in congress thought they would have one up on the president. Trump is not that stupid. Image found here on January 18, 2019.

The Democrat lying huckster leadership cult has it’s followers brainwashed. Here is how they really look when they take off those politician masks they wear around Congress and on TV.

This is how PELOSI AND SCHUMER actually look when they take off their sweet politician “we’re looking out for you” costumes. This real representation of how we see Democrat leaders these days when they put their political lives ahead of those who are losing their lives literally because of improper immigration by criminals who actually create real horror for families in the United States whereas much of it can be stopped by a solid barrier.
Image is snapshot of Universal Studios Halloween Night 2008 by
D.Begley who does not necessarily agree with any such fictional representations of human beings in Congress and is used with Creative Commons license.

Angel Mom points out how corporations rush to help whiners that missed one paycheck, nothing for her dead son

Democrat leaders with their lying tactics presented all the OH POOR ME people who are dropping like flies (remember that line in the 80’s AIDS bullshit crisis?) they presented how sad it is that that they don’t have paychecks after 3 weeks. Really? NARCISSISTIC

Nothing offered by the corporations for those who lost loved ones to the hands of illegal aliens. No rushing to help them.

Angel Mom discusses what her feeling are which Schumer and Pelosi.

This is a fantastic interview.

This most recent poke in the face by the Demo leaders was when they went to the Hill steps with big posters of some American workers furlowed boo hoo, we are supposed to be sorry for them, they imitated what the Angel Moms did when they went to their offices with pictures of DEAD LOVED ONES not living ones that are short one paychek. Pelosi and Schumer and all the democrats behind them ARE MOCKING THE ANGEL MOMS with this disgusting tactic. WE SEE THROUGH YOUR EVIL DISGUSTING WAYS.

Liberal medias like Yahoo do not feature this story by the Angel Mom, they are implicit with the horrors. See how they look when they take off their sweet politician masks.

Homeowner notices how well glass works as a barrier

Maybe build the border out of glass instead of concrete.

Latin-American support for wall doubles

More and more Latin-American CITIZENS have become AFTW. The All For The Wallers are now supporting Trump more than ever, because they are logical level headed people who are sick of illegals taking their jobs and bla bla bla.

Just in the last month support went from like 30% to 50% for a FUCKING WALL, not for barriers made of playing cards, sticks, poles, or Monopoly pieces, a wall.

Fake tears behind the podium

The Democrats came up with a bill to make the US Treasury make available loans to anyone who wants them who is a federal employee during the shutdown. In typical reckless fashion they will not require credit checks. This is what they did before the 2008 meltdown, insisted on giving loans out to those who could not afford homes, all they had to do was lie about their income, no credit checks. They caused the housing crash.

Standing behind the businessman telling his story we see the woman in red coat wish the distraught look on her face the whole time, then she takes her hanky and dabs the corners of her eyes. Oh boo hoo. Fake. Saw no tears. Fake democrat con games. Does it again and again. Her name is RASHITA TLAIB the nut that HATES TRUMP so much she calls him a motherfucker in her nasty temper tantrum. She got up at the podium and started screaming how bad 5,000 people in Michigan need help as if there is no unemployment, no savings accounts that people can use, everyone’s dying, drama drama drama. Oh she’s in Michigan.

Blaming Trump for their gang mentality to refuse a wall. Their gang leader Pelosi. Democrats keep throwing temper tantrums. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Say daddy is mean.

What a big bunch of SPOILED BRATS. All they have to do is say “Yes to funding a border wall”.

Pelosi stated in another press meeting that 90% of drugs come through checkpoints and that a wall is not necessary. Not one word about the 10%. Ok then, let us talk about that 10%, that means 10% of the drugs come through the wall less zones, why does Pelosi not care about that 10%? It doesn’t matter? For every truckload of fentanyl that tries to go through checkpoints, one truckload gets through where there is no wall. Pelosi does not care about that 10% because she does not want Trump to look like a winner as he promised a wall there. Her claim it’s 10% is bogus but even if it were accurate, she does not care about the 10% of the murderers that come through there, she feels catching 90% is enough. When a wall works there to handle that 10% it’s not even the slightest bit logical to claim that we do not need a wall. She doesn’t care then if 10% of the kids in the neighborhood get killed by drugs by this 10% that gets through.

Pelosi is so full of political crap and it’s really showing now. The stupid followers of hers need to wake up before she tells them all to drink the poison like Jim Jones told his cult. There is something very wrong with this woman.


USA may allow citizens sue Cuba for property stolen during revolution. Communism took over and threw people out, confiscating their property.


So do I get to sue for my property on my dick being stolen by shady Jewish doctors now? If not why not, statute of limitations? Seems those limitation walls are being torn down by women these days (they are stronger than men at that) and it seems cutting off part of men’s cocks should be unforgivable and reparations prepared.

Trump pisses on Pelosi parade

The Wicked Witch of the West’s plans to go to the Middle East for cutsey photo opportunities on camels will not be on government jets, she can take a commercial jet with her own money the president says.

Fuckin’ A.

He says she needs to remain here and work on getting government reopen, we cannot afford to use government jets for such lavish trips, not a priority.

One hell of a great leader.

Democrats are complete fools. They do not understand who they are negotiating with. Don’t they ever watch reality TV?

Fantastic article on the showdown and how Pelosi never saw it coming because she’s used to dealing with weak men.

Comparing liberals to a light bulb

I got an idea (proving my light bulb works) let’s compare liberals and the Democrat party right now to light bulbs.

They are like a ZERO/WATT light bulb on a dimmer switch that is being powered 100% renewable windmill energy during a hurricane as they exclaim how they are saving the planet, saving the country, saving everyone while they hang on for dear life to what little they have to cling on to.

Most everyone else with a brain left for higher ground.

African couple on trial for alleged FGM

FGM is outlawed around the world. The US has outlawed FGM. The US gleefully allows MGM while women cry they are the ones being mistreated as doctors routinely hack off part of men’s dicks without their permission when they are so tiny, newborn, vulnerable, unable to protect them selves from doctors with knives in hand as they bleed profusely, scream in horrific pain, when part of their penis is cut off. I’m sorry, I can’t hear any of these adult female rights advocates constant whining over the scream of baby boys right now.

Illhan Omar spews personal attacks

I thought this was not allowed. I know that in city council meetings and in congressional hearings they say “no personal attacks” yet the Democrat hysterians keep making them.

The cult chant by Demos now is that Lindsey Graham is compromised.

It’s about a claim that he’s homo. So let me get this straight or gay, they can use homosexuality against him? These are people who claim that it’s ok to be gay or homo and to keep it to your self, and that people should not be outed, and that it’s ok to be gay and it’s ok to be gay, but now they can use it against him because he’s gay? Now that really makes sense!

Some speculate that it’s about some serious sexual kink that he’s done. Ok, so now you believe that certain sexual behavior is bad and can be used to attack people who are LGBTQ+K.

I hate bullshitsexuals.

Anti-vaxxers biggest threat to world health organization profits

The cons at the WHO are claiming that those who don’t inject voodoo medicine into their bodies as directed by those who profit immensely from these procedures that often kill people are using their scare tactics claiming that those who don’t vaccinate are a threat to the health of others.

Yawn. They do this all the time and the argument is so incredibly flawed. It’s not logical at all. Those who get vaccines are the threat, they are the ones being injected with the very thing YOU DON’T WANT IN YOUR BODY, the viruses that cause the diseases you want to avoid. Staty the fuck away from me after you get that flu shot or weasles shot.

Vaccines inject you with the virus, your body develops antibodies as a defense, your antibodies “fight off” and they remain prepared to fight off any new invadors that call themselves “flu” or “pox” later. Like duh. That makes no sense, just let antibodies develop IF and only IF you ever get exposed to them.

But see if they told you that, they would drive themselves out of business.

HIV tests only find antibodies, and they are not even specific, you can test positive if you had the FLU. It’s a con game to make money and provide some mental relief from the fear they instill in you.

Asian trapped in a Caucasian body

The stupidity of the left is unbetreatable.

Now they slam a politician in Hawaii oddly enough a democrat Ed Case who said he sometimes feels like an Asian trapped in a white body. What is wrong with that? His wife say that to him, is she wrong too? What is wrong with saying you are Asian trapped in a man’s body? These dip shits corrective freaks are too much.

For those of us with a brain, saying that he feels like an Asian is a compliment. The context when it was said publicly was during an Asian American Pacific Islander celebration. Let’s put this into perspective, if someone said they were feeling like a Caucasian trapped in an Asian body what would that feel like? Probably the term would be used like how they are always trashing “old white men” and they do this all the time and get away with it because those who uses these terms are puke holes. It would be said as a put down. This man was not putting down Asians he was putting them up like he’s a woman trapped in a man’s body. See the stupidity here? If you are liberal of course you don’t you are too stupid.

Where are the European American celebrations? Equality? Calls for white celebrations? Yea just try to do that, you get your head chopped off by people who are hysterical equality nuts. They can have all the black, brown, yellow, rainbow celebrations but white is not allowed because white is not equal to color. Actually white contains all colors of the rainbow. Look it up.

So by the dipshit logic these correction liquid instructioneers say, that if you type out you feel like you are “An Asian male trapped in a White woman’s body” would be wrong and need an extra bittle lottle.

Julie Brown started it!

She was trapped in the body of a white girl.

Alex Jones clone

The dit wit YWIC/AOC reminds me of the dude, loud, brash, throws herself all over the place, stupid.