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How much does Marlo Thomas make pushing this St. Judes thingy

I turned on garbage television cuz I was bored. I see The View’s Whoopie Goldberg speaking with Marlo Thomas who of course is pushing her St. Judes Hospital thing as she always does. I thought geez how much does this woman make from them by doing this. I have been bombarded with these St. Jude’s…


They “Did All They Could” is what the father of the girl that died “in Border Patrol custody” said about how it was handled. FAKE/NEWS that also taught us lies about gay health keeps presenting the story as Republican’s fault, Trump’s racism, and the fault of all who want a secure border wall.

Man is killed by FALL/FROM Christmas tree

Let’s take the David Hogg and Oprah approach to this, if only one person is saved by banning Christmas trees and guns, it will all be worth it. reference the story about the poor man who died because of Christmas here

Venezuelans regret gun ban, ‘a declaration of war against an unarmed population’

That’s the headline. “Under the direction of then-President Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan National Assembly in 2012 enacted the “Control of Arms, Munitions and Disarmament Law,” with the explicit aim to “disarm all citizens.”” This takes us to the lunatic liberals here in the US. If David Hogg, the CNN actor, hates guns so much he…

Cardi B carpool karoke review

This woman is IRRESPONSIBLE. Driving around in a car singing while filming to post online. Dangerous. Making videos while driving should be banned. They use dash cams. They are distracted. They look in the cameras. They get distracted by each other. Send her tickets. NOOOOO not to a concert to see Iron Maiden.

Teen vaping hysteria

The so called “hysteria” is a manufactured crisis. Vaping is going to put all the organizations, jobs, out of business, the ones that rely on pushing commercials against smoking, all the regulations and requirements against smoking, etc. it’s need is all fading away as more people smoke not at all and those that smoke cigarettes…

They lure you into things that DO/NOT/MATTER

The cons are out there luring you in. These fakesters are out there pretending they are enraged by “Baby It’s Cold Outside”. It’s all about luring you in baby. Ann Coulter says something also about lurein you ing.

Emily Blunt

12 years ago as I watched The Devil Wears Prada Emily Blunt stood out to me. I thought her performance was fantastic and that she should be in more films. Now she’s Mary Poppins.

Sagging awards

I don’t understand, the Asian at the podium next to the trainsexual, were presenting who the nominees are for the SAG Awards. The Asian got all giddy when saying the name of the movie “Crazy Rich Asians”. The T got all giddy when saying “Lady Gaga” in “A Star Is Born”. I could not help…

Award show could go hostless

Might as well set it up like all the other rich snobs set up things, you know, like when we call in and hear a stupid computer talking to us as a way to improve quality assurance.