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Mandatory free health care checkups for IEAs

Since the liberal mania took hold with blaming Homeland Security for the death of 2 children that were brought hundreds of miles in cold December weather where pneumonias happen all the time, a new policy was implemented, to check everyone, which will cost us even more money on Illegal Entry Aliens (IEA).

Of course “if it helps even one child be saved”, as Oprah and other liberal hucksters have stated when they frequently pull on heart strings, “It will all be worth it”.

Worth it for them because all they care about how it helps themselves in things like ratings for TV shows or their foundations that get donations or merely so they feel like they are better than the President.

I will believe that as soon as they send their money to pay for all the extra costs.

Thing is, these children were sick because of their journey, their being poor, not having enough food, eating heavy fried tamales when they should be having tofu, so they arrived sick, and the border patrol had already done what they could to help by taking the children to hospitals already.

So once again we have an implementation of TMOR (Too Many Overactive Rules).

Martina Navratilova is against having a penis and competing as a woman

She quickly deleted a series of Twits after being ATTACKED BY THE FUCKING RETARDS IN THE LGBTQWERTY COMMUNITY that are into bashing anyone who disagrees with their unreasonable RESIST/STAY/CONSTIPATED agendas.

The avid tennis player stated, “Having a penis and calling yourself a woman doesn’t mean you can compete against women”.

I can understand her deleting them after reviewing them in a variety of contexts of reason.

One being that it can be read the wrong way where it looks maybe you are saying that men can’t compete against women, and other varieties of perception, and since she is an icon of many a lesbian, gay, QWERTY, and other groups of people, it’s just not in her interest to play the politics game since she’s a pro at tennis, not politics.

She at first stood by her Twits defending her position WHICH MAKES PERFECT SENSE AND IS WHAT i WROTE HERE.

Now any of you ready to FAT SHAME MY LARGE FAT TYPE, fuck off and go kiss an otter.


L – Liberty

G – Guns

B – Beer

T – Trump

You’re welcome!

Stupidity in the world reaches higher depression than ever

There have been many reports about how words like woman and man need to be replaced with “person” or GENDER/NEUTRAL terms so as “not to offend” or cause anyone group to be perceived as better than another.

I THINK/STINK all these gender specific attacks, which has now most recently become a full on massacre of words is due to lack of anger control.

It’s also caused by a lack of thinking things through and too much rapid fire acting on unstable emotion. People should be calling for emotion control. Governments should be enacting new laws on emotion control.

People who commit suicide act out behavior like what we see today with word suicide and word killings.

This also happens when people go out and ruthlessly harm the words of others. My words are my words, don’t you ever tough or harm my words.

In this weeks episode of “Word Annihilation” we see that The British Army says they will no longer be using “gender specific” terms such as infantryman or gunman.

Look at the 3 words below.


#3 is the new acceptable stupid term

#2 has woman in it

#1 has man in it

In language we often shorten things as much as possible to save having to go through the arduous task of forming syllables, moving out tongues and mouths for one more syllable gets to be just too much for us so we shorten things, like as is done with acronyms like BLGT.

Both of the first two “old terms” shown above that will not be allowed any more have MAN in it. It’s natural to shorten a term so it’s been always “infantryman” to make it simple and generic.

In reality and not this world of unicorns and fairy tales of “correctness” the English language dictates by all means that words like this are not gender specific at all.

I don’t expect any brainwashed correcter to understand this.

One thing to notice though in our society today is how different it is from yesteryear. It used to be the correcting ones grammar was something the old school teacher did, the one that would annoy everyone with correcting their grammar. Even in the 1970’s we see examples of this when Carol Brady corrects one of her kids with their grammar and how bothersome that is when people do that.

Thing is, today we have people correcting things where what they are doing is incorrect.

Using the term gunman or postman is the shortened version of postwoman or gunwoman.

Funny, I never once heard anyone call for the term gunwoman to be used in language “to be correct”.

Think about that.

So in the British way now we learn they are going with INFANTEER as the generic way to describe infantry people.

Sounds like infant.

That’s such a fantastic improvement.



TOC seems to have gotten a bit mixed up

Tesla has long been hailed like Hitler for creating “clean cars” that help save the world to the tune of millions of subsidies in Tax Payer Dollars (TPD).

The Ocasio-Cortez (TOC) has slammed Tesla. She’s talking just like a conservative financier in stock markets, saying that taxpayers are not getting a return on their investment.

Cure for HIV in sight

World AIDS Day ushered in yet another of 7,098,153,520,356 claims that there would be a cure for HIV coming soon to a theater near you even though theaters don’t exist anymore than HIV does…..WELL they ARE hard to find like HIV anyway.

HIV does not exist. You cannot find a cure for something that does not exist. If you want to say it exists as a label sure it exists, but the definition of this label is so wacky it’s like believing that unicorns exist because they look like horses and horses exist.



I found this here in looking for gay dating sites.

She’s a Christian photographer and can not be forced to photograph fags like us

Good for her and other artists like her.

I am not into forcing people into taking my picture. Apparently some control freaks are into this kind of force though in the wacky BLT+Q community.

Fuck that.

The way she gets around the new “equality” laws is she does not have a storefront.


So called FAANG stocks took a dump.

Yet we look at the table which shows what these are, and there’s no G.

G used to be Google which is now Alphabet.

Is it really that hard to change this? Is this to avoid confusion?




feature image snap from investopedia 11/19/2018 at 12 33 pm pt

America’s 1st 2nd Amendment Sanctuary City

Loren Culp Republic Police Chief says he will not enforce local gun laws because the US Constitution forbids him to interfere with citizen’s rights.

2ndASC’s will be popping up everywhere.

LGBT wrongthink

Ah there’s a new one, WRONG/THINK.

Good way to describe HIV/AIDS but it’s used to describe a candidate for public office that would be elected who would “not be suitable” because of the way they think about those who are not straightsexual.

Pelosi thinks her challenger is wrong on BLTw/G issues.

Human Rights Campaign hammered her Fudge’s record as she was a handful who voted against a nationwide law against BLTw/G rights.

I will have to study this more.

Activists in the oddsexual community are not always correct with their assertions as a bill can be voted against for good reasons. The bill might contain protection for oddsexuals but it may also contain things that are undesirables.



Former football player is marrying his boyfriend


Jeff Rohrer is H.

New term – HBTQ.

Using L for lesbian and G for gay in the same acronym is ridiculously incorrect as gay includes lesbians so it’s either GBTQ or HBTQ.

LGBTQ is stupid.

H is for homo.



So many people are ageist and could give two shits about it

They slam racism, genderism, religionism, LGBTQWERTYISM, and other isms, but when it comes to age, the self absorbed boast of being young and trash those who are old.

So a guy is petitioning the government to take 20 years off his “legal age” just like how some people take off their cocks to become what they want whereas government then legally recognizes that they are no longer a man but instead a woman, even though they were never born that way.


Perez Hilton agrees ending BC is GFTC

Says he’s gay and despises Donald Trump but agrees with one of the most fundamental things he ran on to be elected as President of the United States, ending “birthright citizenship” is Good For The Country.


Elizabeth “Pokahontas” Warren’s DNA/TEST shows she could be Mexican, Peruvian, or Columbian


“In other words, all Warren’s DNA test really proves is that she might be 1/64 to 1/1024 Mexican, Peruvian, or Colombian.” is what’s stated deeply buried in the Boston Globe story.

Cherokee Nation stated that current DNA/TESTS “do not even distinguish whether a person’s ancestors were indigenous to North or South America” and “What’s more, while some tribes are willing to accept 1/16 ancestry, they are not willing to do so through unreliable DNA tests.”

So however the fake news stations are going to SPIN/IT or in other words lie about it, she’s not part Indian as she has repeatedly claimed.

full story


It’s become clear that liberals now suffer from Kavanaugh Appointment Derangement Syndrome.

I first noticed evidence of this reading a Breitbart article that states that a Marvel Comics writer was fired for an expletive laden rant.

The dude that’s now fired Twitted this about Republicans:

“Winter is coming, you callous fucknecks, you prolapsed assholes, you grotesque monsters, you racists and rapists and wretched abusers, you vengeful petty horrors.”

*That new retarded acronym (all acronyms are retarded) is pronounced like AIDS, the “A” is long vowel.



I have looked at probably 10,000 different vape products now from RTA’s to RDA’s to mods to kits to pod systems, to wires to coils to juices to rules and regulations and this new one by VooPoo called the VFL is THE winner in design and portability. You can buy them here.


feature image of Voopoo VFL snapshot from their website


The description on the website that sells the vape tank said “Themis Mesh RTA tank atomizer”.

RTA is Rebuildable Tank Atomizer.

There are 11 syllables used in the sales description.

There are 12 syllables used if we just say “Themis Mesh rebuildable tank atomizer”.

The time it takes for some to understand what RTA means is a lot of wasted time.

Time is money.

I am glad we are able to save energy and syllables and not money in the new Millennium in using acronyms, this gives us syllables to use for more important matters, like speaking endlessly about how women should believed (with no mention of men and no mention of how the horror of cutting off a part of a man’s dick is 1000 times worse than what any lying drama queen doctors can make up and get people to believe.



You figure it out. Maybe it’s a new disease. Maybe it’s an old one. Maybe it’s old and new.

After all that’s what they make you do with “HIV/AIDS” which is the “new definition cause for the same old diseases”.

HIV/AIDS is like saying that car crashes are caused by rain when it’s actually caused by slipping. The rain does not cause the crash, it causes the pavement to be slippery like SLIPPERY/SCIENCE causes all sorts of declarations to be made that are false/allegations.

HIV does not cause the AIDS, just like the rain does not cause the crash.

What is labeled HIV is not even harmful. Just like rain is not harmful.

I suppose when rain gets all bunched up together like activist behavior it can cause harm, but there is no bunching up of virus named HI as they couldn’t even find it in the blood with any test to this day, all they ever find is RANDOM antibodies. Finding antibodies is like finding hospitals in a rain storm, it’s even like finding hospitals in a tidal wave.

What was that sound, we just heard HIV/SCI/FIENCE crash.

Gee what could have caused that.

The diseases that were named “caused by the human immune deficiency virus” back in Orewellian 1984, yes really it was in 1984, all had other causes. The label acquired immune deficiency syndrome was a new label that lumped together 28 different diseases that all have different causes, suddenly supposedly all caused by one thing, which anyone with a brain would say MAKES/NO/SENSE.

Josh Dawsey compared SCN to HW

SCN/ Supreme Court Pick

HSB/ Harvey Weinstein

See how much better it is with acronyms.


Chick-Fil-A feeds hurricane refugees, denies service to gays

Just kidding about the denial, but this is what a gay run business might do after losing the GWC* baking wars, they would tell the straights to go away. They would discriminate based on whether or not they were discriminated against.

There is so much hypocrisy in the gay community.

Whoops there go my advertisers due to boycotts.


Actually they even opened on Sunday, a break from their tradition.

*GWC is Gay Wedding Cake


Please speak English

Before we build a wall and make anyone entering our country (USA) Congress must make a law that bans acronyms or before long our police will be telling people to SOIWS and F and GDOTG as commands and FUCKING/OBVIOUSLY on one will understand what they are saying.

They called Apple’s iPhone the MVP in the stock market.

I had to look this up. The fucking acronym means most valuable player.

I understand how these acronyms save precious syllables so that you have more time to sit on your fucking device or count your millions your $10,000 dollar investement in Apple is now worth on your iPhone, but please, speak legibly or we will have a communication crisis worse than ever, in which case we will have to spend more time on our devices interpreting all this crap.

SOIWS – Stop Or I Will Shoot

F – Freeze

GDOTGN – Get Down On The Ground Now

Marketing HIV

You can have the most incredible product, better than anything by leap years, and galaxies, but if you label it in such a way that it invokes FEAR/TERROR or other negative emotions including death, you might not sell a single item.

Take for example a new electric car that is 1/10th the cost of any other, charges 3 times faster, drives 600 miles at 65 mph at minimum on one full charge, and does your taxes for you, if you label it HIV you won’t sell a single one. Call the car a Virus and it won’t sell either. Call it HIV/AIDS and they couldn’t pay you to even sit in one.

It doesn’t matter what you do to try to sell it, no one will buy it without the right name. The name doesn’t change the physical properties of what was manufactured and assembled, the name only changes the wiring in the brain.

It shows how the human mind cannot get past certain associations. Humans have associated the letters HIV with terror, infections that come from sex that cannot be gotten rid of, death, misery, prejudice, and a billion other negative things.

HIV is a belief system much like religion. It is religion. HIV is treated like Satan himself.

Like with religion, they tell you to go to confession, tell them you had dirty sex, and believe that you are smaller than and have to follow a certain doctrine in order to find some salvation.

For me, they couldn’t pay me a billion dollars to take HIV drugs and they couldn’t pay me a TRILLION to take a HIV test. To do so would require selling my soul and that is priceless.



Never apologize to the left

So says a friend of Roseanne.

In an interview she stated, “(T)hey would put me in the same box where they have people who call for the death of all Jews and want to enslave all black people. [The same box as] real racists that actually exist,” she said. “They put me in a box with them. And how do they think that’s gonna affect me? They don’t think. They’re under mind control.”

So are those who believe HIV causes 26 different diseases that all had different very complex causes before a new label came along to put those diseases into a cute little box called AIDS.

HIV/AIDS makes no sense what-so-ever-after.

I would never apologize to the left for my understanding of HIV/AIDS and it’s lunacy.

The spinoff that ABC has coming next month features Roseanne being killed off.

This new series called “The Conners” will not last. Who gives a flying fuck about the Connor family without Roseanne. Mostly the looky loos curious to see what they will do, the die hard liberal retards, and those curious ones won’t come back after one or two episodes.

There is no way they would get 18 million viewers either like they did when “Roseanne” remake was first aired. Lucky if they get 2 million.

FCC should kill off ABC and replace it with a network named “Roseanne”.


Jewtropolis, NY


The hackers renamed maps of New York City (note I am not acronymizing the city name) Jewtropolis.

For some odd reason there is backlash.

They claim it’s anti-semitism. What? What is semitism?

Oh my bosses say it’s being anti Jew. Is that anti Jerusalem? Or is that anti Jewish wherever they live?

If so none of that makes any sense. Naming a map Jewish is just making a statement of what is perceived, lots of Jewish live there.

It’s sorta like calling an area of downtown Los Angeles Koreatown, just sorta as with Koreatown it’s actually a designated racist place that the city of Los Angeles approves naming that way. There are thousands of others like this all over the country.

Then if we look around the world we see all sorts of names designating race, Africa is one – African – France is another – French.

Why is it when Jewish neighborhoods are labeled Jewish they get upset?

It’s not like naming the neighborhood what would be actually offensive, “Penishackers”.


image snapshot of google news 8/31/2018 at about 6:04 am pt


United Kingdom says vaping is 99% healthier than smoking

In the United States our leeders who lead us around like leading horses with carrot flavored fake carrots on a stick say that vaping is harmful. They also have different standards of measure regarding “finding HIV”, the tests are different, you can be positive in the US and be negative in London.


Who’s correct? Who keeps electing these people? Maybe kingdoms are better. Who decided to revolt against Britain anyway? Wasn’t me and it seems we have tons more taxes after we threw tea in the Boston Harbor that make the kings here rich.

So in presenting a view on vaping juice this guy uses fuck a lot in explaining how fucking great one vaping ejuice product is and how fucking wrong it is for government to make such claims against vaping fuckily.


Auto Immune Diseases (AID), it’s got that added lower case “s” on it when it’s plural (more than one). That’s the new thing in the world of acronymania.

The Definition Syndrome (DS) that nit picky altered science dumps on us routinely like traffic stops and rain had sex with DN (Disease Naming) and it reproduced babies called CS (Category Syndromes).

One of these days I have to show you more effectively how categorization of diseases work$.

So the football player gets AID. Not AIDS, AID.

Under that    B  R  O  A  D    category “Auto Immune Disease” is the disease called

Guillain-Barré Syndrome (a rapid onset of muscle weakness)

That happens when you get the FLU.

So “what he’s got” is not a disease, it’s a syndrome.

So he has AID/GBS.


The entire point of all of this is, besides the noble attempt to provide relief or cure, is to categorize for new drug$.

With that comes COMPETITION.

In the sport of making new drugs and creating names for selves enters deceit and greed.

That is how we got HIV/AIDS which when you look at what it really is by definition, is a broad category like saying Earth has been infected with crooks.

Try treating that with one pill.


E is for ecosexual. They are in love with nature. They have sex with nature. Nature is their lover.

Saint Mary’s College of Maryland defines:

“1. A person that finds nature sensual, sexy. 2. A new sexual identity. 3: Person who takes the Earth as their lover,” she wrote. In another paragraph, Whitworth explains that while some environmentalists encourage the use of environmentally-friendly sex products such as fair trade condoms and chemical-free lubricants, “ecosexuals” take it a step further by encouraging sex with “nature itself.”


I wonder if that tree he or she had sex with consented.

read more about the study


feature image by veeterzy see more of the works here




Yet another syndrome ARDS

It’s interesting how doctors and scientists label things without having difinitive proof of anything.

ARDS is another broad general category like AIDS that is by it’s form in acronym creating what appears to be a new mystery disease.

They are associating ARDS with vaping. This is erroneous like how they associaded and still associate AIDS with sex.



F4 is a Lie group.

In the mathematical construct (notice the word CON) of HIV which stands for Horribly Incorrect Virology, there are many of these F4‘s.

Wikpedia states: The F4 Lie algebra may be constructed by adding 16 generators transforming as a spinor to the 36-dimensional Lie algebra so(9), in analogy with the construction of E8. In older books and papers, F4 is sometimes denoted by E4.


LGBTQIA friendly

What the hell is that?

As seen on the internet somewhere.


Legionaries Disease is in the news again.

A pool in Palm Springs seem to have caught it and spread it.

They should call this new one PSID for Palm Springs Immunodeficiency Disease if the naming Kings were consistent.

A Virus That Mutates is what we have here with all viruses. They are NEVER THE SAME.

They blinded us with science.

As seen on TV.

Twitter Chief Chik-Fil-A shamed

The CHIEF of was made a fool of by loving acronymites for eating a hamburger and posting a picture of it.

Problem is, he did this at one of the QTBGLs list of banned businesses to deal with, Chik-Fil-A which will not serve LGBTQWERTY patrons hamburgers with a man and man on it.

Really now, Twitter guy eats a banned hamburger?

In that logic which is idiotic, then they should add every American business for poorly treating the I community and the GLBTQZ community within the I community.

Haven’t figured out what the acronym I stands for yet?


Every single business in the United States is guilty of using Native American Indian land for their gain while the US Government also killed many and put the survivors in concentration camps called nicely “reservations” like one is taking them out to dinner.

Every trust fund privileged white Caucasoid non-Indian QWERTY member should be shamed right alongside this horrible murdered cow eating human.

Shaming makes America Great Again.

reference article


If liberal retards were consistent they would call on Congress to enact new laws Banning Bathrobe Belts.

It’s what that fool Anthony Bourdain used to kill himself.

People who kill themselves are stupid and when I see someone of celebrity and fame do it, it’s even more stupid.

Liberals will pounce on me for saying that, which is also stupid.

If a person who kills their own body is not stupid then what is the opposite, smart. They are not smart. Killing one self is not smart so it’s stupid.

This reminds me of questioning that lying politicians use as a tactic all the time saying that the answer is one or the other, like a simple yes or no, or either smart or stupid.

These lines of questioning are also stupid but not as stupid as putting an end to all body processes on your own.

Don’t be stupid.

Feature image of a stupid hair drying session in a stupid bathrobe by Gratisography


Trump Derangement Syndrome, it’s what liberal retards suffer from.

A recent example of someone suffering from TDS is Bill Maher a comedian on HBO who on Friday, June 8th 2018 stated that he wants the economy to crash to get Donald Trump, the US president, out of office.

The retarded thing about that statement is that he is actually acknowledging that the economy is better under Trump and that America would be better in a crashed economy. How stupid is that.

Anyone that would hope for a great economy to crash is an L (Libtardiot).

IHOP pretends to change its name to IHOb

International House of Pancakes declared they are changing their name to be IHOb.

The b is for burgers.

Some things I noticed about it….

It’s like the stupid lower casing of terms like the ridiculously not needed medication for sex called PReP.

It’s also like Internet Movie Database, but they use the lower case it correctly in IMDb as the be in the word “Database” is small.

It’s also yet another marketing scam but unlike the marketing scam called HIV this one is temporary. HIV marketing scams last forever, once those scams infect the mind they stay there forever.

It also appears that the influence of the maniacal acronymming community has arrived for breakfast AND lunch.

How do we get rid of such uninvited guests is now the question.

The point is moat

So many liberals are against “the wall” that Trump is building in key points between every country south of our border and ours yet when their superstar singer’s build them it’s well understood of the need.

Taylor Swift Home is adding a 2nd wall to beef up the walls between her and her home and the rest of the world which contains evil doers that would try to break in, going up another 5 feet for this second wall to be up to 14 feet high!

She’s said, like Trump, that there are very bad people outside her home to be protected from.

That is evil. How dare she lump everyone into that evil category. It’s like what Trump said about bad people south of our border.

Libtards take his statement he made once as a generalization meant to describe certain people not everyone there and pound away with the claim that he’s racist, much like how all the media hucksters and retards who don’t study a thing are now using Roseanne’s non-racist Tweet as a ping pong ball of news.

Roseanne did not know that the person she made fun of was Negroid, the thought she was Caucazoid, so that particular joke cannot be racist, but no one cares in medias and bandwagons and ill gotten intentions.

Feature image by Ghost Presenter


For short

Acronyms like TBGL or Transgender Bisexual Gay Lesbian for short are exploding in number exponentially and have become a complete nightmare.

To highlight the absurdity of using acronyms to “shorten” sentences, let’s look at one by a writer at Motley Fool, a website for which I was a fool to participate in discussions in their forums AOT which is short for At One Time and makes the sentence ML again which is short for Much Longer but of course since I used it once in a sentence along with a billion other acronyms, you will remember it so I can in all future articles just use the acronym because everyone will understand it along with the other billion trillion acronyms that have replaced the stars in number.

The other strategy involved a similar move but from a slightly different perspective. Under the strategy known as “file as a spouse first” or FAASF for short”.

Rather the paradox to use an acronym as the sentence would be SHORTER without it.

“The other strategy involved a similar move but from a slightly different perspective. Under the strategy known as “file as a spouse first“.”

It’s also incorrect to state ‘file as a spouse first’ when that is a title, it should be written ‘File As A Spouse First”.

Now let’s consider that if it’s a Lesbian that is applying for Social Security Retirement or SSR for short/long, then it should be presented as LFAASF. If we are referring to the entire alternate sexual community or ASC for short/long, some would then use LGBTFAASF.

Of course this is not as important as learning how the article presents the fact that Obama screwed up our retirement though it’s not as bad as how the alternate community leaders, hystericals, hucksters, idiots, and politicians, screwed up our lives with HIV drug poisons, many of those FOO’s which is short for Friends Of Ours don’t have lives anymore.

Feature image of man wearing shorts takes a short rest after having read a long sentence with too many shortened sentences is by Pixabay


AIDS and HIV injury lawsuits are a startin’

Seems we finally got to the point I have been looking to see for decades now, where we are seeing those TV commercials for lawsuits that looking for people who have been injured and need an attorney, this time instead of car accidents, it’s due to HIV and AIDS medications.

Yes that’s right, HIV and AIDS medications caused injury.

HIV and AIDS medications have been injuring people for decades, many people know this, but proving it in the courts is another matter, but it’s finally there, real lawsuits. This one is only because the company that makes the drug made false claims, knowing that their drugs caused serious side effects. Other companies protect themselves by disclaiming that their drugs should not be used to treat HIV and AIDS in the fine print that no one bothers to study.

Now that it’s on TV it will be considered real, legitimate. TV is always so truthful.

I expect to see more of these in the near future and a community that will start shaking their heads asking “How could we have been deceived?”

Better question to ask is “How come I never believed those who tried to warn me?” and “How could I not have read everything on related to this Massive Medical Mess (MMM)?”


That’s “TDF lawsuit” not “TDFLQWERTYGLBTAL awsuit”.

Therese drugs are listed on the lawsuit site: Truvada, Viread, Atripla, Complera, Stribild

Feature image is a snapshot from the lawsuit website at as of May 31, 2018 at 1:31 pm pt.

‘Roseanne’ TV show remake implodes due to Barr “racist” comment

The show came back for one season and with the atomic power of one mere Tweet it is gone! Kapow!

Roseanne was on Ambian, a sleeping AID and on Twitter (bad combo – never take Twitter and Ambian together) and posted some comment about Muslims and monkeys would create a baby referring to one of the top officials in the White House.

Now if this was referring to a Caucasoid this would be Acceptable Racism (AR) but it was not, it was referring to a Negroid, Valerie Jarret.

ABC cancelled the show. Barr apologized for saying something funny, or, for some a bad joke.

Today in America bad jokes are worse than shit on a stick.They end careers for thousands of people. Americans eyeballs made the comeback of Roseanne #1 and they within nano seconds made it disappear in front of their own eyes!

Americans are schitzo.

Note how there is no firestorm for the millions of tweets that routinely appear online that are racist.

This joke reflects the color of humor often used by black comedians against whites, which is entirely racist, or just a fucking joke stupid.

Inferring that someone is a Muslim monkey is not even remotely racist.

Monkeys are not Negroids. Monkeys are not Caucasoids.

Monkeys are STHA’s (Smarter Than Humans Apparently).

So how is it that humans can create something incredible and in one moment destroy it?

That’s what apes do, and all races and religions were a part of it from what my monkey said.

Feature image of primate scratching head over Roseanne comeback series cancellation by Pixabay. Twitter snapshot of racist tweet found on Fox News article about Roseanne’s tweet and cancellation here.


Now it’s LGBTI

What the hell is the I?

Why even use words anymore?

Image snapshot on May 20, 2018

Feature image by Vladislav Reshetnyak see more hrer

Hallmark has wedding cards for the LGBTQIA community

Omg when does the acronymization end?

Feature image of a Hallmark wedding card for the TQIABLG community

I’m gay and acronymphobic

The Joy Reid matter ** has the use of the term LBTGYKOZ used in a sentence with the term homophobic quite a bit.

It’s scary.

Created a new phobia.

Get tested.


So what these language bastardizers do is say in a sentence that Joy Reid was homophobic 10 years ago, referencing her having stated all sorts of bad things against the LGBTQ community. Nothing like they should all rot in hell like fundamentalist Christians do, just things like what Hillary Clinton said about gays, that they shouldn’t be given the privilege of marriage, which is the #1 reason why I couldn’t vote for Hillary. Trump NEVER EVER voted against gays before or after being president.

Getting back to the matter acronymisticiality at hand, and looking at this more precisely we see an error though.

L for lesbian, that’s homo, OK homophobic works.

B for bisexual, that’s homo and hetero, hmm, being scared of straights who are also homos, is that homophobic? OK maybe.

Transgendered. Is that homosexual? Not really. If someone’s identity changes, their sexuality may or may not change. For example, the woman that has sex with men has the sex change, she now is a man and has sex with a man, OK if someone doesn’t like that person that might be homophobic. Now how about when the woman is straight but has a sex change, she wants to be a man, so now she’s a man and has sex with women, she’s still straight, so someone who refers to someone not liking her sexual identity behavior (SID) as homophobic would be incorrect.

Thus the use of the term homophobic applied to LGBTQc (c for community) is not appropriate. It’s also not treating the person and acronym equally and we know so well how the mixed up community champions equality as they set up foundations that are tax exempt and millions of dollars are channeled through them paying employees hundreds of thousands of dollars every year so they can live in unequal communities that are on the right side of the tracks.

Also using it to describe the Q’s is not accurate.

feature image by Monica Sylvestre see more of her beautiful works here

** Joy Reid could be in serious legal trouble now that the FBI (world’s first acronym) is investigating her claim that her website was hacked, which the pretty savvy internet community does not believe a word of what she is claiming

HIP – Human I Parasite

I came across this “Being in the path of the mercury arc light would have exposed this glass to intense UV rays which would sterilize any microbes.”

Can you imagine where this came from? Of all things a photography article on lenses. They get “infected with fungus” and other microbes. This can cause an etching on the surface of the glass.

Know your fungus!

Fungus are parasites. Viruses are parasites.

HIP – Human I Parasite

Fungus spores travel through the air – The structures send forth runners (mycelium fibrils) to locate and tap more energy sources, in hopes of finding a food bonanza that will supply enough energy and material to launch baby funguses (spores) into the air, where they can travel to new, distant food sources. 


QWERTY group takes back award

The “LGBT” group (where’s the Q?) was unhappy that the internet presented data from 10 years ago of a woman on MSNBC named Joy Reid who allegedly had made LGBTphobic remarks.

In the article they say “homophobic” but that’s an error that all these groups keep making, they say they are inclusive, then they are selective, leaving out bisexualphobic and transgenderphobic and lesbianphobic.

The prompted need for to determine the appropriate adjustment so that it’s phobic inclusive.

The new term is LpGpBpTp.

It’s sorta like PReP, I think the community will have a hard time swallowing it.

From the article:

A leading LGBT advocacy group rescinded its Straight for Equality in Media Award to MSNBC host Joy Reid on Tuesday amid a controversy surrounding newly-unearthed homophobic comments made on a decade-old blog.



CDC study shows DGU’s are around 2 million per year.

People defend themselves to save lives with this little piece of metal.

DGU is “Defensive Gun Use”.

Carry protection. Keep protection in your nightstand.

Trinidad and Tobago are now legally gay

The court declared the laws against same sex “unconstitutional, illegal, null, void, invalid and are of no effect to the extent that these laws criminalize any acts constituting consensual sexual conduct between adults”.

The interesting thing is in the article it used this term “LBGT+ rights cause”. Notice the B has priority over the G and the added plus. I like the plus. More often than not we see it with the G before the T and other letters added silly like Q or Z.

How about we end this war and compromise by just using the term G+.


Womian gets church to remove Jesus exorcism art

Liberals claim they want free speech and at every turn they are damning to Hell the free expressions of religion.

In this case we see a lesbian* who complained like a woman to have an engraving by Julius Shnorr von Carolsfeld re-moved.

The lesbian was shaken up by the image of the exorcism. I looked at the image and did not see any reference to exorcism of the lesbian demon.

Removing art that offends is the new way of exorcising demons apparently.

read about it here

*the new term is lesman which is LESBIAN/WOMAN or womian which is WOMAN/LESBIAN or how about this, let’s take woman and lesbian and combine those as woman – a woman is a lesbian woman

Feature image is in the public domain

The Church of Darwinian Christianity

The St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church on the University of Illinois campus in Champaign added “feet” to it’s bike rack that is shaped in the artistic expression of a Christian “fish”. The fish symbolizes Jesus’ statement about being fishers of men. With the feet on the fish, it symbolizes evolution. The church did this on purpose to make the statement that the beliefs can coexist. – reference

This is what shall be done with the term LGBT – we will give it feet, ones that will make it so the term can walk to a lake and jump in thinking that it’s a fish.

Feature image of Darwinian man is copyright free found at

Doubling double standards

The Hannity vs. Kimmel war is in full force.

Trump is calling out even more National Guard Troops to keep the war from going nuke.

The latest buzz that makes me ROFL more than any of Kimmels stupid jokes that are never funny, is that the freaky acronym community (FAC) of homos and mixedupsexuals (GBTWERTYS) are pissed that he is making jokes about Trump and Hannity.

The comments were like ones fags often joke about to each other (I have heard it repeatedly in gay bars) about having a face in one’s ass and being on top or bottom.

So once again these whiners are annoying the hell out of us and DO NOT REPRESENT ME or 95% of the gay community.

Get this straight you idiots, we are a gay community, not L not B not T not Q not I not Z just gay.

The word gay is inclusive.

Why are these fools not being inclusive in language? Anyone who uses these terms LGBTQFLIPPY and the like are separating everyone into groups. That is just what bigots do.

GAG – Get A Grip

As stated by ‘fird’ – A hint to dumbass Liberals: Conservatives think gay folk are just plain folk.

reference article at Breitbart

People hate speech

Dude calls gal skinhead lesbian. How is that hate speech?

There is nothing wrong with being a skinhead lesbian. It’s like calling her a skinhead hetero. Nothing wrong with that either. It’s like calling her a skinhead, look at her head, nothing wrong with that either. When did the term lesbian become a term of hate? Same with the term faggot, so what if I’m a faggot.

When is humanity going to GTFU?

GTFU – Grow The Fuck Up

Note, calling someone a scumbag tends to be universally accepted as a derogatory term. Seems he really offended people who are FATmm’s (Frothing At The mouth moonbats) but none of them have come forward to complain so they must not be bothered with free speech like most other humans.

PinkNews reports that she is head of the gay-straight alliance group of the high school in Florida that endured a massacre so obviously she is either a gay or a straight and an ally of both thought this doesn’t seem to be her actions regarding this straight that called her a skinhead lesbian which is obviously what she is.

Her head is skin.

She is a lesbian.


Oh my bad, she claims she is a bisexual. He should have called her a skinhead bisexual as calling her a lesbian is clearly offensive.

And public shaming is not offensive, it is clearly an acceptable standard now.

Shame on those who do it.

V for Varied



The headline read “Ulises Padrón: “In [Cuban] Society, LGBTQI People and Groups are Becoming More Visible”


WTFII? What The Flower Is I? Incongruents?

Still not clear on the Q, is it Queer, Questioning, Queen, Quadrapalegic?

If it’s the last, shouldn’t Duoplegics be included also as well as Triplegics?

The L is so stupidly totally redundant, Lesbians are Gays, G stands for both men and women homo sapiens that find their own sex attractive like magnets.

Bisexuals are gay and straight. Where is the S?

Who exactly is responsible for dropping all these acronymic nucleic language bombs on society unequally?

Why don’t they just include everyone and say the A to Z’s?

They should study the relationship between coherence time and bandwidth.


Diamond in the ruff

Diamonds are actually plentiful. They are made from carbon, that evil thing that makes weather kill us according to libtards who get their information from hucksters.

So I read online, “Graham Pearson, a professor in the University of Alberta’s Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences and Canada Excellence Research Chair Laureate” and “Calcium silicate perovskite is the Earth’s forth most abundant mineral.”[1]

That’s way too long, just like saying Human Immun-eieio-deficiency Virus causes Acquired/Gotten Immune Deficiency Syndromania so we will for example’s sake shorten that to GP/APIT/UOADOEAASACERCL for convenience like what all the non-elected never seem to represent me LGBTQWERTY idiots do with the word gay that at one time in history perfectly described alternate lifestyles of queers albeit that term was stolen from the happy community without their consent.

Let’s acronymize!

Calcium Silicate Perovskite of course needs to be simply CSP.

Used in a sentence “CSP is well understood by knowledgeable men like GP/APIT/UOADOEAASACERCL.

Any monkey would understand this perfectly.

I mean like now it’s even being reported that smoke from fires which release tons of carbon into the atmosphere are good because the help cool the earth and fight greenhouses from burning or something.[2]



feature image found as public domain at


The headline at The Hill read,

A lack in affordable care may lead to HIV resurgence


They think that because there could be cuts in health care that HIV will explode along with heads.

Of course we know that all these statistics are simply based on a faulty test where if you test POSITIVE all that means is that you were once exposed to the flu.

Don’t be a unicornhead. Those who practice unsafe HIV/DISSEMINATION are telling lies.

Everything stated about HIV is like it’s coming out of the mouths of unicorns which do not exist in reality.

To make this more understandable to the rest of us who know HIV/FARCE quite well, the headline would make more sense if the word “unicorn” replaced “HIV” since they are at their core the same thing, so it would read like this, “A Lack In Affordable Care May Lead To Unicorn Resurgence”.

Scary thought.


feature image of a unicornhead in the public domain found at


Barely anyone knows that AIDS is 29 different diseases.

Today we learn via the best learning system in the world, one that never has any hype, TV and internet, that diabetes is actually 5 different diseases.

So someone who has AIDS and diabetes actually could have 34 diseases!


image snapshot from Google news on Mar 2 2018


They don’t get it

Cancer, some people just don’t get it.

And because of that, for those who do/might get it, the medical scientificastical community claims that cancer can be prevented by getting shot at.

BTWayside, that’s HPV/NOT to BE/CONFUSED/WITH the ATV (All Terrain Virus), that one hidden in the garage.

‘Tiz being touted as preventable by getting vaccinated.


The claim was for a long time that cancer in the private part of women was caused by the human form of the papilodopolusifragilistic virus, again, not the automated form, not the sheep form or the insect form, no just the human form, thus the all important capitalized H.

Then they added boys because of course viruses don’t discriminate by sex.

They do discriminate by sexual behavior though, they are turned off to those who have gay sex because they are FCV – Fundamentalist Christian Viruses.

Image google news snapshot dated February 19, 2018 at 7:20 am pt

I grew up in the 70’s. I’m in my 50’s now. That makes me pretty wise at 70 – 50 = 20.

I have seen the evolution of medical sci-fience P/R.

P – progress

R – regress

They are hucksters. Cancer was never caused by a virus until the marketing virus made it possible.

Some people just don’t get it.

The “cancer vaccine” is IT – Immune Therapy.


Kratom compared to opioids

The American Kratom Association is calling out the FDA saying they used bogus science to bastardize Kratom.[1]

Gee who would do such a thing?

David Herman, Chairman of the AKA, called upon FDA Commissioner Gottlieb to pull back the curtain on the “black box voodoo computer model” that was unveiled by the FDA to justify their continued ‘War on Kratom,’ this time claiming their computer model conclusively shows kratom is an opioid, and therefore had to be banned.”[2]

So the FDA uses back box voodoo. We knew that already with HIV/AIDS/LIES.

FDA is the stupid acronym for Food and Drug Administration. It should really be FADA.

[1] reference

[2] reference letter

More plastic than ever

BBQ’s (Bag Ban Queers) have basically won their stake in making life at the supermarket a pain in the ass for everyone that shops to buy groceries.

They have also created a safety hazard. People forget their bags, don’t want to spend the money to buy a bag or they are so concerned about the environment that they decide to not use one, so they carry out their groceries then drop them in front of a car looking for parking as they both are texting. So because they are not paying for bags or attention we have a situation where it is bad for the environment to have a bag ban as it also adds to the cost of health care, more plastic use from the hospital or clinic, paperwork, etc.

The bans have also created another problem, all these BBQ’s claimed that by banning those those amazing multi-purpose carry bags we used to get FOR/FREE at the store we would STE (Save The Environment) and though it’s a very lovely thought, it has done the opposite, now we have to buy replacement bags for our household garbage.

The majority of people used to line their trash cans at home with those free amazing multi-purpose bags. Let’s look at the difference in the bags thickness:

  • lightweight bags (now banned) – these are .47 mil in thickness
  • trash bags for my kitchen – these are .97 mil in thickness
  • reusable bags are 5 mil thick

2x or 5x the plastic! OMG.

NSF (Not So Fast) TBA’s** say….those tall kitchen bags hold more garbage so you use less bags!

Sorry dude, they are still 2x as thick. If we look at the same size bag, they are still 2x as thick. 2x the plastic.

The 5 mil thick reusable bags we pay $.15 each for now (stores keep that money) may get 10 more uses so that’s the same as lightweight bags.

I use mine twice as do many people. They carry my groceries, then they carry my garbage to the dumpster.

Others just use them once and throw them away.

In reality we have just created double the plastic in landfills due to the amazing multi-purpose multiple-use bag ban, in relation to their use for collecting and disposing of HG (Household Garbage).

Way to go Environmental Queers – EQ’s*

Of course in a democracy, the stupid people can win just by being a majority vote which clearly makes the case for dictatorships where smart people rule.

Other problems:

  • Reusable durable bags made out of that crappy plastic fabric need of regular washing. That uses water. Solar panels also need to be washed frequently. So we are using more water, electricity, soap, natural gas, and fabric softener.
  • These reusables are so much thicker, it takes 10 truck deliveries to carry them to the store as the same number of amazing multi-purpose multiple-use plastic bags that are now banned would only require 1 truck delivery.

Way to go drought states like California.

Advocates for bans would rebut by saying that the fabric bags can be reused over and over again.

They are right, they can be used over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.

Note, that is 10 over agains but they are 10 times thicker and then they are disposed of or recycled and recycling uses more energy (oil) that would have made more plastic so much cheaper so there is no difference.

And while all of this not saving the planet is going on, grocers are making a bundle on these fees for bags.

They then take that money and spend it on stuff. All the stuff they buy with all your bag money has to be manufactured.

Manufacturing processes use fossil fuels, plastic, etc.

End result – NIL.

* Q for Queer in this use has nothing to do with sex. It refers to wacko idiots.

** The Ban Advocates


The Humane Society of the United States Chief Operating Officer Resigned Due to SHA*.

Soon there won’t be any men in power anywhere.

In the USOA you don’t have to be guilty of a crime anymore to be guilty.

HIV has been considered guilty for decades now, even though it didn’t commit the crimes of sexual harassment or disease.

It’s all about the money.

* Sexual Harassment Allegations

Rose gets an AIDS test

Golden Girls episode from the late 1980’s we see Rose Nylan getting what was called then an “AIDS test” (S5 E19 from year 1990).

At that time the public was led to believe that there was one new disease and that there was a reliable test.

I learned in 1987 that it was not a disease, but a syndrome, that the test was unreliable, only finding antibodies none specific, and it was merely a hysterically adopted new description for 29 old diseases.

Car sales people use this same tactic all the time, they have a lemon to sell you, or 29 of them, and they create a new description, saying it’s All Acquired Reliable Transportation (AART).

Point of sale

I am trying to sell you something, the idea that ACRONYMS are stupid. You can use your CC to make payment.

LGBT has evolved into adding all sorts of letters, now I haven’t a clue what the “correct” acronym is.

Go back go GAY.

TPI is having this problem too. TPI is The Pot Industry.

Take for example this statement from Weed News:

What it is:

  1. A Point of Banking System (PBS) creates a cash-free ATM
  2. The PBS uses your debit card, or credit card if you can remember your PIN, to do a cash transaction.
  3. It feels like you’re buying legal cannabis with credit cards.

ATM and PBS. We all know what ATM means, A Place To Get Money.

PBS is the Public Broadcasting System, but now it’s also Point of Banking System (why leave out the o?? Make it POBS. That would make more sense but no, the ANS (Acronym Naming Society) has picked PBS even though POBS would define it better.

Now let’s acronymize more as clearly this 3 point statement of facts is too wordy, needs acronymania.

Here is the new version approved by the ANS:


  1. A PBS creates a CF/ATM
  2. The PBS uses your DC, or CC if you CRY PIN, to DACT.
  3. It feels like Y’r BLC with CC.

Oh that’s much better! Look at all the space saved!

Feature image of a CC has been released into the public domain by its author, Chairsenses at English Wikipedia. This applies worldwide.


Listening to the KTLA morning news today a newscaster was interviewing a transexual.

The T kept referring to the LGBT community.

In the old days a tranny would just refer to to it as “the GAY community”.

That is what gay meant, and still means, the entire community of male and female homosexuals, transexuals, etc.

Stop the madness.


Even a rocket scientist didn’t know

But the amateur did know, how to find what they had lost for 10 years.

Like with HIV/AIDS which is the most convoluted disease name in history, experts can make claims that something is not there, when it actually is there, and, the other way around.

In this case, it was the amateur who found it. IT/IS a satellite:

As seen in Tech Times:

In a blog post, Scott Tilley describes that while searching High Earth Orbit for signs of the mysterious Zuma satellite, he detected signals from satellite 2000-017A instead, the IMAGE satellite thought to have been long dead.

More data gathering confirmed that the signals were from IMAGE indeed. However, when his original blog post did not get the attention of anyone who could possibly do something with the discovery, he contacted the principal investor of IMAGE, Dr. James L. Burch, last Jan. 24.

Two days later, he got a confirmation from Richard J. Burley, former ground system manager and mission director of IMAGE. Burley said that the engineers at Goddard Spaceflight Center have detected a signal consistent with IMAGE.

HIV/AIDS is supposed to describe a disease where if you have sex with someone infected with the virus you could get sick for the rest of your life, “immune system malfunctioning Major Tom.”

The experts, like NASA, are missing something.

First, let’s look at the stupidity of HIV/AIDS as a label. AIDS is a disease. HIV is a virus. The virus causes the disease.

Flu is a disease. TFV is the virus that causes the disease. They don’t call it TFV/FLU or FV/INFLUENZA because naming it like that would be stupid but that is what they do with immune system deficiency which is claimed to be caused by a virus. They call it HIV/AIDS. THEY are lost, like satellites.

AIDS is the disease and there is no other causes besides HIV is there?*

Let’s ask an amateur to look out there in space for an answer. It’s more likely to be floating around there than in the space between medical science ears.

Better chance an amateur figures it out than experts that have schedules and appointment$.

Or did they know about it but LIE/TO the public since the satellite was first found for sale in the classifieds?

An amateur finds a satellite that NASA can’t find, while they declare it Lost In Space and ask congress for more money for new satellites.


In the case of HIV/AIDS it’s sorta the opposite, they discover it, and then ask for more money to find more of it, what orbits it takes around humans, and how to control it’s path.

One thing in common, request for funds.

HIV/AIDS is found orbiting the imagination. Yes it is indeed there.

It was the amateur that discovered it.

* Actually there are other causes, 29 of them not related to HIV at all since AIDS is a syndrome of diseases. See if you can find anyone that has AIDS that isn’t also HIVI (that extra I is for Infected). So to be consistent, all the other diseases under they massively broad category of illnesses called AIDS should be when diagnosed, added to the front of AIDS with that back-slash. For example, Fungus can cause AIDS so it should be said that when one gets Fungus Disease, that it be called F/AIDS. Or better yet, call it F*AIDS.

Image of satellite orbits by Rrakanishu and used with permission under GNU Free Documentation License

Feature image of a satellite sandwich not suitable for human consumption or by HI viruses is in the public domain and made by NASA’s multi-million dollar fantasy department.



Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome – SIRS

I bet you never heard of this. I had not either until reading about “the flu” which is also called HIV (Human Influenza Virus).

In 2016 SIRS was replaced with qSOFA [1]. I have no clue what qSOFA is, maybe it’s where queer doctors sit and decide these things.

I came across this term when scanning news sites and a headline read something about a 22 year old dying of it. The picture of him was bodybuilder in great health.

Sepsis. Think of septic as in tank. Sepsis/septic. It’s basically a condition of a lot of bacteriological, pathogenic, viral infection in the body.

It’s especially interesting to read about “host factors” which mentions PAMP, DAMP, MODS, and ARDS.

Upon detection of microbial antigens, the host systemic immune system is activated. Immune cells not only recognize PAMP (Pathogen-associated molecular pattern), but also Damage-associated molecular pattern (DAMP) from damaged tissues. Uncontrolled immune response was then activated because leukocytes are not recruited to the specific site of infection, but instead they are recruited all over the body. Then, immunosuppression state ensues when the proinflammatory T helper cell 1 (TH1) is shifted to TH2,[41] mediated by interleukin 10, which is known as “compensatory anti-inflammatory response syndrome”.[18] The apoptosis (cell death) of lymphocytes further worsens the immunosuppression. Subsequently, multiple organ failure ensues because tissues are unable to use oxygen efficiently due to inhibition of cytochrome c oxidase.[41]

Inflammatory responses cause multiple organ dysfunction syndrome (MODS) through various mechanisms as described below. Increased permeability of the lung vessels causes leaking of fluids into alveoli, which results in pulmonary edema and acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS).

When you read some of this stuff you start noticing how different acronyms often state the same thing. For example, a damage associated molecular pattern (DAMP) can be referred to as disease. ARDS can be referred to as disease and PAMP can be referred to as disease.

AIDS can also be referred to as disease.

When we try to fight disease, do we really need all these sub classifications and to understand all their complex sub classifications? Not necessarily. It becomes like how one can over analyze something. Ever had a friend that just couldn’t decide what to order at the restaurant dinner table? Basically it’s just dinner, it’s just food, pick something right? With disease it’s basically disease, whatever you pick you have disease, whatever food you pick you have nourishment.

Should you get vaccinated for the flu?

Yes, if it stops you from getting the flu, but it doesn’t. It gives you the flu.

Why get something that you don’t want?

Even Scotland’s Parliment knows this, as they declare that it is a decision for each person to make for themselves, they do not force it on anyone[2], which is in such contrast to the militant draconian Nazi state of California which mandates all children be given the flu or they cannot attend school.

It’s also interesting to see how words are being used now to try to get people to believe something is a certain way when it is not.

For example, in a statement they reference “evidence-based medicine” to imply there is medicine that is not evidence based. This is s slick pitch to try to get people to believe that what is currently being stated, in this case the push to make it mandatory that people be given the flu, be readily adopted implying that all other medicine is too questionable to believe whereas “evidence-based” should be believed. It also implies that “evidence-based medicine” should not be questioned, giving those who hear that term the idea that if it’s based on evidence, how can it be questioned, but those who would infer that don’t understand how science and evidences work.

Maybe they could call it “correct conclusion based medicine” but since all medicine is used on moving targets, no medicine can be conclusive so as evidence based as one would make it, the claims of their efficacy are all questionable to various degrees in scientific analysis.

One GP, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “When flu changes to a new strain, the old vaccine no longer works. “The evidence is conflicted on the benefits. The current epidemic still happened despite the vaccination programme.” Carl Heneghan, professor of evidence-based medicine at the University of Oxford, agrees that take up is low because the evidence of its effectiveness is “uncertain”.

Medicine is all evidence based.

[1] wikipedia

[2] BBC

A % please

The rather gay city next to Palm Springs’ mayor says it’s his priority to get an In-And-Out Burger joint (that’s restaurant not marijuana) in the section on the main highway where they dumped so much money into redevelopment and business 40 years ago which never really came. How he puts it made me wonder…..

“On a scale of 1 to 10, there is about a seven or eight chance the iconic burger restaurant comes to Cathedral City [1].

Why do people talk like this especially in the AOA (Age Of Acronyms)?

What he just said above could be said simpler like, “There is about a 75% chance…” instead of all this nonsense “On a scale of 1 to 10 and not a scale of 1 to 100 or a scale of 1 to 5 as is done in the movie review sites which even use scale of 1 to 4, there is a bout a seven or eight chance…”

I don’t understand why people have such issues with using percentages. They often do this “On a sale of…..” thing. Maybe time to change the scale, I’m going to start using one that’s 1000 instead of 100 or 5.

Even better, let’s also acronymize it like the QGBT community does, he simply could say, “There is a S maybe E chance TIBR comes to CC when looking at this on a scale of OTT”.

Of course this would take time for people to be educated what these acronyms stood for, like with the edercation that was needed to teach humans that humans can have immune deficiencies (as if they didn’t have them before).

[1] reference article found here

Note: I am not going to provide what OTT and CC and TIBR and E and S means, you should know that by now. If you don’t maybe it’s time to do what certain “gay community leaders” did, demand your tax money to be spent on edercation.

Feature image of lines drawn in the sand of California deserts is by DemocraticLuntz at English Wikipedia [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


The Human Immunoeieiodeficiencysuperbuggyfragilisticalexpialidocivious Virus Makes No Sense

If hypodermic needles can catch it and throw it to others then hypodermic needles carried by mosquitoes can catch it and throw it to others.

The entire HIV theory falls to the ground like dead zapped bugs when you look at this simple premise.

Feature image of a bug zapper invented in 1911 should be used to kill concepts that are buggy and is in the public domain found in “Popular Mechanics” Magazine October 1911

Just say the word

Today the EC is getting clobbered with snowflakes in a cyclonic fashion. NY, NJ, VA are all getting hit with the biggest SS ever seen.

Reading an article in an advice column in the newspaper that covered the SS, PTSD was mentioned.

Ahhh acronyms, why can’t people just say the words?

Well the answer is sorta complex. Sometimes it’s because if they did just say the words instead of the stupid acronym the drama would be minimized and drama can equal $. Other times it’s because if they used the words they would add to climate change due to all the extra CO2 exhaled.

So the article had hundreds of words that were just words, but when it came to stress disorder they had to use the stupid acronym PTSD.

This is done because the acronym works as a tool to make it appear worse. Adds drama. Adds fear and many emotions.

They could easily print Post Traumatic Stress Disorder over and over again but since people hate long words they would tend to in conversations in their head say Stress Disorder because saying Post Traumatic is rather unnecessary, I mean yes, it more specifically defines the stress, but who cares. In conversation it’s not that important and really saying Stress Disorder covers it, I mean like what the fuck is post traumatic? Anything traumatic is post when it’s being talked about so POST is ridiculously not necessary.

They also could just say Traumatic Stress but why when we can create acronyms to confuse and give whole new drama to what was previously just stress like every fucking human has endured. In WW2 and WW1 people came back and didn’t whine about what happened. Today we have a bunch of whiny bitches everywhere, that is, because of population growth, there are dogs that need to go outside to relieve themselves, sit at the door, and whine until their owners let them out.

Is there a term PTSD for Pre Traumatic Stress Disorder? Obviously not as seen in this search but why not? People are stressed in a disorderly way quite often BEFORE a trauma.

Oh of course, PTSD stands for both pre and post. That reminds me I have to go to the Post Office which I guess is an office that isn’t there anymore.

Saying Post Traumatic Stress Disorder would be as stupid as saying “My 1973 American Made Chevrolet Sedan With 8 Cylinder Engine” each time instead of “My car” all the time.

It’s as stupid as saying “My 1973AMCSW8CE” if it were to of course as is the current trend, be acronymized.

These acronyms are stupid to the N8Xth degree.

Just say Stress. It’s just Stress.

This stupid acronymization is the same thing that happened with Gay Health Issues or GAY/HI.

The cause for HI* was determined to be a virus, oh, but not just any virus, a virus that affects Humans so they called it a Human Virus that affects Immunity.

Problem is, scientifically, all viruses mutate, that is, they change clothes, they are never the same, just like snowflakes.

We wouldn’t go around calling all the snowflakes in the world “Immune Snowflakes” when they attacked immune systems, because all snowflakes could do this.

But with the virus scam, naming become$ BIG/BUX.

With HIV, which when stated appears in the mind as some unique killer virus which is completely absurd logic as they are all just like snowflakes, I mean like if a snowball became an avalanche yes we could say that the snowflake virus kills people whereas one snowflake virus doesn’t, but with viral studies, non-absurd logic goes out the window.

They make one alleged virus into a certain type of killer, and another one alleged virus has completely different magical Satanic Unicorn properties, etc. giving them different names.

It’s all one big snowballing scam.

Snowflakes can kill just like viruses can kill but to have thousands of different names for what is basically the same thing is a con job. Notice how with each new name there are different drug$.

I look at viruses like snowflakes when it comes to dealing with them.

1. plow them away

2. wait for them to leave on their own

I do not fear viruses or snowflakes. When they are overly abundant I just take steps to work around them.

Look at the image of the snowflake of what could be called the snowflake virus or the virus of snowflakes. These snowflakes could be acronymized in infinite ways just like what is done with viruses, as there are no two snowflakes alike yet they remain exactly the same.

Feature image is By Jason Hollinger (Feathery Snow Crystals Uploaded by Amada44) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

* HI is for Health Issues and/or/but Human Immun-eieio-deficiency


In Flu Enza is said to be wide spread now one week after XXXmas.

It’s “wide spread” according to the CDC/FLU.

It’s WIDE/SPREAD, like when you spread butter on your hand and can’t get it off even when running 98% of your body on it.

Flu is caused by butter.

Butter and all saturated fats catch and don’t release viruses (which are cell shit) and thus the body overheats, gets clogged, and malfunctions.

During the holidays people go to war with their blood cells, bombarding it with alcohol (a known immune suppressive) and tons of sugar, salt, and gobs of saturated fats.

It makes what’s inside blood cells a smart garbage dump.

And people blame the virus that gets attached to the oil slick.


If only humans could think.

Think….of all your blood cells like pelicans and a Gulf Oil Spill (GOS) at Chernobyl and how they suffer.

It’s not the virus that is the problem, it’s the oil slick.

I mean like think of the Earth and bugs and parasites, Mom Earth doesn’t worry about those, they are everywhere.

What she worries about is oil covering everything.

Feature image of a pelican that was nearly suffocated by crude oil which has properties that are almost identical to oil slicks found in food by Marine Photobank [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons