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Banning right to hate

The ban on counselors to discuss with a patient their disgust with being attracted to the same sex and not the opposite sex is just wrong.

How dare anyone tell me I can’t get therapy if I hate being gay and want to be not gay or hate being not gay and want to be gay.

These policies are abusive.

4 more Americans murdered by illegal

While the rest of us get shot dead by invaders the worthless DEMONIC/RAT party keeps lying about walls and playing fucking games.

4 more good citizens murdered.

THIS IS ON YOU PELOSI and this is the fault of the liberal maniacs and the liberal liars in news medias you all have blood on your hands



In the mean time the Demonicrats party their focus on here to put that casting couch as they redecorate.

Shame on shaming again

Egypt president shames fat people so it’s claimed and calls for people to lose weight.

Twatters have a fit.

So let me see if I understand this, to tell someone they are fat and need to lose weight is fat shaming and is wrong?

Ok, so we let people be fat as they want and they don’t smoke as we all know how bad that is, so they FAT/DIE at 37.

At the funeral grandma is crying then goes out to the patio to smoke.

She has smoked about 2 packs of cigarettes a day since she was 15.

She has NEVER/BEEN fat.

Grandma is 94.

She tried her hardest to get her grand daughter to be more like her and not eat fried foods.

She never fat shamed her.

Alyssa Milano MOCKS triple amputee veteran

The veteran that served in war to protect our country and other countries throughout the world was frustrated about what appeared to be Trump caving in on the wall battle.

He set up a funding site and has currently reached $12,314,539 of a $1 billion goal.

The DIP/SHIT actress mocked his efforts insinuating that he should be focusing on helping veterans before building walls that also would protect our country.

“Oh, yes! Let’s while not taking care of our veterans. Cool. Cool. Cool,” Alyssa Milano said online.

This man is doing what he is good at, protecting others.

She does what she is good at, entertaining and being a fool.

The veteran risked life and limb, losing fucking 3 of those limbs, so that we live in a free society that can be freely entertained, and this piece of entertainment garbage has presented that she has the fucking stupidity of a walnut.

She has the right to do that.

Meanwhile back at the ranch the leaders of the stupid party of Democrat hucksters insist on not funding that border wall.

Mitch McConnel a Republican speaker stated he’d like to see these obstructionists leave their front doors wide open at night to show how they really believe that security is not important.

Their resistance movement is like being constipated. It’s like forcing constipation on ever American. They are bad losers merely desperately and cunningly trying to get people to think Trump is the bad guy.

The Democrat party sucks right now. Totally full of STUCK/SHIT. Needs laxatives. Trump is that. He’s the best laxative this country has ever seen.

Already since starting this post the fund has jumped another $127,250 because of dedicated Americans that realize the need for security.

Democrats will have none of that, they like wide open front doors of homes across America without any security, as long as it’s not theirs.

She surely does not leave her front door unlocked at night, probably not during the day either. Her front door is enough security between the WALLS OF HER HOME. Even though she does not have a wall outside she has many big walls around her to protect her from elements that are problematic, and from intruders, and surely has plenty of panic buttons where police would show up in an instant along with other security.

Nancy Pelosi’s home actually DOES NOT have a big wall  but she does have a beautiful wall surrounding her Napa Valley vineyard worth millions, protecting it from intruders, even protecting it from legal US citizens! She calls border walls immoral. She has an immoral border wall.

She is the 4th richest Californian in Congress. It’s said when she’s there at the estate you know it from all the black SUV’s that have WALLS OF BULLET PROOF GLASS driving in and around the property as guests arrive for a party filled with Democrat “heavyweights”.

You and I were not invited. If we hopped over the border walls of her vineyard and popped out a baby we’d be shot while the baby would be spared and be an heir of Pelosi’s estate whereas when that happens next to Mexico we just put out WELCOME mats.

America is tired of being a door mat.


Military is building THE/WALL

Trump kept saying it, that he would have the military build border wall.

It’s funded with $3 million so far as a veteran started a fund raiser since democrats won’t allocate any of our taxes already paid for it.

In the meantime, the criminals and the criminal CDP – Criminal Democrat Party – that supports criminals, came up with a response – Ladders To Get Over Trump’s Wall.

When they are done the ladders will be repurposed for more criminals to scale the walls around your home and businesses so there’s no carbon footprint problem, just criminal footprints.

Recent deportees get free trips back to the US by plane

Liberal judge declares like a King that the recently deported migrants must be reported back into the US at the cost of the US taxpayers.

Fuck this shit. They get housing, food, health care and now free plane trips.

They get free lawyers. They get the press writing their stories. We pay for this.

I am tired of these abuses. People are homeless here living on the streets. There are people who are in pain, disabled, cannot get help from our government and then we read about this shit.

Trump wants to end this abuse of our citizens. Liberals want it to continue. They tug the heartstrings about how we have to help them. Then they trip over the homeless in front of their Democtratic offices and call the police to get them out of their way. The democrat party is shit.

Trump declared back, “I will not sign Democrat bills without funds for border wall security”.

I wonder what part of “border wall security” the Democrats don’t understand, is it the wall that is the problem? Is it they don’t want security? Obviously it’s not secure. Is it the word security they don’t understand? Obviously it’s not that, they secure their cars, their homes, their children are even driven to school anymore, what is Democrats problem?

They just hate that they lost the presidency. It’s not logical it’s fully a game of power.

I prefer Trump even though he has flaws for a few main reasons.

  1. priority is securing the country
  2. he doesn’t say “I will vote for gay marriage” then he does not like Hillary did, he’s stayed solid as a rock with his promises
  3. he’s a strong leader, we need that, one that priorities the USA not fantasies of one world socialism
  4. he’s not like any other president we have seen, he’s for the people for a change, unless of course you are an illegal people

LLs make policing safeless

The LLs, which is Lunatic Liberals, ban on high capacity magazines endangers officers when off duty as when they are off duty they are joe blows like the rest of us though they may be bigger targets.

They can only carry the magazines when going to and from work. After that I guess the law makes them recycle them after reading them.


The gun laws are now all over the map. Imagine getting a driver’s license and not being able to drive through half the country and having to figure out a route where you to drive legally you have to figure out the route ahead of time where it ends up taking you 5 times as far as you have to avoid all liberal states and cities that will give drivers licenses to illegal ALIENS from planet Pluto but not you the citizen because you voted against unicorn control.

Bank shuns all nicotine users for employment

Nazi state comes to a bank near you or one maybe you already bank with.

The Huntington National Bank welcome tobacco-free hiring practice of shunning includes those who use nicotine patches with tobacco-free hiring and vaping products.

The Shun Society just keeps getting bigger in the US.

Companies that do this are going to lose out on some very good employees.

People should most certainly boycott this crap.

Dot democrat sucks

Out of one side of their mouths they scream Russian collusion, while they go out and buy domain names to disparage certain incumbants.

The addresses imply that certain senators are for sale all done anonymously.



So the guy who was going to be in a parade front and center gets that position taken from him after he calls Behar a bitch unapologetically except for using the expletive, not apologizing for the intenet, and Behar goes off on on McCain who as she put it is an entitled BITCH and gets to keep her job on The View.

Fire the bitch.

Let’s talk about abuse shall we.

They were discussing former president Bush senior and The BEHAR/BITCH ranted off on a tangent about Trump, because she like many have Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) and cannot help making everything about bashing Trump, so McCain wanted to get back to discussing the late great former president Bush who just died, fucking died, never to breathe on this earth again, a time of great sorrow, and Behar was so full of herself she kept ranting after Whoopie cut to a commercial break quickly, calling McCain the BITCH/WORD.

Behar is a worthless pile of hot air causing climate change.

Hooz hoo

Who are these fellows:

Professor John W. Gofman, M.D., Ph.D., at UC Berkeley

Chester E. Holifield, US Representative from California, 1970

Winfield J Abbe

James Tracy



For a long long time in a galaxy of liberals way too close to where we all live, there stands a long time rule for them, to bash any conservative that wants religious symbols to stay in front of court houses, be displayed in public buildings paid for by taxpayers such as DMV and immigration offices, etc.

They have long fought for the separation of church and state, separating religious symbols from the halls of government everywhere.

So as to be expected, these LIARS AND HUCKSTERS have shifted their stance to suit THEIR NEEDS now, they want the 200 year old ban on religious head dressings such as hats, burkas, and such BANNED. They want to go in the halls of Congress wearing whatever head dressing they want no matter what religion it is.

This flies in the face of all the ACLU fights against that very thing.


Now it’s LGBTQI


In Australia the Christian wedding magazine was forced out of business by hate freaks.

They MEDDLED in the fair business.

They abused couples who were featured in the magazine. They abused staff of the magazine.

They harassed anyone who would support the magazine.

They claim they are for equality and protecting of others feelings.

They do nothing EQUALLY to stop the sale of alcohol which hurts more people than any Christian magazine.

Walmart greed causes forced pension cuts in cities

Save money screw pensioners who worked their whole lives dedicated to public service should be the motto.

A thing called “dark store theory” is being used all around the country to force municipalities to lower property taxes for giant corporations, thus leaving it up to these cities to cut services, cut pensions, add higher taxes to homes and small businesses.

Just take a gander at what corporate greed buys those who profit from all our hard earned pennies. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a home costing hundreds of millions of dollars.


36 lawyers, no dozen homes

Stacy Abrams, the Democrat candidate for the US state of Georgia, has amassed almost 3 dozen lawyers to challenge the election.

The money these lawyers make is astounding and to hear of a Democrat choosing to see monies go lawyers makes one have to rethink her priorities when it’s pretty clear that the better man won, or maybe not better, but suitable, clearly having received more votes than her, way more than would necessitate such lavish challenges.

Abrams Republican challenger, Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp, has held the lead and is expected to be declared the winner on Friday, charged that Abrams has led a “publicity stunt” and her refusal to concede the election serves as a “ridiculous temper tantrum.”

Remember those BATTLE/CRIES of how we must trust women

They were spread like wildfire all over the Kavanaugh hearings by Democrats, mostly women Democrats of course. The Republican women wore healthy skepticism.

The BATTLE/CRIES continued after Kavanaugh was sworn in. They continue today.

Then ABSOLUTE/SILENCE when we learn of how a man was saved by a selfie, whereas he was facing 99 years in prison because of a former girlfriend who made up a story that he “Broke into her house and carved an x in her body”.

The selfie was discovered by the parents where he was with them at the time of the alleged attack.

I think that Ford woman made up that story.

FDA plans to ban e-flavors, does nothing about sugar

Typical of our fucked up government priorities, TEETH ROTTING SUGAR and fruity flavored cereals will not be banned, but the “harmful” e-fruity flavors that are added to vegetable glycerine which is harmless will be banned to protect underagers from getting hooked on vaping.

Vaping is harmless, but if these hacks don’t go after it, they are not going to have fucking jobs because there will be nothing to do all day.

Drain the swamp starting with the FDA.

Election meddling train in Florida full steam ahead

Funny how Democrats blame Russia for meddling and ignore when they do it.

Maxine thinks we are scared of her*


Sunday on MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) said the Republican Party was scared of her being the chair of the Financial Services Committee because she is a “strong, black woman.”

Hon, what we are concerned about, not scared of, is your lunacy. Your illogical behavior. Your call for your clanspeople to “get in the face” of people wherever they are like in restaurants doing your dirty lunatic work is concerning.

We are also concerned that if you get into finance as your Democrat party already did once before the COLLAPSE OF THE ECONOMY IN 2008, that you and your cohorts are going to muck up things yet again.

It’s your party that was in control at that time that gleefully made it so that everyone could buy a home regardless of whether they could afford one. Your party created such a free for all that prices skyrocketed artificially in rampant speculation and hype, then fell back to earth, because of the power you and your Democrat friends in the majority threw around, ignoring all warnings from Republicans that it would lead to disaster, which it did in 2008.

You my dear are living in the clouds while on a high horse.

We don’t care about your color hon. We don’t care if you are woman, man, or flipped from either, what we care about is our country and economy. You have a TERRIBLE track record on that and to be in position of finance for the entire country, with the way you do things, yes that is scary, like being afraid of when a beaten pit bull dog is angry and starving and running loose where kids are playing, but it’s not because of anything other than that.

Hey, I’m sure George Washington was like this too though so I am sure something will get done. There are times where you say things that make sense.

*Not really something she should be bragging about and I filed this under “abuse” for “abusive politicians”.


FAKE: The Bachelor mansion is on fire

Claim was made that the popular known set for The Bachelor was on fire.


All that was on fire was some palm trees.


Another stupid Hollywood fool begs for what they already have

Ashton Kutcher pleads with president’s wife to have her husband implement gun control yet California already has gun control in every form.

How dare you ask for what you already have you rich snob. I find that offensive and abusive.

California literally has every gun control measure on the books that the Democrats are always pushing for.

Ashton, please, go back to your career in pretending to be something you are not.

reference materials

Get ready California your new liberal retard governor wants your co-workers to be able to take away your guns

“Brown has twice vetoed, including in September, a measure that would also allow employers, co-workers, high school and college staff, and mental health providers to petition for a gun violence restraining order. Newsom indicated Thursday that he was open to the idea.”

Fly off the handle at work, lose your gun.

Good thing though about him is the state may make assault on your penis a crime. He’s big on banning circumcision. Governor Brown stopped Newsom as San Francisco mayor from implementing the citywide ban on the assault on baby body parts so at least he is anti-assault.


Florida bans greyhound racing, horse racing continues

What crap.

People are being duped by these animal rights groups.

They helped give bigger homes to homeful chickens and cows, with their Taj-Majal proposition for bigger living accommodations on farms, while doing nothing to help the other living creatures in the streets that speak English.

They give their administrators and lawyers big $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

Stop supporting these hacks.

They will eventually go after hunting as well. Then make it illegal to kill any living creature for food, making everyone eat beans and rice because they care not about you, they care only about themselves as it’s what is in their MINDS that they are acting on. They have stated that!

Then when the wild animals overrun their neighborhoods they will call animal control to abduct, cage, then kill them “humanely” while people die of starvation because it’s illegal to kill anything on planet Earth.

But you will still be able to bet on that horse and bet that they will be riding their high horses in their multi million dollar ranches because you love seeing them get rich while others suffer.

This is the world set up by Democrat hacks.


Sinead O’Conner says white people are disgusting

Apologized then said ‘I never wanna spend time with white people again’.



feature image of Sinead O’Connor By Pymouss [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons

MSNBC crew blocks handicapped parking at polling center

Remained there in the spaces with their garbage news reporting equipment even after they were told by disabled veteran that they should move it.

“’We’ll move in like three minutes. We’re going live. We’ve got a shot. We’re going live in like three minutes. We gotta do this,’ and we’re just like, ‘No. You have to move. It’s not right. You know it’s not right,'” is what the dude stated about having asked them to move their sorry asses out of the fucking handicapped zone.

Typical liberal behavior.


Jordan demands Israel RETURN land leased under 1994 peace treaty

So as world leaders demand what they had at one time back, I demand return of a part of my dick that was hacked off called foreskin.

HOW FUCKING DARE anyone cut off part of my most private part.

Maybe as Gavin Newsom wins governorship in California this will change, as Mayor of San Francisco he forbade circumcision, but stupid fool Gerry Brown as governor vetoed it.

I don’t remember this woman


The description on the website that sells the vape tank said “Themis Mesh RTA tank atomizer”.

RTA is Rebuildable Tank Atomizer.

There are 11 syllables used in the sales description.

There are 12 syllables used if we just say “Themis Mesh rebuildable tank atomizer”.

The time it takes for some to understand what RTA means is a lot of wasted time.

Time is money.

I am glad we are able to save energy and syllables and not money in the new Millennium in using acronyms, this gives us syllables to use for more important matters, like speaking endlessly about how women should believed (with no mention of men and no mention of how the horror of cutting off a part of a man’s dick is 1000 times worse than what any lying drama queen doctors can make up and get people to believe.

DEMONIC/RATS fake victim play

The Democrats failed their temper tantrum rants and their phony victim con game.

Leaders of the Demonic rat party ABUSED Dr. Ford.

They acted no different than cult leaders using and abusing their victims.

They pretend to the public that judges never get mad in their courtrooms while still being effective and unbiased.

They pretend that they themselves never get angry when attacked.

They are the biggest hucksters.

Their global warming without cooling is a farce.

Their drama is a bore.




WTF is mansplained

A new mellennial term I guess used in a sentence

“”Being mansplained and interrupted by the mayor on the hearing day, which is the worst possible day to speak over a young woman in a hearing,” Holstege commented on Twitter along with the hashtags #endmansplaining #EnoughIsEnough and 

First, it sounds TOTALLY/SEXIST.

Next, let’s see what the internet says, it knows everything and is very accurate:

Wikipedia states,

Mansplaining (a blend of the word man and the informal form splaining of the verb explaining) means “(of a man) to comment on or explain something to a woman in a condescending, overconfident, and often inaccurate or oversimplified manner”.[1][2][3][4] Author Rebecca Solnit ascribes the phenomenon to a combination of “overconfidence and cluelessness”.[5] Lily Rothman of The Atlantic defines it as “explaining without regard to the fact that the explainee knows more than the explainer, often done by a man to a woman”.[6]

Yes indeed it is sexist. It should be called humansplaining or personsplaining to not be sexist.

Apparently it’s a combination of “man” and “explaining” and it’s use appeared after a millennial felt the need to crunchmean a new word.

“Splain” has been used in Spain on the plain for 200 years and meant to explain condescending or verbose explainations. Then Rebecca Solnit wrote an essay “Men Explain Things To Me: Facts Didn’t Get In Their Way” which inspired the term mansplaining.

Again more proof that this is a sexist term.

Sexism is not new, in fact it’s become more prevalent than ever especially by women like Sandra Bullock and Ellen DeGenires who both laughed their asses off as they discussed Sandra’s face cream that contained Korean baby penis parts. They are disgusting, all sexism as such is disgusting.

Wikipedia on mansplaining

Womansplaining of course is the term used to explain the same thing but when women do it, of course there will NEVER/BE any of these liberal retard women using that term because they ARE/SEXIST.

Men will never use this term “womansplaining”. As soon as they do they will be “called out” for something, being insensitive or rude OR/SEXIST. They won’t be allowed to use that term. They will be boycotted if they do. Suddenly all sorts of FALSE/CLAIMS will be dug up and shot at them with AK-15’s instead of bullets which were banned due to them being offensive if they ever use the word “womansplaining”.

Wikipedia also stated, “Meghan Daum, in a 2015 LA Times article, wrote that “To suggest that men are more qualified for the designation than women is not only sexist but almost as tone deaf as categorizing everything that a man says as mansplaining.”[36]

I think I have blogsplained myself well enough on this.

Go fuck my blog.

Black women believe Kavanaugh

Diamond & Silk are popular conservative women voices in social media who see through the lies.

Now it’s DV and HT

The acronyms never end.

In a sentence they were used, a statement by someone commenting about Jeremy Piven’s telling an audience FUCK/YOU recently at a FUND/RAISER, “If you take any joke from any comic out of context it would look inappropriate but it wasn’t and at the end of the day he helped us raise over $500,000 to help victims of DV and HT.

I think DV is domestic violence and HT I have no clue. Oh it’s human trafficking, formerly known as prostitution.

I think it’s abusive to language to invent new terms to replace old ones that are well understood and to use acronyms to further CM.

CM is complicate matters.

African walk for cancer

Smiles and puppy dog dreams abound in the AIDS walks and the African walks for cancer.

Those smiles would become frowns and anger would certainly ensue if some group did a Caucasian walk for cancer.


Vandy Vape sucks

Never buy ANYTHING from Vandy Vape.

A Reddit user sent them his design for a RDA squonk or drip atomizer that has a unique “stove top” coil.

Obviously dude didn’t know anything about non-disclosure agreements.

They TOOK the design and made it. NO credit or money to the guy.

JaiHaze did a review on the product they call the Maze. Says it’s the worst thing ever made.


Another manufactured fake crisis now it’s opioids

Mostly these things all become illusionary crisises due to MEDIA/PUSH and political posturing.

The FAKE OPIOID CRISIS has had center stage now, HIV/AIDS is a bore in the news (has been for decade or so now).

Deaths from opioids have gone down but you would not know that listening to the liars on TV.

Now those who are living with severe chronic pain have had to attend rallies to cry for their medications, saying that some doctors won’t give it to them any more.

Most of them cannot even get out of the house to attend, they are now in too much pain again.

Many people live in small communities with one doctor in town, if that doctor caves, all the residents suffer.

Opioid pain relievers are extremely effective.

Dear Stupid President, please STOP THIS SCAM.

Opioid deaths are not because of prescriptions pills, it’s abuse of street drugs like heroin but many doctors are not interested in fighting, they just want to get their paychecks, pay their mortgages on their nice homes and such, and enjoy their time away from their business.


FUCK/ABC they are using these lies to kill off Roseanne Connor on the rebooted void of Roseanne remake of the remake of Roseanne using her as a pawn. Her character will die of prescription opioid pain killer abuse. Then during commercials they may show the wacked out kid vaping vegetable glycerine as if it’s causes crazed looks and actions which is a lie then gladly present teeth rotting immune system destroying sugar coated cereal ads.

reference this brochure from the website

Ismists now want God to be referred to as gender neutral

Even though the Bible says that God created MAN in HIS own IMAGE they are becoming frustrated with the church deeming God as a white male.

Of course they won’t be demanding this of the Negroid parts of the world where their image of God is black.

There are religions that also portray God as a woman, they surely will not go after those.

These groups are all abusive, targeting only white males.

They are full of themselves and can’t see beyond the log that’s in their own eyes.

They need the MALE/GOD’s forgiveness.

Female Bishops tell Rooks to move over and work with Knights and pawns to make the game better.

Loser wants to destroy the Electoral College

HILLARY/LOSER said the voting system that has been in place for hundreds of years should be abolished.

This is what LOSERS do when they lose, they come up with excuses, blame this or that, it’s more overwhelming proof that the country is so much better off without her.

She lied to the gay community saying she was going to vote FOR gay marriage when she was a Senator, she ended up voting NO. Because of that it had to wind slowly through the courts.

When I found that out that she voted NO first I was stunned (I had not been paying attention when that was happening years ago so it was news to me) she was toast. There was NO/WAY I was going to vote for anyone that claims to represent me that would lie to me that way. Anyone that would vote for someone who did that to they is either stupid, retarded, or hopelessly lost in a cunning sales pitchism daze.

There are some very sound logical and very important reasons the Electoral College is in place.

Take for example, Civil War starts in the United States, voting machines are down, votes cannot be tallied, how does the voting process continue when bombs are being dropped everywhere?

Here’s how, the representative of that district casts their vote directly to Washington DC, speaking for the people they govern.

For example, although Civil War might never happen, Los Angeles is very liberal, they always vote for the Democrat. Suddenly with only a 1.45 second warning (system that cost 100 million only warns that much) a catastrophic 8.5 earthquake hits, the BIG/ONE, there is not a building standing anywhere. There are no communications. It’s November 2020. The representative sends it’s Electoral Vote for the Democratic candidate to Washington via pony express. Vote is counted as for the Democrat because even though there is absolutely no way to count everyone’s vote, the candidate knows that it would have been Democrat.

You see these people like Hillary don’t care about telling people the truth of the Electoral College, that’s why Trump kept referring to Hillary as Lying Hillary. She lies and lies about VERY VERY important matters. Trump lies about small stuff like salesmen do.

The public saw this and voted for the dynamic one who wasn’t a career politician.

It’s too bad that many of these whinists don’t understand this.

This brings us to the Russian meddling claims which are absurd because Hillary won the popular vote.

Russians, Shmussians, nor Prussians and no other group was able to change the electoral vote of Los Angeles, which was Democrat. If there was meddling or peddling wouldn’t they work on the Electoral Votes?

Think about this, if Russians were meddling we would have seen the Electoral vote for Los Angeles go to Trump. The whole entire concept of meddling is the stupidest thing ever but when BAD/LOSERS have big egos, they come up with all sorts of excuses, then when one sticks they run with it.

And there’s no evidence, just like blaming a harmless “passenger” virus for immune deficiency which has thousands of causes, blaming one country for “meddling” thus changing an outcome of an election where the loser is a loser already (never had their own TV show – that’s what makes winners) is absurd. Not one shred of evidence, yet America does it to other countries all the time, with many shreds, making up a fabric of meddling so large it could cover the Earth like the atmosphere does where the space station lies. Meddling accusers like all liberals can be spotted galaxies away because they ignore these obviousisms.


It used to be that being nit picky was a sin. Now its the rage.

Ism this ism that there isnt and ism anymore that isnt annoying the hell out of everyone and creating division and strife.

It used to be that people accepted each others differences.

Don’t forgive and never forget

That’s the motto inscribed on the deepest depths of the minds of the letters #meetoo #you3 and @neverforgive.

It’s a sad state of affairs.

Most every religion of the world teaches forgiveness.

The religion of social media does not forgive.

It’s Satanic, torturing it’s victims for eternity.

It’s filled with hate.


Where’z the beef¿

The woman “ran out of gas” she says on the highway and a homeless man gave her $20.

She “was so pleased” at his self-less-ness that she set up a go fund me page.

Now it seems a year later that she and her pal seem to have gone and funded themselves, that’s the allegation and the homoless dude seems to have a lawyer who says the money is gone, all $400k that was collected from good people who were touched by the televized and internetized story.

When I first hear this sob story a year ago, listening to Kate McClure tell it, I had a sick feeling in my stomach.

That was because I ate too much sugar which for some reason does not contain WARNING: labels.

I did not trust her. I heard her tell her story again on other interviews, something was amiss. I felt like it was a con game, too unbelievable, seemed set up though the homeless guy seemed real.

Now they missed the deadline to provide the judge an accounting of where all the money went, they are in contempt.

The dude’s lawyer says that Kate McClure and Mark D’Amico have a new BMW and have taken trips to Las Vegas.

I would guess that’s where the money went.

Go fund me says they will cover the money lost so reports NPR.

I am often very suspicious of those who go public with their stories when there seems to always be money flow involved.

This happened with the Holocaust In Virology (HIV) early daze in it’s hysterical founding. It’s so much harder though to prove something amiss with viruses though as no one can see them. Testing doesn’t even see them yet the liars in the industry keep claiming it does. It’s a stretch how they define it but it’s obvious to those who understand how deceit works in channeling psychic energy.

CBD oil con games

Reading up on the “health benefits” of CBD oil which is outrageously expensive, one sees a statement like this quite often:

“CBD is rich in phytonutrients”. I thought this sounded so exotic, I don’t get phytonutrients from food, or do I?

Marketing geniuses use this word to deceive. All it means is plant nutrients.

Phyto is a greek word that means plant.

The reality is, minus the marketing hype, is that you are paying $68,000 a pound for plant nutrients that you can get in broccoli for $1.77 a pound.




I got an email warning me of new vape products listed on a vaping website and that the email contained nicotine and that it is addictive. I tried warning them of my thoughts in a response but these stupid “smart” spam prevention algorithms (a fancy name for a calculation program) sent it back claiming it was something it was not. My email response was born that way and I felt my email was not being treated equal.

Here is what I wrote:


Thank you for warning me in numerous ways about things, including informing me of sales and new products. I hope you had a wonderful holiday. I am a new vaper and love browsing your website and hope to buy at some point. I was just looking at your NEW section but see the same things I have seen there before, so I don’t know how to find the “100 items added”. It would be cool if those new items would be in order with the newest on top. Maybe those are the latest in order? I have seen them many times already though.

I am also looking for a BEER flavor ejuice. Not root beer, just alcohol type beer. If you have that or know where I can find it please let me know. 🙂

WARNING: This reply contains pixels that are addictive.

WARNING: Caffeine is also addictive yet I was not warned when I made a brew this morning prior to consuming 129 cups.

WARNING: Most people already know that e-mail is addictive so warnings about them containing nicotine are pointless.

WARNING: It’s time to warn people of how corrupt the FDA can be as they do not put warnings on tooth rotting hormone unbalancing sugar infused children’s cereal or on cooking oils that create oil slicks that damage cells worse than Gulf oil spills damage wildlife and fish, yet they force that on vapers regarding a chemical that never rotted a single tooth or blood cell in the name of “protecting public health” which leaves an unpleasant aroma of a rat.

This play on warnings is because the FDA is being inconsistent in forcing vaping suppliers and manufacturers with providing warnings on everything they make and sell. It’s absurd, an abuse of power, unfairly targeting the poor, lumping cigarettes in with a completely different product called vaping, and I suspect it’s because they are trying to keep their jobs as vaping is killing the cigarette industry and the taxes those generate, and if they don’t do something their jobs will be toast.


feature image used with permission is by Vojtech Okenka of someone vaping not smoking, vaping is harmless

Cult leader invites Beto O’Rourke on her show

To push the kneel ajenda even further she’s having him as a guest to celebrate and discuss why it’s so great to RESIST standing at attention when the national anthem is played at football games.

Hey Ellen why stop there. Let’s teach kids to resist listening to their parents, following instructions of their teachers, and whenever a cop tells them something to do just the opposite. Let’s go to the Ellen show and kneel instead of stand and see how far that goes before being thrown out of there.

Yea that’s being a great gay icon you hypocrite.

Fuck you Ellen. You owe all men an apology for making fun of babies, boys, teens, and adults who have had their dicks hacked, put into a face cream that is wiped all over SanDra Bullock’s face, a guest you had there as you all laughed at how funny that was.

Fuck you Ellen you are no icon to men especially gay men who’s lives were changed forever having their most private parts mamed.

You Ellen are sexist, rude, and insensitive.

You have such influence, you could have put this to use to help men, instead you made it a joke.


Stop telling children it’s OK to come out, it’s not

He entered 4th grade and after his mom said “I still love you” when he timidly came out to her, then he came out to his classmates. Did not go well.

He killed himself after being taunted.

So let’s look at this. I get real pissed when I hear our so called LGBTQ leeders push this coming out crap.

Hate, which is what was thrown at this poor kid who came out to his classmates, is like a rock, it sits all by itself not harming anyone, yet it’s harmful when thrown. It’s cannot be controlled with laws when haters decide to hate anyway.

Liberal retards like some of our gay community leeders who are “resisters” and gun control freaks, will push and push and push until they get their way with taking away constitutional rights to own a gun, and pushing homos to come out. Their self absorbed idea that they are doing good makes them feel like they won the war then, like had happened when they made new laws making hate a crime, and yet with all their wins, this kid killed him self anyway.

How could this happen, the leeders stated repeatedly they won. Their new laws would fix these problems.

His blood is on them in a sense.

LGBTQ/LEEDERS also have blood on their hands as they destroyed the lives of many of my friends who bought the lie of killer viruses.

The did what they were told, take HIV drugs or you will die.

They died, because the drugs killed them.


reference story on this terrible suicide can be read in full on Yahoo!

Democratic Socialist Julia Salazar claims to be an immigrant, but she was born in Miami

Fails background check!

Florida gun control measures failed to stop gaming shooting

“After Parkland, the state of Florida adopted waiting periods for long gun purchases, raised the minimum age for long gun purchases to 21, and empowered police to seize firearms via gun confiscation orders. These gun controls all came at the behest of gun controllers and not one of them prevented the attack in Jacksonville.”

Yet it doesn’t stop the liberal retard sociopaths from blaming Donald Trumps wife for it.

reference story at

The r ending word


Oops mee did that too

Turns out the woman who accused Harvey Weinstein of bla bla bla is being accused of the same thing.


She sexually assaulted a teenager in a hotel room and paid him off to the toon of a $380,000 to keep quiet.

Well well well.

reference details at Yahoo News

FBI fires Strzok after anti-Trump texts


This guy did not appear to be “unbiased” one bit.

The swamp drains.

read story at The Hill

FDA and molecules

The news read that a certain brand of almond milk was being recalled because it might contain milk, an known allergen.

This is basically because companies will use the same processing equipment that is used to package milk in cartons, and they might contain traces of milk, like one or two molecules. When it’s three they issue a warning.

This news comes after FDA takes public input on their desire to force almond milk makers to stop labeling it milk.

I smell another rat molecule.


feature image of Blue Jay stealing milk by Skitterphoto – does anyone remember when words were not pushed together?

Fucking the jungle

When a boss is worth $143 billion dollars and an employee that becomes disabled at work has to live in her car and is offered a pittance for a “buyout” with non-disclosure, why would anyone support this company.

They supported states collecting sales tax for online sales because they know that the small internetpreneur will be crushed like the bookstores they put out of business first.

Wake up people. Stop buying from them.

Do you really need to be a part of destroying the world? Internet businesses rely on computers being on 24 hours a day FOREVER.

This should alarm climate kooks but no what do they do they sit on their computers all day buying things.


feature image of a part of the Amazon that is not yet touched by Amazon is by

David Riaño Cortés and you can see more of his works at that link

Equality is unfair

“What’s the point of a man working all his live if all he’s going to get is equal.” – Archie Bunker in discussion about women’s pay

In the discussion Archie says to Gloria and everyone “You wouldn’t want to see a woman managing the Mets would you”.

Gloria loved the idea.

Archie then he turns to Michael (Gloria’s husband played by flaming liberal Rob Reiner) and says “Right Meathead?”

Michael has a perplexed look on his face, and says he needs to think about that.

This episode was a great one done in the 1970’s when cameras were still so we could focus in on the characters expressions.

Today filming is all over the place, like cameramen are drunk or high.

Keeping themselves rich

All the participants in the West Nile Virus scam saw spot run.

As seen on google news July 26, 2018.

They claim it’s $afe.


Shasha Cohen tried to pull stunt on gun store in Riverside, failed

Came in with disguise, the store owner called him out, knew it was fake, realized who it was, told the shithead to get the fuck out.


Demanding apologies stadium

The Papa John’s Pizza man used the HYPERSENSITIVE WORD.

Because he is a Caucasion it’s not ok, not only is it not ok, it’s considered hateful even though it’s context was not hateful in any way.

That is racist.

He commented that Kernel Sanders used it and didn’t get canned.

That is an observation. Observations are not hate.

Stadiums took the Papa John’s name down. Schools took the name and picture of the man off the walls of fame.

Apologies were demanded.

Money donated was kept of course.

As per one commenter, the thing is “those who demand an apology from you will never be satisfied with any apology that you make.”

This is all liberals have these days.

So the Caucasian says “I was once called a “cracker” by a black man who proceeded to tell me to go back to my “white trash trailer!” Why wasn’t his life destroyed?!”

read and learn

Jail decided for speeder on the flip of a coin reported that the woman was stopped for speeding and “wreckless driving” because of wet pavement after she sped past the officers cruiser.

There were no previous arrests or tickets.

They used their phone app to make a “phone call” meaning that they used a “flip of the coin” app to call heads or tails.

How’s that for public service.

The speeder lost that call and she went to jail.

It was the local television news reporting agency that uncovered this and informed the speeder.

The officers were fired.

Have to wonder how many other things like this has happened on a routine basis before body cams.

When I see this I think of how massively more difficult it is to prove that HIV science is just like this, a flip of the fucking coin app.

Thus claims can be made and sold with no repercussions even as the holocaust ensues.

Hoo cares about people with disabilities not libtards

They float around touting how we must not hurt anyone with a disability’s feelings then they snatch their straws from them in restaurants.

This is the kind of behavior school bullies exhibit.

Being liberal is an art.

Fuck your straw ban. Fuck your bag ban.

Politicians of course say “Oh we care about you everything will be fine, just leave it to us, we will carve out exceptions, that will take care of everything”.

The disabled say “Fuck you. You always say that crap. Now we have to carry plastic straws with us when we go places, that is if they are still even available anywhere on the planet. Oh the businesses can provide flexible straws for the disabled you say. So now I have to ask for a flexible straw and I have to show my disabled card as for sure I will encounter some stupid barista that will be afraid of losing his job if he doesn’t card me. What bullshit. Oooooooo we have to save the oceans. I see oceans still there. They throw up straws. Big deal. Make my life more miserable so you can feel good about yourself. That’s just great.”

read and learn

Never Trumpers humiliated again

The definition of insanity is when you keep bashing your head against the wall over and over and never stop.

Liberals not only keep bashing their heads against the wall they drive their cars through it and expect to get where they are going.

Trump is a wall hon.

read and learn


Trump will drop to his knees, blow, swallow says the suck shit

That’s what Kathy Griffin the lamest old fart comedienne that exists said about the President regarding Turkey’s new president.

So I take it that’s a put down.

Ok thanks Kathy suck shit, you have just insulted all LGBTQ+s.

There is nothing wrong with or less equal than getting on knees and blowing, it’s something she probably do as well, or does she suck cunts.

Regardless, the intent is to some how put him down.

Very bad Kathy. We expect an apology. We find your humor abusive and offensive.

“LGBTQ is a hate crime against God. Repent”

The church had “LGBTQ is a hate crime against God. Repent” on their changeable trailer sign out front.

It appears now they have vacated the building.

They seem to have been evicted.


STAR/BUCKS to provide gender cutting surgeries to all employees

OMG time do dump Starbucks coffee.

learn more with Milo

Public shaming revival

I was aghast when I learned as a kid that Jehovah’s Witnesses used this on their members.

Now it’s the norm in Twitterized “smart” society.

Public shaming. It used to be in public squares. Then we grew up.

It used to be kids sitting in the corner with dunce caps. Then we grew up.

Now the dumb behavior is from the people who think they’re being smart by public shaming.

read and study as most people just react and are Twits


PrEP is nothing more than what they give people who “have HIV”

I just found out that PrEP is not a different drug than those prescribed for treating HIV, it’s the same. PrEP is just a new trademarked name for Truvada.

Oh my Gawd, this is disgusting. It’s DECEIT in the worst way I have ever seen.

Look at page 7 of this 106 page document on the FDA website.

Truvada = PrEP

Truvada = treatment once you “get HIV”

Children separated from parents syndrome – CSFPS

While the nutjob attention getters go protesting and all their drama over the 2000 kids that only a portion of those were separated from their parents at the border BECAUSE THEY WERE FUCKING ILLEGAL ALIENS and broke our laws and it’s done for safety of the kids because to protect them, they ignore the millions of other kids separated.

“Some 430,000 children were in the foster care system in 2016, many of whom are prohibited from any parental contact, and the vast majority are in the system due to neglect.”

“A staggering 5.1 million children have had a parent incarcerated over their lifetime, and children of color are more likely to be separated from their parent because of incarceration.”

Read the Washington Examiner.

IMGAY encourages people  to HELP those suffering from CSFPS, those people who are so deranged they have to keep talking about things that are trivial in comparison to what all the good US citizens are going through who they could care less about unless it can be a bandwagon topic to babble about. Talk to them about CSFPS. Take them to a CSFPS counseling center. Get them CSFPS medications.

Trump hater, delusional, not funny “comedienne” compares his kid to herpes

Michelle Wolf compared Ivanka Trump to “vaginal mesh” and “herpes” during the latest episode of her Netflix show “The Break.”

This is enough reason to boycott Netflix, cause the show  to be cancelled, otherwise people should just cancel Netflix.

“Now is not the time to be hinged,” she said before declaring that she disagrees with calls for “civility.”

That’s one sick disgusting piece of shit. That’s an outright attack on family members for no good reason.

Likely her show will not be cancelled though. Woman can do what they want while if a man gets accused for even looking at a woman twice and it “makes them feel uncomfortable” their shows are cancelled, and if a fat comedienne who mistakenly makes a joke that people mistakenly perceive as having been done purposely with racist nastiness intent, they lose the best show on television. Where are these self absorbed feminists on that?

What a stupid society of liberal freaks.

These Democrats are sick. Keep it up, it will guarantee Republicans win.

Talk about abusive behavior. Michelle Wolf is an abuser.

Delete Netflix.

Unhinged Democrats think they are funny, they are sad sick jokes

Brian Krassenstein said her statement was “comic gold”. Another liberal mess.

Here’s what the Netflix page looks like now when I log in. When I see this I feel like puking.

When someone intentionally refers to a woman as herpes that is unforgivable.

What Roseanne did while on drugs is forgivable as any sane individual would believe her, she has never displayed any racisim ever and repeatedly stated she thought Valerie Jared was white.

Oh and Sara Gilbert, she’s puke. She threw Roseanne under the bus.


feature image presents Michelle Wolf on stage in 2016 and is by Erin Nekervis

Hitler & Trump

Stupid people are comparing Trump to Hitler. They watch too much TV.

Hitler killed 6 million Jews, a religion that routinely hacks off penis skin from babies dicks that now we find out finds it’s way into Sandra Bullock’s face cream where women now find it funny to laugh about with Ellen and other degenerates.

Some say Hitler killed only 6,000 of these “hacking babies dicks is Godly” believers, claiming with reference and logic that the stories are exaggerated.

Who would ever exaggerate stories where there are no records of exact calculations! There are various reports. There is no way to verify so many of the accounts.

To question those numbers or question any story about the Holocaust that is other than the official version is illegal in some countries.

It’s also highly offensive. The gay flag colors on the White House making it a Rainbow House was also offensive.

There remains a horror regarding the Holocaust In Virology that killed my friends with prescription holocaust medicines.

No one screams about the foreskin holocaust that continues this very moment and is sanctioned by various governments including the United States.

Both Hitler & Trump are said to be in/heading for HELL while baby penis skin gets hacked off and gleefully put onto Sandra Bullocks’ and other sexist women’s faces.

That is real.

HIV and HELL do not exist.

We even have Christians preachers clearing up this matter who stated the following at a funeral:

“‘Is he (the young man who passed) going to Hell? Did he accept Jesus as his …?’ See, y’all have been sold a lie. You’ve been bamboozled. All that stuff is a fairytale. To believe in Hell means you have to believe in Santa Claus. I don’t care how you cut [it]. Hell is an imaginary place. And I was told that if anything that does not have an explanation must be imagination,” Rogers declared.

To believe in HELL you have to believe in HIV transmitted by Santa Clause.

I’m glad we could have this talk.

Forced fees

Obama care had as an important foundation of making it work FORCED FEES. Everyone had to buy insurance or pay a minimum FORCED FEE.

Democrats applauded it.

That changed in the courts recently, forced fees no more. Democrats were aghast saying it was necessary. They say it will collapse. They said this was BAD.

Now we have the unions for government employees. They also claimed they had to have forced fees in order for them to work just like health care.

The courts also struck that forced fee down as not constitutional. Democrats are in the news hailing this as GOOD.

People who do this kind of crap are hypocrites and liars. The two things are the very same principle.

This is how Democrats work. They are desperate to get people to their side all they do is lie. Logic is not their priority.

They also spread lies about particles smaller than dust being more powerful than a speeding bullet.

When presented with logical arguments that shoot their views down they refuse to acknowledge they were seriously in error ALL THESE 34 POSITIVE YEARS.

There is no such thing as a virus that only travels on dicks and needles unless there is a virus that travels on dicks and needles and needles.

Needles that belong to mosquitoes, syringes, and dicks inject HIV into everyone they poke, the same way that unicorns poke people.

HIV is an utter fantasy.

All children are created in the image of God

That is what the rabbi said in the fascinating interview regarding the lack of FORGIVENESS of Roseanne.

Americans and world wideans are relishing in self absorbSHUN after totally trashing this WOMAN who has been a great comedienne, mother, activist, artist, and so many things and simply made an error in judgement. I mean like really it was a fucking tweet. People have become too full of themselves using the old high school and grade school childish trick of putting people down to make themselves feel up.

And about this other image thing, why is it that those male children in the Jewish faith have part of their dicks hacked off routinely without the child’s permission? Who on Gods Green CO2 filled Earth would you want to change the image of God in his children unless of course this is a mechanism of control and abuse. When are these Jews going to be called out for this foreskin holocaust?

feature image by Oleksandr Pidvalnyi

Toxic female sexuality

Who isn’t sick of this “toxic male sexuality” craze pushed by females.

A movie at the Palm Springs Short Festival was about this topic. I am glad I missed it. I find that making movies on “toxic male sexuality” is abusive.

Instead, I wish I would have seen “Fauve”. It has won many awards at various festivals.

It is about the questioning of one’s sexuality. It can relate to everyone. It’s not bastardizing male sexuality which has many forms. It wasn’t abusive to men.

It played on June 23, 2018 and the website states this about it:

“two boys sink into a seemingly innocent power game with Mother Nature as the sole observer”

Who better to observe male sexuality than a female.

feature image from