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Again, where are liberal retards on rock control

A police officer was hit in the head with a rock, then killed with his own gun. No call by Democrats to control rocks. Democrats positions on gun control are completely illogical. reference

Never Trumpers humiliated again

The definition of insanity is when you keep bashing your head against the wall over and over and never stop. Liberals not only keep bashing their heads against the wall they drive their cars through it and expect to get where they are going. Trump is a wall hon. read and learn  

The migrant parents get their kids to the US illegally exactly as planned

While the fake medias keep pushing the lefts lie of a narrative about the “poor children” separated, many of the parents are leaving the kids here with the USA to take care of now which was their exact intention, whereas the kids then get sent to family members in the USA, and the parents who…

Kelsey Grammer says “reproductive right” is a dishonest name for abortion

I agree. I do not believe abortion is good, necessary, healthy, but rather selfish. I believe more people are killed by “reproductive rights” than guns that is as long as you consider living things that look like people, are persons. LIVING THINGS THAT LOOK LIKE PEOPLE ARE PERSONS Kelsey Grammer was a fantastic regular on…

A case for gun control

After reading this, yes, I believe in gun control….. A Dallas woman shot a suspected carjacker in the head after he tried swiping her SUV at a gas station — while her two small children were inside. The mom was controlling a gun. She used it IMMEDIATELY. So yes I advocate for gun control, the…

Feminist equality delusionists get “boys will be boys” shirt banned

I guess it’s ok to have “boys will be girls” though. “I just think that it allows boys to do whatever they want because they are boys. It gives them an excuse for inappropriate behavior. If a girl hurts someone or does something, you never hear someone that says girls will be girls,” she snapped….

Mandate individuals

The “individual mandate” to buy health insurance irked conservatives for a decade. Now with a Trump in the WH and C they got it rolled back. Walmart is be proud. I don’t have a problem with mandate to buy health insurance. I think it’s necessary. I like Obama care even though I hate a lot…

Typically liberal librarians rewrite award history

They are recinding the literary award they gave to Laura Ingels Wilder. They say her concepts from the 1800’s don’t reflect modern inclusiveness in society. Well then we might as well have a book burning of all the literary works celebrating 4th of July as the entire country at that time celebrated slavery, prejudice, etc….

Trump offers the lying “Pocahontas” Senator Warren $1M to take DNA/TEST

Senator Elizabeth Lying Warren went to expensive prestigious universities by claiming she was an American Indian, getting all sorts of free stuff because of it. Trump sees through her bullshit, constantly calls her Pocahontas. It’s a HOOT. The idiot liberals focus their attention on falsely claiming that is a racist statement. Sure it is, it’s…

Attention getting clown climbs Statue of Liberty

We can’t build the walls fast enough, they are even climbing the Statue of Liberty to get in. The climber, she’s from Africa congo, not the best schools there. She claims it’s about protesting border policy. Says children do not belong in cages. Well duh we all believe that, but when they come across our…