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Ellen Page slams Chris Pratt

Wants the straight religious folk like him to listen to the LEGBTQR+ community.

Response from that community,

“Try and listen to the lgbtq community.” How can you not listen? THEY NEVER SHUT UP about it. They are obsessed with their sexuality.
While straight people are living their lives and involved in a variety of activities, the lgbtq community is out brow-beating the rest of us with all things sexual. There’s more to life. To the lgbtq community I would say…get your heads out of each other’s asses and do something productive.
We are tired of hearing about it.”

I would have to agree with that assertion.

The Thing’s death star stare

The newest toy thing the dodos in congress have to play with could not stand to celebrate low unemployment for blacks and hispanics and that sex traffickers are being rounded up and put in jail.

The Thing hates Immigrations and Customs Enforcement and wants it abolished.

How is it that people who hate the laws of the United States that are clearly there to protect people are in Congress now?

At least prior it was just full of bozos and liars.

I can hardly wait to see this thing destroy itself. Things often implode. Watch any monster movie. They are presented on C-SPAN all the time.

Things suck all the air out of a room and out comes all that carbon. It alone will cause the ice shelf to explode and rain dodos and con-servers all over the planet.

Things like this do not last. They are too full of themselves, too stupid, too in everyone’s face, too look at me and give me attention and if you don’t you die. See that in it’s face.

Spot hid.

Monsters that are infected with lies about how the governing bodies work should never be left alone without treatment. Give the thing some Horribly Incorrect Virology drugs. That will kill off the virus, yea, like it saved all my dead friends. Not one of these cult followers will acknowledge that.

The death stare is just another form of hate and bullying. Liars. Hypocrites.

He had HIV, he got over it

It’s cold and influenza season.

It’s the time of year where it’s more likely you could get HIV.

HIV – Human Influenza Virus.

Oddly enough the HIV test also finds Influenza Virus.

Ask your doctor how they determine the difference.

Watch his eyes.

See spot run.

Mandatory free health care checkups for IEAs

Since the liberal mania took hold with blaming Homeland Security for the death of 2 children that were brought hundreds of miles in cold December weather where pneumonias happen all the time, a new policy was implemented, to check everyone, which will cost us even more money on Illegal Entry Aliens (IEA).

Of course “if it helps even one child be saved”, as Oprah and other liberal hucksters have stated when they frequently pull on heart strings, “It will all be worth it”.

Worth it for them because all they care about how it helps themselves in things like ratings for TV shows or their foundations that get donations or merely so they feel like they are better than the President.

I will believe that as soon as they send their money to pay for all the extra costs.

Thing is, these children were sick because of their journey, their being poor, not having enough food, eating heavy fried tamales when they should be having tofu, so they arrived sick, and the border patrol had already done what they could to help by taking the children to hospitals already.

So once again we have an implementation of TMOR (Too Many Overactive Rules).

New epidemic discovered

As with HIV and AIDS definitions that killed my friends who would not listen to me and took horrible HIV drugs to kill what was a mistaken identity, I am concerned about the lingering and in some ways growing crazy liberal mindsets infecting many. There is a virus lurking and it infects the immune systems of all political bodies. No one body of politics is immune.

Like AIDS it’s caused by a virus called LIV, Liberal Immunoeieiodeficiency Virus.

It causes 29 different diseases of political ideas. LIV was discovered in Paris where it’s likely a cure for it will be discovered there similar to HIV the virus that causes unicorns to get LAID, Liberal Acquired Immune Deficiency.


feature image is in public domain and represents the fact that big ribbons can end up in fancy places and also represents to me how my friends were killed needlessly and horrifically by AIDS and HIV drugs in the gay holocaust that occurred from 1984 to present day 2018

Proof Trump is racist

Finally we have proof that the President of the United States is racist.

Trump signed a bill into law for naming a US Post Office after Captain Humayun Khan.

A Post Office is where humans have their packages, envelopes, and baskets of balls and bills sent to each other.

Humayun Khan was 27 when he died fighting with US troops. He was born to Pakistani parents in the United Arab Emirates and the family legally immigrated to reside in the United States. He became part of the United States Army.

Humayun is Muslim. He is a soldier. Humayun was awarded a Purple Heart. He is a true hero for billions of people.

He died on June 8, 2004 serving the country of the United States for freedom of all individuals around the world. His burial plot is pictured here.

His father Khizr Khan had criticized vehemently Trump during the Democrat National Convention before Trump was elected by non-racists in 2016.

At that convention, the father was accompanied with his wife who we also saw on stage at the podium.

She wore a solid blue draping with head cover at the Trump hating convention. Liberal retards attended that convention.

The father was FREE/TO/SAY what he thought of the then candidate Trump criticizing him as much as he wanted without any censorship because it was said in the USA where such freedoms are protected by fantastic soldiers and laws and constitutions that do not revisions every two years as some lunatics suggest.

Liberal retards are sure to criticize Trump on this racist move.

A man with the same name as the father once ruled Sayyid dynasty.

Khizr Khan is pictured below with his wife when they were angry with Trump being a nominee for president.

Title: Khizr Khan Trumps TheDonald.webm
Author: Voice of America

images of burial site public domain.

feature image of PHT by Billy Hathorn with permission via wikipedia.

PHT is known to lead people to better understandings of what racism is and what it is not and how many people can incorrectly be perceived incorrectly regarding racism. PHT stands for Purple Heart Trail and is used to emphasize how once again the use of acronyms are overused abused and used over and over again but but but but but.

Astronauts say science does not support Men on Mars

Probably because they know men have not yet made it to the moon.

Yet the rally will be to put men on Mars and the world will see it and believe as government agency could never pull off such a lie even though there would only be a handful of people who really could verify it was absolute.

Russia by the way is working right now to see if the USA actually landed OTM or not, they have their doubts now due to some pretty smart internet sleuths.


Now even William Shatner is afraid to allow anyone who asks for an autograph to put their arm around him because of the hysterical self absorbed bowel movements.

He’s been forced to do “sensitivity training” regarding his equestrian involvement. Careful, no compliments to women, they could be unwanted!

Society is being totally wrecked by all this garbage.

He’s trying to get Canada to stop banning classic songs! Are rap songs banned too. He must have a nice retirement.

Yes we all know lyrics and words are powerful. They can make people do things they would not normally do.

For example, that word that tells you when you are driving to STOP, it makes you do the opposite when no one’s looking, because you know that it doesn’t also say GO.


Congress, give up your salaries

Ocasio-Cortez dared Congressional members to give up their salaries during the partial shutdown.

There is no way in Washington,DC/HELL that would happen. All of these politicians vote in what works for themselves.

I would like to see each of them donate their salaries to homeless groups.


KTLA anchors ask the question “Is it bullying to public shame people when they steal”.

Yes it is.

The individual is accused. Does not get a jury trial. Assumed guilty.

Becomes a target of massive harassment and abuse.

Try to tell that to anyone who is on the anti-bullying bandwagon and see what happens.

You will be publicly shamed and harassed.

This happened to everyone who has ever tried to speak logically about viruses that magically started causing 29 different diseases that all HAVE different causes.

They call it HIV/AIDS and it’s the stupidest most illogical definition ever devised by hucksters that spread like wildfire by bandwagoneers due to hysteria and fear.

Wasserman wants teachers, students, and public defenseless

Vociferously opposes arming teachers with guns as a form of deterrent and protection from movie style massacres.

Claims there are better ways to protect students and teachers and prevent mass shootings.

Idiot Democrats like SHE/HE/WTVR keep present no real solution on how they will disarm all the thugs that keep going into illusionary gun free zones one that does not destroy the US constitution. They are full of shit. They have been making claims they have the answer for 60 years, more, how they will stop such things and it still has not happened even after all their restrictions. They constantly use fear as their hook for votes.

They should ban hooks. Those are used as weapons.



NY governor wants $25 billion of your taxes to build walls around a tunnel.

Trump should tie funding that to $25 billion border wall.



C*&^%Y eyes

I have no idea what they are talking about.

This censorship of bad words should stop, or, they should just stop writing articles that no one can understand or have need interpreters.

The latest was about an Asian who saw an offensive “racist” term written on a receipt. Who fucking cares and how the fuck is someone supposed to even know what not to do when you are not allowed to see what it is you are not allowed to do.

Journalism often gets pissed when they are censored then they censor things themselves. Such a double standard. Maybe there’s a website where we can punch in these terms and find out what they are or are those censored.

HBOs The Shop

I love fresh shows like this. It allows free expression to the hilt regarding a very touchy and goopy subject, the National Football League policies and the kneeling at games during anthems, and all it represents and makes people feel and think about.

It’s worth getting HBO.

Scarred face shaming

Someone out there, must be fair, balanced, truthful people in government and associations, are showing ads on TV that are attempting to scare people away from vaping by using images of scarred faces that are supposed to be vapers where the batteries exploded.

This is what you call SCAR SHAMING.


Wow what do you think this does for people’s self esteem who have scarred faces? For that matter, it makes me now feel bad about my scar, the one on my fucking dick they hacked when I was less than an hour of age.

Where’s the internet on this? Why aren’t they condemning scar shaming?

Oh some have.

These ads also have another negative effect, instead of vaping, kids will consider smoking more Earth friendly cigarettes which are safer.

Need more proof of the horrors of vaping? Read this rEddiT post:

I lost my best friend to vaping. It started as a dare. It’s safe, he told me, stop being so paranoid. He quickly became addicted and got written up for vaping at work in full view of horrified clients. But he couldn’t stop. Vaping had taken hold of him. His marriage fell apart. All he’d do was vape and watch Rip Trippers. His family fell apart and his wife and kids left him. Before long he was homeless and giving blowjobs for pods. Last week he passed away, naked and alone in a dark alley, Juul still in his mouth.

Vaping. Not even once.

So really, the incredibly rare scarring that occurs about 1 one hundred billionth the times kids lose their lives in cars that crash is not the problem, it’s all these other things that drive people who vape lives into the gutter as what happens with drugs, alcohol (legal with no 1/3 warning labels on the bottles), and marijuana which we know by Reefer Madness will ruin anyone it touches.


Fat shaming an otter is now not allowed by the SAP’s of the internet. They shame others who shame. Think about that.

Then we shame them for shaming. Before long all our heads explode and there is no need for nuclear weapons.

Frankly when I read what the post said I understood about as much as an otter would. I will be stupid shamed for that. Shaming for stupidity is fine with these people who are against fat shaming.

SAP – Social Authority Police – I have to keep telling everyone what these acronyms are even though they don’t do that for me when they use the LGBTQWEXY term AND A BILLION OTHER acronyms lazy language users KEEP POPPING OUT LIKE BABIES.

So the otter at the aquarium was fat and the people who ran the place posted socially some comments about HOW FAT IT WAS FAT LIKE THESE FAT FUCKING FAT LETTERS THAT ARE EQUALLY AS ANNOYING AS FUCKING FAT PEOPLE THAT TAKE UP TOO MUCH SEAT SPACE NEXT TO YOU and the shamers of fat otter shamers who are taking up too much airspace with their babbling.

So going on that, please you stupid SAPs don’t ever EVER CRITICIZE MY FAT LETTERS EVER GUCKING AGAIN.

sO the SAPs got mad and the Monterey Aquarium called for a learning moment.

What a bunch of crap. We are not supposed to talk about how fat otters are negatively why because they will feel bad and eat more chocolate then?

Fat people need to get a grip. Fat social shamers need to get their fat heads that have tiny brains out of their donkey’s asses.

Next these SAPs will be shaming people who TALK TOO LOUD.

So think about this whole NO FAT SHAMING cult, they are saying it’s wrong to fat shame people.

Ok, let’s look at that, they say it hurts people that are shamed.

Those people have feelings but an otter does not read these posts the aquarium posted about HOW/FAT IT/IS.

Even if it did or the staff said that around the otter, otters do not worry about such garbage. All this is about is those who are offended at those who are offended by others FATNESS are SIMPLY PRESENTING THEIR FATSTUPID IDEAS ABOUT WHAT SHAME is and is not incorrectly.

look up news articles on this story here


feature image shows an otter wondering what the fuck is wrong with human beings

Chick-Fil-A 3rd largest food chain

Lotta good that QWERTY community based boycott did.

I wonder how many of those boycotting got hungry smelling all that good food being prepared ended up going through the drive-thru.

The other boycott that didn’t do anything was Laura Ingraham on Fox News by the goofball Hogg who’s fighting to get rid of all the public’s rights to own guns. Hitler did this too. Made it safe for the public. Then he could tell who he wanted to leave.

It’s funny, the gay community is so hell bent against CFA for not supporting gay marriage, yet they wanted Hillary to be president, after she was senator, lied to the gays saying she would vote for gay marriage and then voted no.

Seems the boycotts are misdirected.

Boycott Hillary.



Schools discriminate against men

Kursat Pekgoz filed complaint saying that schools are routinely discriminating with their women-only groups. You go girl!

It’s interesting to look at what Yale states “all Yale women and non-binary femme students, alumni, faculty staff, and community members”.

Non-binary femme?

Let’s see what the internet says on this definition at

Nonbinary (Also Non-Binary): Preferred umbrella term for all genders other than female/male or woman/man, used as an adjective (e.g. Jesse is a nonbinary person). Not all nonbinary people identify as trans and not all trans people identify as nonbinary. Sometimes (and increasingly), nonbinary can be used to describe the aesthetic/presentation/expression of a cisgender or transgender person.

Note, they don’t list FAG as a term even though it is one. I like that term, it’s earthy, strong willed, full of spunk. What fag doesn’t like spunk.

Ok, so according to the term definitioners, the human with a dick can be “dressed as a woman” whatever the fuck that would be as humans with vaginas often dress like humans with cocks, that is, pants and button down shirts, and be in this group but the human with a cock cannot if he dresses like he always has wearing a button down shirt and pants.

To make this perfectly clear, their definition at Yale already allows men to attend as what the fuck is their last sentence saying, basically that anyone who is who they were born to be or who they feel they want to present themselves as can be there, meaning anyone can attend.

Need more proof that society as a whole in the United States already discriminates more against man than women, look at circumcision, the common practice of hacking off the foreskin on baby boys dicks, which for some make their faces uglier than ever namely Sandra Bullocks ugly face.

Caricatures are next

Exaggerations are normal in comedy and art yet when certain ones make certain people uncomfortable or offended they disappear.

In this week’s episode of as the offended turn on free enterprise, we see Prada apologizing.

Monkeys or space aliens as some see them cannot be presented with big red lips in our progressive world without small numbers of people who don’t embrace art forcing the art to be censored.

The claim by these few loud voices is that they are racist.

Art is seen a variety of ways. A child looks at it and sees an alien. A teen might see the big lips as botox treatments on a model.

Caricatures exaggerate facial features and have been a staple of carnivals and other venues. They are in some of the most famous artists works around the world.

They are next as they are all racist. Exaggerating facial features is racist. One race has small nose. Another has large nose. Showing them in any way other than normal is racist.

Thing is about racism, even this discussion is racist. We are separating out differences. The only way to end racism is to make everyone look exactly the same. There are some movies that have done this in the science fiction world.

People who claim this Prada art is wrong are living in a science fiction world.

Prada did nothing wrong other than caving.

These characters are so cute!

Otto and Toto were the two singled out for looking incorrect because of their big lips. Think about this.

This matter gets 3rd place for this years lunacy award.

Separate and equal

The feminist group which in it’s name by itself is racist – anyone else sick of this shit.

Swedish festival separated the men putting them into a penned area to protect the women from rape.

They called it “man free”.

So sexist.

They were slammed by equality laws.

The transgenders were to be left with the women, that would include those who still retained male body parts.

This gets second place for lunacy awards this year.


L – Liberty

G – Guns

B – Beer

T – Trump

You’re welcome!


Naked furprotesters laying in a pile of themselves with fake blood on them don’t seem to understand logic.

Their display presents to me the obvious need to keep ourselves warm with fur coats as humans don’t have much fur.

They were trying to use this as a display to convince people that humans could stay warm in winter without fur?

These silly humans keep doing such illogical things! All I can think of today after seeing this odd display as I sit in this freezing no-heat room right now is how wonderfully warm I would be with a real fur coat, whereas I would not have to use fossil fuels at all to stay warm, and thus, I would save the planet without having to manufacture things that would do it for me, all of which would use fossil fuels that are destroying the planet.

feature image of a sweatcoat is free to use and displays a missing person who might have ended up at this insane protest

Cars and trucks that smoke ignore FDA requirements

How is it that cars and trucks are allowed to mess up our air and humans are increasingly being backed into a corner when it comes to so called tobacco products that don’t even mess up the air any more than cooking on a stove does.

Cars and trucks vaporize fuels and spew out worse toxins all day long. They emit all sorts of toxins and it’s allowed.

Vaping does not spew out toxins.

These agencies act like dictators.

We need to go ahead and vape all we want outdoors until they ban cars and trucks.

Indoors may be more of a courtesy and an annoyance thing with vaping but cars and truck smoke is annoying and harmful.


DUI prop-o-gander

We have been brainwashed to believe that BAC which is “Blood Alcohol Content” has to be low so we can allegedly “catch all these drunk drivers” much like the brainwashing that occurred and continues regarding TUV – The Unicorn Virus – which is the same as HIV and the wasteland of Truvada which is an AIDS drug that doubles as a preventive labeled as PReP. I have spoken at length about the damage that acronyms cause and I find the promotion of these products disgusting.

The concepts for DUI catch and process have been promoted and spurred on by what is now powerful organizations like MADD and others.

News stations jump into the drama. Citizen groups buy it and sell it as well. Utah now lowered their limit in order to “protect it’s citizens”. Cheers and praise.

When we look at the Devil found in details though we see comments like this as seen on the article about Utah’s new lowered limit at Daily Mail:

So if this is true and I am not necessarily assuming it is, the reality is that this is a money maker that is one of those “proactive” things where they are following the principle of grab all the possible offenders you can and sort through it all later, and watch the money pour in for our pensions.

It all ends up becoming another thing that the authorities use to promote themselves to the public. They set up more roadblocks to catch these under the influencers which have been lumped into the same basket as drunk drivers, but voters and communities should be very concerned about this kind of policing.

The attention that’s placed on catching these people who had a beer or two who really don’t cause the horrible accidents that are used to promote lowering limits takes away from policing and catching those who are actually drunk and are a fantastic danger to the public.

All the resources used to catch Joe Blow and Holly Homemaker that are driving home after happy hours or out with friends having had a drink or two and are not at all drunk would be better used in catching those who do get drunk.

Put resources at a check point and you don’t have those resources driving around watching for those who are weaving in and out of traffic & speeders that are a massive danger.

And now with legal marijuana this may become a gold mine.

Buy Butte Beer


A beer being brewed and sold for the ‘spress purpose of helping those affected and harmed by the wild fires in Northern California’s Paradise and other areas that burned to the ground.

Resilience Butte County Proud IPA should hit the market in mid-late December more than 17,000 barrels—or 4.2 million pints—strong. Every dollar Sierra Nevada receives will go to those impacted by the Camp Fire.

Go buy you some.


New definition of HIV/AIDS

Bla bla bla ya ra bla za ble bley bla bla bla ya ra bla za ble bley bla bla bla ya ra bla za ble bley bla bla bla ya ra bla za ble bley bla bla bla ya ra bla za ble bley bla bla bla ya ra bla za ble bley bla bla bla ya ra bla za ble bley bla bla bla ya ra bla za ble bley bla bla bla ya ra bla za ble bley bla bla bla ya ra bla za ble bley bla bla bla ya ra bla za ble bley bla bla bla ya ra bla za ble bley bla bla bla ya ra bla za ble bley bla bla bla ya ra bla za ble bley bla bla bla ya ra bla za ble bley bla bla bla ya ra bla za ble bley bla bla bla ya ra bla za ble bley bla bla bla ya ra bla za ble bley bla bla bla ya ra bla za ble bley bla bla bla ya ra bla za ble bley bla bla bla ya ra bla za ble bley bla bla bla ya ra bla za ble bley bla bla bla ya ra bla za ble bley bla bla bla ya ra bla za ble bley bla bla bla ya ra bla za ble bley bla bla bla ya ra bla za ble bley bla bla bla ya ra bla za ble bley bla bla bla ya ra bla za ble bley bla bla bla ya ra bla za ble bley bla bla bla ya ra bla za ble bley bla bla bla ya ra bla za ble bley bla bla bla ya ra bla za ble bley bla bla bla ya ra bla za ble bley bla bla bla ya ra bla za ble bley bla bla bla ya ra bla za ble bley bla bla bla ya ra bla za ble bley bla bla bla ya ra bla za ble bley bla bla bla ya ra bla za ble bley bla bla bla ya ra bla za ble bley bla bla bla ya ra bla za ble bley bla bla bla ya ra bla za ble bley bla bla bla ya ra bla za ble bley bla bla bla ya ra bla za ble bley bla bla bla ya ra bla za ble bley bla bla bla ya ra bla za ble bley bla bla bla ya ra bla za ble bley bla bla bla ya ra bla za ble bley bla bla bla ya ra bla za ble bley bla bla bla ya ra bla za ble bley bla bla bla ya ra bla za ble bley bla bla bla ya ra bla za ble bley bla bla bla ya ra bla za ble bley bla bla bla ya ra bla za ble bley bla bla bla ya ra bla za ble bley bla bla bla ya ra bla za ble bley bla bla bla ya ra bla za ble bley bla bla bla ya ra bla za ble bley bla

That’s what HIV/AIDS is. If you look closely at all that with an electron microscope and you don’t have a test to sell, you will see the virus there and what it does and does not do.

There’s no need to be alarmed, that’s basically what happens, there’s all this babble, then a new term that describes basically the same thing we had before, babbleviruses.

The HIV part is just harmless babblevirus made from cell debris turned into into a scary monster by expert story tellers.

The AIDS part is a new acronym for old ones – ID – IMMUNE/DEFICIENCY which is caused by too much alcohol, sugar, drugs, over indulgence during holidays, which is acquired at holiday parties.

Go get tested with a bogus testing modality sold as fantastic handy dandy tester that does everything no test ever could and if you are gay especially having what humans have had since the beginning of the atom, sex, you can add the A and the S and walah you have a new product.

Some people just don’t get it though.


One study said that 17% of Americans want Santa to be gender neutral.

They wish for Santa to do what they do to man’s so called best friend where they hack off ornaments.

I find what they do to creatures offensive. I want to live in a society where people do not bother me with their body part hacking and their hacking of the body parts of living creatures while telling me I need to accept what they do. They hacked my cock when I was 2 minutes old. Fuck your socially accepted hacking off body parts.

I find it offensive that people tell me how I should be socially wrong like they are as well. Fuck your socialist demands. You lie when you call it socially correct and politically correct.

Those people can suck their pompous ass lunacy of hacking off living things.

Instead of spending $45,000 on gender reassignment how about feeding a living creature and going to therapy. Do you know how much food that would buy a starving dog that’s waiting for the gas chamber?

How about accepting yourself the way you were born because you were born that way and accepting Santa the way he was born.

And while we are atit, fuck my blog.

Diversity turned inside out

So the battle cries are for diversity.

Soon as we have an India Day Festival though, suddenly it’s said to be racist and must be banned.

The demand is that there can only be Indians appearing and “representing my country” properly.

The reason, the performance was filled with Europeans.

Ok, so from now on when we do a European performance, we can also be a crybaby and stomp our feet and demand that only Europeans can represent their country properly, not Indians or any other group.

See who’s racist.

See Spot run the hell away from all this bullshit.

LOUD/MOUTH resister now says saying gay is like colored

Sarah Silverman is one of the many ruling leaders of the elitist resist movement, a movement that reminds me of bowel movements, the ones that are smelly and runny.

The confused acc-tress thinks that calling someone colored is like calling someone gay and thinks she can come up with other words to use instead of gay.

All I can say is THATS/SO/STRAIGHT.

She’s also said that batchelorettes are faggots.

Never mind that the word GAY was hijacked by the queer community in the 60’s.

Next up, don’t say rainbow.



Man is killed by FALL/FROM Christmas tree

Let’s take the David Hogg and Oprah approach to this, if only one person is saved by banning Christmas trees and guns, it will all be worth it.

reference the story about the poor man who died because of Christmas here

Venezuelans regret gun ban, ‘a declaration of war against an unarmed population’

That’s the headline.

“Under the direction of then-President Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan National Assembly in 2012 enacted the “Control of Arms, Munitions and Disarmament Law,” with the explicit aim to “disarm all citizens.””

This takes us to the lunatic liberals here in the US. If David Hogg, the CNN actor, hates guns so much he should go live in Venezuela which is crumbling under the socialist dictatorship.


Record number businesses LEAV/ING liberal California

Once again we see them leaving in record numbers.

That’s what the fake news says anyway.

There are also record numbers of new businesses being grown from seeds and sprouting up like weeds in liberal California.

News is ALL/SHIT.

Joshua Trump forced out of school by liberal bullies

The 11 year old is being harassed so much at school by liberal retards’ children who call him an idiot.

LIBERAL/RETARDS are such nasty SOBLTG’s I refuse to be around them anymore as all they do is talk retarded, bash Trump, adore themselves, talk about Instagram.

MSNBC host needs to flip burgers

Mika Brzezinski as a host on Morning Joe vomited a GBT slur calling a dictator a “wanna be butt boy”.

It’s not what she said that I take issue with, I could care less, speak how you like, it’s that they need to be consistent in their manner as they trash others for “saying the wrong thing” and “offending people” and calling for others to be fired, etc. so her ass should be let go by the network MSNBC who hired her and let her go work at McDonalds where she is needed and can handle orders without flipping off people.

To make amends and correct the situation, she apologized, claims she should have said “waterboy”.


Hon, obviously you do not know anything about anything.

Activate activity actively proactively actively

Let’s be proactive and change the stupid term proactive to what it really is, a hyperactive active active professional.

Stop saying proactive and while at it drop the inane annoying term team player.

You do not want to be a hyperactive professional team player that no one wants to be around on or off the desk.

San Fran creates a trans gender district

This sounds eerily like separate but equal.

WTF are cities creating separate districts for in 2018. I thought we were all equal.

It’s referred to as TLGB. Keep that straight kiddies. The T is now first. I guess it depends, have to rotate, if you talk about transgenders you will be expected to put the T first SANTO.

SANTO – So As Not To Offend

various articles discuss this stupid designation

Flipping off government officials

After 10 grueling years the man could not get a legal approval from the town to build a garage for his business on his property so he built public art, all legally of course. It’s lit all the time.

I would say it’s a scareflip used to flip off birds.

Ocasio-Kookez claims she has subpoena power

Once again this “not even in office as Sentator yet” politician is claiming she will be able to do things that she will not be by any stretch be given power to do.

She is the sleaziest sales pitcher lying politician I have ever witnessed in my lifetyme.

Are there not exams one must take before being deemed qualified to be in such a position?

Apparently not.

This should be first on Congress agenda. Then again, if they did that, they’d all be gone.


feature image of Washington The Peace Monument, notice the woman crying on shoulder of stone faced friend, she’s actually not crying, she’s covering her face after finding out how stupid politicians are after laughing about it embarrassingly, the sculptor decided to leave that in.

Have not learned their ABC’s

There are some elementary principles that some liberals just have not learned.

ABC’s news anchors Terry Moran and Devin Dwyer cracked jokes during the former president 1st Bush funeral.

They just HAD/TO bring in Trump.

Obviously suffer from TDS.

They said Trump’s funeral would have more trumpets and fanfare as a play on their perception of Trump having an ego bigger than their own.

It’s very clear who has the bigger ego and who’s not as smart and who’s INSENSITIVE which is always the buzz these liberal retard hypocrites throw out at others.

They are bullies.

Satanic church installs expressive in state building

If the Christians can do it so can they.

The Temple of Satan installed a small statue entitled Snaktivity. The pedestal that this stands on says Knowledge Is The Greatest Gift. This would be acronymized as KITGG.

This is fantastic. I am all for equality.

Of course many religious freaks are Christianing out about this.

Save $19k spend $40k

California math.

Governing bodies made it mandatory for new homes and some apartment buildings be equipped with solar panels. They say it saves over 30 long years about $19 thousand but these panels cost between $25 thousand and $40 thousand so solar energy then as mandated costs these new home owners more.

Plus they are black. Why are solar panels in black even allowed.

They should be painted white after installed as to reflect the sun and save the planet from warming as we know global cooling has ceased to exist in our political climate change.

Rich developer “sacrifices” sale of building to house other rich people

Caryn Kramer, the owner of Blue Wave Solutions, decided it was more important to provide housing for a family from one of the richest areas of the state that was displaced, losing their home to fire. The community is Calabasas that the family is from.

Oh this is so touching, like touching a finger to back of throat and vomiting.

These people all have insurance. They all have portfolios and make gobs of money. They may even have Apple stock that as they invested $5,000 now have $1,000,000.

They have incomes. They have been housed but had to move around some.

This woman will benefit from publicity. They all will do fine.

Let me know when she opens up her building to those on skid row.


George Bush cries

In tears at eulogy of his dead father.

Says he was the best father a son or daughter could ever have.

Liberal retard social constructives will condemn this as being insensitive to all other fathers.

They will say it’s not equal and not fair to place his father on a pedestal higher than all other fathers.

If they don’t they are not being consistent with their retarded equality and sensitivity training.

Ice pick control

Still no calls for ice pick control after the dude’s roomate gives him a choice, be murdered as he sat tied in a chair and his body dumped in the desert in Utah, or have an ice pick hammered into his dick.

Democrats have not screamed once for ice pick control even though owning an ice pick is not a guaranteed Constitutional right while they push to criminalize private gun sales.

Republicans don’t call for gun control or criminalizing private gun sales thus they are presenting themselves balanced once again and clearly show they are not retarded or cons using emotion to win elections as Democrats do regularly.

“While the Democrats’ gun control push will not prevent mass shootings, it will criminalize a grandfather for passing his goose gun to his grandson without government permission. It will also criminalize a mother who gives her college-age daughter a revolver for self-defense without first getting government permission.”


Regulating vices

Government tried to ban alcohol during the PROHIBITION period in the early 1900’s and it failed. Made matters worse.

Government banned marijuana, look at it now, it’s become legal everywhere, because, once again, banning it failed and now I kick myself for not buying that cheap one acre plot of land where now sits a commercial pot farm.

Desperate for something to do now FDA is hyping up the risks to teens with vaping. Vaping is vaporizing liquid into a cloud. Mother Earth vapes all the time.

“Raymond March is a Research Fellow at the Independent Institute, Assistant Professor of Agribusiness and Applied Economics at North Dakota State University, and Director of” and has a good article about this located here though I think I’m the first to compare vaping to the atmosphere.


Feature image by pixabay and is free to use for both personal and commercial purposes without need for attribution. Notice the teddy bear sitting in the clouds talking down to a friend warning him about the dangers of making clouds. The above article reference is presented by an institute that gets an outstanding rating by Charity Navigator.

Border walls don’t stop coyotes from eating or dropping children

Other things stop coyotes from eating children but border walls clearly do not stop them from being dropped into arms below in the quest to “merely want jobs” which they do illegally instead of legally.

Let’s see here, if you own a video store and someone comes in and illegally walks out with a video or legally walks out with a video which do you prefer?

Are you as an owner going to do nothing to stop the illegals?

France’s riots are about climate change

It’s because Macron, the elitist like Gore, are all about taxing people for using gasoline, so they can use it to invest in carbon reducing in order to save the world faster than a speeding Supertransexual.

The rioters are supported by 70% of the population. This includes people who work for a living and drive from the suburbs and country to the cities and cannot afford to have taxes added to their monthly fuel bills to support elitists who then channel those funds into companies they invest in and profit from.

Tim Cook gets awarded

The “Anti Defamation League” gave it to him. The organization is all about standing up for Jews making sure they are there first to fight against anything disparaging said against Jews which would include what certain religions do and do not do.

So when the guy grows up from being a boy and realizes that line on his cock is a scar from having part of his cock sliced off by a Jewish doctor and that the procedure was initiated by Jews and not gentiles, and he says he hates that doctor, the ADL comes in to condemn his statements as hate and untolerable anti-semitism filled with hate and multi-billionaires throw him off their platform.

This is called anti-platforming.

And why not just say antiJew? Because using new words is a technique. They did this with pneumonia, turning it into HIV/AIDS with wild new associations on it’s platform.

Tim Cook banned “hate” off Apple platforms. He gets the award.

Tim Cook has not banned promoting the hacking off of baby boys dick parts on his platform, it’s a religious ritual that is sacred!

Nor has the Anti Defamation League condemned the defamation of baby penis skin on it’s platform.

Hitler banned Jews from his platforms. He was awarded.

See the chicken with it’s penis hacked by a Jew cross the road in terror trying to get to PETA, and the farmer running after it mad as hell about what was done to his chicken little, who then finds himself on the platform across the street, banned from being there because he “is filled with hate”.

See chicken little get mad because it feels the sky is falling and no one did anything about climate change as others get an award be removed from his platform.


EnvironMENTAL groups losing battle against border wall

These mentalists are more concerned about Pluto than they are of you and you being protected by INTRUDERS.

Let me know, please, when these MENTALISTS leave their home doors wide open/unlocked, tear down the walls around their property, and give homes to all these illegal immigrants, then I will listen to them babble.

The Supreme Court has declared that Trump is right, he is not violating any laws, and thus, Rachel Maddow and many others are all full of crap as they, like their predecessors, push lies that other people tell as if it’s all solid fact.

These medias did this with HIV the biggest lie in health care ever created.

Restrooms are not about gender

The entire argument is all wrong.

Restrooms are about sexual behavior.

The reason they are separated by sex is because most people are heterosexual and we don’t feel comfortable toileting in front of those who are sexually aroused creeps.

There have always been fewer homosexuals and for many decades it was so closeted that rest rooms were not a problem with sexual behavior……


And for a long time prior restrooms/bathrooms were less private than they are today, fewer partitions.

Thus, the laws are currently wrong if we are going to include transgenders in whatever bathroom they choose.

They should be labeled not man and woman but instead by sexual preference.

The man who is attracted to women who has a sex change to woman needs to use the men’s room.

Then we have the problem of sexual preference again.

The man changed to a woman who was a man and is as a woman attracted to women will be found attractive to men in the men’s room.

Like this never happens at copy machines at the office.

So is a rest room about gender or sexual behavior?

NO. It’s about eliminating things we don’t want, like HIV.

Death panels are back

Cortez Ocasio wacko has a lot in common with the Sarah Palin, latest is talk about death panels.

Palin complained there would be these if we went to Obamacare.

Ocasio complains there are already death panels.


Once again, Ocasio TOPS Palin for being the stupidest politician on the planet.

Like the fantasy HIV, death panels also do not exist.

Ocasio also went a step further, out to the Moon. She compares her win to doing the impossible, going to the Moon and the accomplishment of providing electricity everywhere.

We have not been to the Moon and providing electricity was not impossible and it took a very long time with a lot of hard work none of it done by those on socialist programs that Ocasio hails as the best thing since sliced bread, which of course she will someday compare herself to along with Jesus.

This political THING is so fucking full of her self. She won in a HEAVY ANTI-TRUMP DISTRICT.

A cockroach could have won there. Some say one did.

She’s the biggest LYING POLITICIAN ever created.

Fighting “climate change” is more wasteful than adapting to it

The methods prescribed by hucksters (like that of Al Gore The God Of Climate End Is Nearisms) reminds me of the fight on AIDS.

I don’t like fighting as a solution. Strange thing, most of those who join the war on AIDS are against war on countries. Why would it be better to drop atomic bombs made of AIDS drugs on helpless cells? War is war too many casualties.

The war on climate change makes certain people pushing it mighty rich. Then what do they do with their money? They don’t build tiny energy efficient homes for the homeless, no, they build palaces for themselves that waste energy. Then they buy limousines and extra cars that waste gasoline. Then they heat and cool their homes then buy more homes and heat and cool those.

These people are full of shit.

War is not the answer. Fighting change is not the answer. Adaptation is.

Even if the planet heats up, well then guess what happens, Northern parts of the world all become rich productive farming areas. Populations shift, governments change. Birds stop going south for the winter. Fish in the sea change their patterns of swim and location. Change happens. It’s happened since the ice ages. Mother Earth is in charge, not humans.

But that is not nature nor does it make any sense for the planet to not be able to cool itself when it is surrounded with frigid below zero temperatures in space of 456 degrees below zero farenheit.

Give me that gaseous warm carbon dioxide blanket honey, you are hogging it again.

Cure for HIV in sight

World AIDS Day ushered in yet another of 7,098,153,520,356 claims that there would be a cure for HIV coming soon to a theater near you even though theaters don’t exist anymore than HIV does…..WELL they ARE hard to find like HIV anyway.

HIV does not exist. You cannot find a cure for something that does not exist. If you want to say it exists as a label sure it exists, but the definition of this label is so wacky it’s like believing that unicorns exist because they look like horses and horses exist.

Grindr owner believes marriage is between a man and a woman


It just doesn’t get any better than that.

Grindr is the most popular mobile application that homos use to hook up.


Border walls are racist

Liberal Communist Youngest Woman Elect For Congress (LCYWEFC) believes a wall has the ability to be racist.

I’m not going to be saying this ditwit’s name anymore as all that does is just give her more publicity which this drama fiend craves.

The woman makes Sarah Palin look like a rocket scientist who also holds degrees in electron microscopy who is also King of Frussia and adored by her people.

So here we have illegals coming across the border and we have others that wait in line for years.

How is this fair to those who wait one asks of this idiot yet the Liberal Communist Youngest Woman Elect For Congress (LCYWEFC) calls the border wall at Mexico racist and wants NO BORDER WALL THERE AT ALL.

She’s either the most full of shit politician ever created, or she’s the stupidest.


The dog took a shit in the yard and got arrested

Translogical transexuality proponents don’t seem to understand that their argument that men who turn into women who were born male but get messed up in the head and think they are really women or want to be such, do not have innate rights to use whatever bathroom they want any more than if they felt they were a bitch instead of human that they would be allowed to shit in public on someone’s front lawn.


Country that treats women better than men

No outrage by feminists here.

The country does not execute women who are criminals. The men were executed in the dictatorship.

Why does Ellen not take a stand for equality?

Where is the ABDCTPEORMOWQWERTYLDGBG community on equality?

Trump will shut down the border permanently and shut down Congress

Woo hoo finally a leader who isn’t a pussy.

Rocks and bottles were thrown at agents by the caravan that rushed the border putting them in serious danger.

Democrats want no border controls, that would fix the problem of endangered agents. Then when these people rush 7-11’s when in our country and take jobs from citizens and take what they want where ever they go as they are here illegally, there their solution is let them have what ever they want and blame Trump for the problem.

Republicans want a better wall.

You decide which is better.

Why does Barbara Streisand keep alienating half her audience

She keeps making stupid political statements now saying that people who need people who support Trump vote the way their husbands vote.

She’s becoming more and more less needing of people in her old age I suppose.

Entertainers should really stick to what they are good at and thus after they are gone leave a rather fine legacy rather than one that pissed off an entire group of people, millions of them, who might not bring her flowers any more.

Deeming a threat

The liberal retards enact and keep pushing for laws deemed “Red Flag” laws that take away guns from someone deemed to be a threat to themselves or others.

Their bass ackwards logic of course does not apply to taking away automobiles and smart phones from people who are a threat to themselves and others who drive and text. Cop pulls over someone texting, writes a ticket, they go on their merry way texting as usual.

It does make these liberal retards feel better though and that’s the bottom line for them.

Rarely would those laws be used effectively nor are they stopping the plague of fake and real shootings.

No gay marriage in Taiwan

Sad. Voters rejected it.

So now liberals will be mad at democracy which they embrace only when it suits their needs.

They used to be depicted as warriors

Now the politically psychotic crowd depicts the Indians as victims.

Note the slings and arrows being thrown at the black comedian Kevin Hart who does not pile on Trump like other idiots do) regarding a kids birthday party with the theme “Cowboys & Indians”.


French elitist president OUT/OF/TOUCH

The reason for the protests is the tax on diesel fuel. The reason the president claims the need for the tax is to save the world from global warming.

“Macron has so far held strong and insisted the fuel tax rises are a necessary pain to reduce France’s dependence on fossil fuels and fund renewable energy investments — a cornerstone of his reforms for the nation. He will defend fresh plans to make the “energy transition” easier next week.”

So here we have the ultimate in climate elitism. Fuck the regular Joes, we have to save the universe!

Climate doom is bullshit. It’s a con game for control that once again comes from Democrats.

Democrats started racial segregation

How’s this for a twist, it’s the Democratic party that created segregation as a legal framework. NO it was not Republicans, it was Democrats that cunningly worked that in so that they could be in political power.

Look up the origins of Jim Crow laws

Now they are using the Confederate Flag as their tool to segregate. Look around, everywhere you see there are now Democrats waving the Confederate Flag in your face calling it evil. They lie about it’s symbolism. They lie about it’s history. They lie about it’s true meanings.

They want it out of the Mississippi flag and now that the tight election is being redone, it gives them the chance to gain power once again as they bash the Republican woman. Notice how they don’t support women’s rights anymore. What they want is power to be your master.

Republicans tend to say “You MASTER your own life”.

The liberal crap press is now bringing that segregation matter into view, presenting that the Republican went to a segregated school.

So did everyone there. That was the law CREATED BY THE FUCKING DEMOCRATIC PARTY.

Think stupidity

Think Progress compares recall of Romaine lettuce to guns.

They say they are shocked the US will recall lettuce but not recall guns.

They claim 10 x more people are killed each year by guns.

This shows the stupidity of the liberals. Lettuce is food. It is not used as a form of protection. It is not a guaranteed right to own for protection.

The framers of the US Constitution knew people needed to be armed with guns to protect themselves, their property, and their lettuce.

The framers of the US Constitution knew that being armed with lettuce was not a way to protect themselves thus no need to make that an unalienable right.

Government can take your lettuce. Government cannot take your guns.

Socialist claims hard work is what made her succeed

Really now. The radical socialist who is the youngest woman in Congress now, well, she claims the reason she won is her hard work, so much knocking on doors that it wore out her shoes which are now on display.

If she really was a socialist she would claim that she’s not the winner, that her challenger is also the winner, she would share her win.

This woman is acting more and more like a capitalist every day.

Socialists want everyone to succeed, giving, sharing the wealth, making those with more give to others.

Is she going to share her big Congressional salary? Let’s watch her vote for her taxes to go up to 95% of her income!

Who want’s to bet on that.

Politicians are all full of IT.


image snap from website 11/22/18 at 2:04 pm pt


Fuck gender neutrality

DO NOT INCLUDE ME IN YOUR SICK TRANSGENDER DEMANDS, I am gay, I am not mentally disturbed where I want to cut off my body parts.

How dare you and your activist friends force your choices to change your gender and the following ramifications of that on others.

We want our bathrooms to be gendered.

She’s a Christian photographer and can not be forced to photograph fags like us

Good for her and other artists like her.

I am not into forcing people into taking my picture. Apparently some control freaks are into this kind of force though in the wacky BLT+Q community.

Fuck that.

The way she gets around the new “equality” laws is she does not have a storefront.

Faux socialism

The new youngest congressit wears a $3,500 pantsuit and presents herself as socialist.

What a crock.