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Laurel and Yanny let bygones be bygones and started planking.

Gay cake baking all botched?

The Will & Grace episode called “The Beefcake and the Cake Beef” is said to have been done all wrong by Scott Shackford on

Oy vey.

It’s a comedy stupid.

Shit whole

The prezident of the USA was said to have said by she said at the she said see shore that wheeee shouldn’t let in more people from shit whole cuntries.

Maybe he said “shit hole” or maybe he didn’t, who cares.

Libtards have freaked at his “shithole” remark, yet the prez is doing exactly what America was founded on, free speech.

Free speach is like our bodies, needs constant exercize.

We don’t want speech to be fat and flabby.

Technically freely speaking “shit holes” are a place where excrement flows through. Excrement includes HI viruses that leave the body through “shit holes” who study viruses, and other shit holes.

Unfortunately those viruses also infect the minds of H’s who cannot understand the processes of fantasies that travel in through eye holes and ear holes coming from saliva holes.

Feature image of what some verbally fit freely speakers say is a “shit head” who refers to lousy countries as “shit holes” and this image is in the public domain and displays the best president I have ever spoke freely about in my lifetime, Donald Trump.

Sue Icide

She is the internet’s popular porn star at 23 and killed herself. Not very smart.

She apparently wouldn’t have sex with a male porn star that she knew had sex with men, citing the danger to her body [because of the unicorn virus “HIV”].

She lived in Camarillo which is near where the fires in Ventura county are raging. She lit up a Twitter firestorm with her comments telling those who accused her of being homophobic to fuck off.

Moral of the story: When creating fire storms, you need to get the fuck out of it’s way when it comes at you or you will burn yourself.


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Red flag Earthlings, the acronym community is getting out of hand.

Reference this awesome report about a drag queen reading to kids.

It was a beautiful free expression of artistic pageantry presented in Long Beach California to children who are impressionable but conservatives lost their minds.


Feature image is a color code and is in the public domain as the color red

Sharing is bad

“Do Not Share Or Reuse Mosquitoes” – DNSORM

That is Good Advice in the age of AIDS because sharing needles transmits HIV the cause of AIDS.

Or does it?

If it caused AIDS everyone who got syringed by mosquitoes would be getting it.

It is a horror film of 2017.

The Horribly Incorrect Virus theory continues to entertain, scare, mesmerize humans.

Feature image of universal “not” symbol By GravisZro – Own work, Public Domain,


NGTS – New Gay Theme Song

Brokeback Mountain performed live by Terrible Tim. This was an appearance at Comic Book Jones in New York City.

Feature image snapshot from the video on YouTube entitled “Brokeback Mountain live @ comic book jones” captured on July 5, 2017

QTBGL America

I wrote it backwards as I am defiant and it reflects the fact that the LGBTQ community is QTBGL.

So today the QTBGL community rose up and raised up defiant fists for Orlando.

Google news snapshot June 11, 2017

Defiant fist?

At the LA pride event, they didn’t do a parade, just a walk in defiance. It was a staged event.

None of these people are defiant when it comes to believing that “The Pulse Nightclub Massacre” wasn’t a movie.


Let’s remember this guy one year later, he said he was shot in the hand at this press conference and looks at his right hand. Other times it’s claimed he was shot in the left hand. How defiant would it be to question his story! Talk to those hands! They’re certainly not in a wheelchair, he keeps flailing them around.

He’s a performer. NORMAN CASIANO. Does drag. Has billions of photos of himself on social media and has hands that won’t quit. Staged events are his specialty. He also miraculously had 4 bullets shot through his body, no bullets found, they went right through, and no holes! Sounds like a movie.

Even Jesus had holes! OMG this man is better than Jesus.

Today people have holes in their heads and believe this event was real.

Feature image is of the movie poster for the movie “Defiance” featuring Daniel Craig and is used as a reference to what defiance means when making movies and staging events.

***”NOTE: This is sarcastic theatrical comedy. The subtitles do not match up to what he is actually saying. Was just too damn funny to not make a video of tho! LOL” is what we see on the website from which this originated.


Ryan is a winner

A DSLR camera was served up for bids on The Price Is Right.

My, that does look delicious.

Out of the 4 contestants, the one on the end WON the Digital Single Lens Reflex camera.

He then went on to play PLINKO and hit the jackpot, setting a record.

If there is any “The Price Is Right” segment we live for and must see, out of all ever broadcast, this is it!

His excitement made the entire world GAY.

Cinco de Bitcho

Milo is back in fashion. Now remember kiddies he got Trump elected and the Apocalypse is near.

BYOG – Bring Your Own Gun


That’s so gay!

In his speech which is quite a ways IN/TO this video, he states that he is committed to ending censorship, and that he is going to hand out as many “Fuck Simon & Sheuster” t-shirts as he can. He says he is suing them for $10 million, that UC Berkeley will be the place for his free speech week and that he raised $12 million.

“The undisputed queen of America’s free speech movement” says Milo.

Image snapshots from the video.

Feature image also from the video, notice how they incorrectly label paper as illegal.