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600 missing

If only one life is saved it’s all worth it. So I have heard queens of talk shows babble many a time. Their bottom line is viewership, not saving lives, as they babble and babble about global warming, making medifical communities fabulously wealthy (they are their advertisers) with gobs and gobs of research funding pleas…

America’s 1st 2nd Amendment Sanctuary City

Loren Culp Republic Police Chief says he will not enforce local gun laws because the US Constitution forbids him to interfere with citizen’s rights. 2ndASC’s will be popping up everywhere.

Joy Behar wants politics in the CMA

What a nut, just when music FINALLY dumped politics from their award shows, focusing on the real reason people watch award shows – the get the fuck far away from every fucking else political on TV – the talk show host whined and complained that their doing that will ruin the country. ROFL BA/FOON She…

LGBT wrongthink

Ah there’s a new one, WRONG/THINK. Good way to describe HIV/AIDS but it’s used to describe a candidate for public office that would be elected who would “not be suitable” because of the way they think about those who are not straightsexual. Pelosi thinks her challenger is wrong on BLTw/G issues. Human Rights Campaign hammered…

Liberal retard Bernie Sanders introduces “Make Walmart Stuff More Expensive” bill

Demands minimum wage be 700 dollars an hour. This is what politician millionaires and other well to do’s do. They don’t care about you and me, they don’t care that it will cost more at Walmart, THEY DON’T SHOP THERE. Walmart has the lowest prices on just about everything. THAT IS WHAT PEOPLE WANT YOU…


Marcia Fudge should be the next Democrat speaker of the House. Kick Pelosi to the kurb. She is a rich snob. Fudge would be fantastic, good for their party, good for the country. She has a way to feed people that works. She has voted for gay rights, unlike lying Hillary. read more

FDA plans to ban e-flavors, does nothing about sugar

Typical of our fucked up government priorities, TEETH ROTTING SUGAR and fruity flavored cereals will not be banned, but the “harmful” e-fruity flavors that are added to vegetable glycerine which is harmless will be banned to protect underagers from getting hooked on vaping. Vaping is harmless, but if these hacks don’t go after it, they…

Consent “is as simple as making someone tea” is another FALSE/NARRATIVE

As usual the bandwagons are wrong. Sexual expression is as complicated as creating a famous painting. It’s not like making tea for someone. And yet again this doesn’t stop government from pushing flawed ideas.   feature image by skitterphoto free use

Racism is rampant

The very presence of a ‘black caucus’ is racist. We don’t need such division.   feature image of horse racing by Martin Damboldt see more of his works here

Conspiracy theorists are vindicated

It appears the “homeless” veteran and the couple that “got stuck” on the highway and helped the homeless vet get Go Fund Me money of $400,000 are all crooks. It’s official, they were both in on the SCAM. These kinds of scams people get away with on Go Fund Me all the time, this one…