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Christmas is the most self centered day of the entire year

This illusion that it’s all about giving to others is bullshit.

Think this through.

  1. we refuse to not do it because we are worried what others would say, react, feel about us
  2. we insist on doing it because we are thinking of our own needs, I mean like to not do it we would be alone on Christmas, yes indeed, self centered
  3. we insist on doing it every year because it makes us feel good, again, self centered
  4. we think about what we will get for presents
  5. we waste money on people we know who do not need the stuff to make ourselves feel better while we ignore those who live on the streets as we don’t feel good dealing with such crap and it doesn’t make us feel good to give to those who can’t give back who we will never see again nor are our friends who will keep saying how much fun they had at our Christmas gathering, again self centered
  6. when we give to the homeless or needy and hungry we do it for ourselves because we feel better

Doesn’t make it wrong, just clarifying that it’s self centered.

NBC goes after veteran amputee who’s helping BTW

BTW – Build The Wall

Scumbag liberal slant NBC ran a story accusing him of violations on liberal social website that’s very popular.

I learned long ago being popular, like in school, does not make you better.

Fox News is popular, it does not make it better than NBC or others either.

Other news sites run that he may have to issue refunds to all donors.

All this is crap news as usual.

view some of the articles here or instead go help a homeless person with your time it’s more rewarding

Media lies about nicotine addictions

The popularized medias have stories about vaping with nicotine containing juices are so addictive.

These claims fly in the face of what vapers say such as this from an article in the e-cig discussion section of found here:

“When I smoked and didn’t have a cig I was a pissed off bear. I vape 12-18mg nicotine and can put my vape down for hours with almost 0 cravings.”

Maybe it’s not the nicotine that’s causing the addictions at all.

Since learning how science can be manipulated to favor those who profit from certain findings I would not be surprised if we have been deceived on nicotine.

AD/BANS question mark

The article at Breitbart says that the housewife will not be allowed as a portrayal in advertising in Britian advertising, an advertising industry wide crackdown of evil gender stereotypes is coming, as we hear someone yelling “The British crackdown is coming, the British crackdown is coming” and of course who else would it be, Paul Revere’s ghost.

Yes indeed, some governments are becoming very ill, even NUTSZY COOKOO, as some do ban advertisements showing a daring boy and a petite caring girl being problematic, not allowed, or severely frowned upon and ads showing anything that limits self esteem will not be allowed, it all sounds LIKE/HITLER and HIV/AIDS, but is it real or is it Unicornex.

And the screams continue, “You all thought you got rid of TED* – he’s in your fucking HEADS.

These British Nazis have already massacred packaging of products, making cigarettes all look like generic brand toilet paper, and attacked sugar and sugar in foods as if it destroys tooth enamel and causes IMMUNE/DEFICIENCY which it does, but that’s no reason to be so mean to things we like.” said the toaster to the jam.

Ok sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I go to the site in question that “makes the rules” for advertising and read, they all look normal to me.


I then notice at the codes and rulings section of BCAP Advertising Code there is this,


Advertisements for weight-control or slimming products must not suggest or imply that to be underweight is acceptable or desirable. If they are used, testimonials or case histories must not refer to subjects who are or seem to be underweight. Underweight, for the purpose of this rule, means a Body Mass Index below 20.


So an advertiser cannot make it appear as if being underweight is a great thing, that means they don’t want weight loss ads to make people become Karen Carpenters without the great voice, and make it appear as though being like her without that voice of hers is fantastic and you will get that fantastic from buying their product, so once again, I can’t find anything that Breitbart is claiming.

Oh maybe this is what Breitbart is referring to,


Scenarios featuring gender-stereotypical roles and characteristics

Ads may feature people undertaking gender-stereotypical roles e.g. a woman cleaning the house or a man doing DIY, or displaying gender-stereotypical characteristics e.g. a man being assertive or a woman being sensitive to others’ needs, but they should take care to avoid suggesting that stereotypical roles or characteristics are:

  • always uniquely associated with one gender;
  • the only options available to one gender; or
  • never carried out or displayed by another gender.


So in all reality all they are doing is making sure it’s balanced, something I just realized Breitbart is not. They also stated this about featuring beautiful models and such,

Ads may feature glamorous, attractive, successful, aspirational or healthy people but they should take care to avoid suggesting that an individual’s happiness or emotional wellbeing should depend on conforming to an idealised gender-stereotypical body shape or physical features.

In other words featuring those who we can ASPIRE/TO is fine regardless if it’s their fantastic beauty, style, or what have you, but if the ad presents the idea that your well being is dependent on being like what is shown in the ad, well that would be likely found to be a violation of the rules.

The BREITBART/ARTICLE is fake news.

It stated: “Let’s look in detail at one particularly dispiriting example of this: a British regulatory institution almost no one had heard of before — the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) — has launched a crackdown on gender stereotypes in British advertising.”

As Virginia Hale reported yesterday:

Adverts showing a housewife looking after the family will be banned from next year in an industry-wide crackdown on “harmful stereotypes” which researchers allege contribute to “real-world gender inequalities”.

The Committees of Advertising Practice (CAP), which creates and maintains advertising codes in Britain, on Friday published guidance on depicting gender stereotypes ahead of new rules coming into force in June 2019.

“An ad that depicts a man being adventurous juxtaposed with a woman being delicate or dainty is likely to be unacceptable,”

The author babbled about his remembering how advertising used to be, I guess when puppies and lollipops ruled when America Was Great, and then quotes someone completely different, Virginia Hale, who the fuck is Virginia Hale.

Oh she’s another writer at Breitbart.

Breitbart is a source I have quoted as many times as miles have been quoted in distancing themselves from the moon.

*TED – The Evil Dictator

Teen vaping hysteria

The so called “hysteria” is a manufactured crisis.

Vaping is going to put all the organizations, jobs, out of business, the ones that rely on pushing commercials against smoking, all the regulations and requirements against smoking, etc. it’s need is all fading away as more people smoke not at all and those that smoke cigarettes switch to healthy vapors.

So all this bullshit in the medias is fake, set in motion by all these groups that have an interest $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ in regulating smoking.

They have become addicted to easy cash flow and keeping their jobs.

Liberal Oregon is censoring liquid

A vape shop is suing the state to force sanity back into play. Oregon “health authorities” created new bans on letting customers see labels on vaping products, while they do nothing to censor kids cereal which they get addicted to, get rotten teeth from, and routinely upsets their immune systems.

What is it with these control freak lunatic agencies.

At one time Democrat liberals were all for deregulation, free spirits, and Burning men. Must be a money thing.

We already went through prohibition and it does not work now they force the vape shops to censor their products.

Addiction to control, power, prestige is worse than nicotine which is found naturally in plants like caffeine and does no real harm other than being a stimulant.

One might keep in mind that secretly recording government officials is a constitutional right, well sorta, it’s not FULLY determined in law challenges.

reference article

Resist resist

The resist movement is the stupidest thing ever. There is no logic used it’s all emotion.

Same thing happened with blaming a virus for drug and alcohol abuse that caused pneumonia which then became HIV causes 29 diseases that all had different causes, not one, slapping a new label on this broader category, AIDS, flailing about with fundraisers that made doctors and scientists and foundations that threw wild parties filthy rich.

The emotions and DEMANDS by unreasonable activists created a disaster which killed my friends as they were POISONED WITH AIDS DRUGS.

Some of those activists who started the whole mess later realized they were deceived by the con artist scientists that claimed HIV was the cause and fought to change things back but it was too late, hysteria took hold, rules were formed, no one could understand.

Today the resist Trump movement merely knee-jerks everything, doesn’t matter if it’s logical, if it came from Trump it’s resisted.

Totally inane.

The dog took a shit in the yard and got arrested

Translogical transexuality proponents don’t seem to understand that their argument that men who turn into women who were born male but get messed up in the head and think they are really women or want to be such, do not have innate rights to use whatever bathroom they want any more than if they felt they were a bitch instead of human that they would be allowed to shit in public on someone’s front lawn.


Who am I really



feature image found at this site and is thought to be free of copyright restrictions

Spend time praying for people instead of talking about them


Fixing upping homelessness in the USA

Sorry, not happening.

There’s plenty of already owned home fixing upping where they tear out perfectly good kitchen cabinets because they are “outdated” and fixing up of “mid century modern” homes in Palm Springs and other places that are considered indated now, where people can spend hundreds of thousands on fixing up, but to fix up the homeless problem, it’s not their problem yet they complain the problem is getting worse and that someone needs to fix it up.

Home fix up show hosts are even getting their own networks they are so poopular now.

The US is so full of greedy fixer uppers. There’s an app for that.

There’s no solution though to their addictions.

There’s even money to send the homefull into space for a visit where they can redecorate the space stations that are all there to save us from ourselves.

Liberals lost Paradise

The Camp Fire burned the entire town down, the town of Paradise. Even the Jack-In-The-Box burger place burned down.

The tree huggers created an unsustainable environment by not allowing logging, not allowing cleaning up of the undergrowth, thus a simple spark has more fuel than it knows what to do with.

These nutjobs in the Sierra Clubs and other environMENTALISTS claim they are concerned about wild life and such, then these fires come in and destroy tame life homes and wild life homes and the critters get burned to a crisp and the town is no more.

They claim and win in courts saying THEY/KNOW how to manage things.

The energy that is used to rebuild is massive. The heat added to climate and the carbon released into their climate change atmosphere is more than all the cars combined.

Then liberal politicians come along and say they are the ones that will fix it.

This is what California does. This is the state that is lunacy.

gross mismanagement of forests

Another gun free “safe” zone killing spree

A place of Jewish worship was hit with gunfire from a nutcase.

David Hogg of course is out blasting guns and rights to own guns that some racist white men wrote down in our founding documents as he knows better as a teenager they did. Hogg never addresses how one is supposed to defend themselves from an illegal gun owner when police cannot arrive at the exact time these events occur or in cases where they cannot arrive for an hour.

Hogg is such a doodoofus.

So then a man at McDonalds has a gun and he stops another man with a gun from shooting up up the place. The good guy won. What do you suppose the outcome had it been a gun free “safe” zone.

And still the liberal retards ramble on and on and on like a broken scratched and cracked left in the sun to warp record, an item they have never seen nor used.

We need more “broken record free” zones.

Privacy went right out the windows

Watching a YouTube video “D’You Know What I Mean” by Oasis I noticed 200 fucking 19 items blocked by AdBlock Plus.


This is insane. That’s 219 various sites other than “”.



feature image by drmakete lab free use see more of this artists images here




You Are Hypnotized

Condimentpartmentalizing your mind with rich inquiry might be better than coffee

Kent Sorenson was in the Tea Party. Not the one of Boston Harbor that spurred on the actual creation of the United States (which was only a hand full of states then) but the Tea Party that featured Sarah Palin as one of their guests.

There is quite the article about what happened to him.

Alcohol kills 5% of the population

World Health Organization, which over dramatizes HIV/AIDS massively, says that 300,000,000 people routinely die of alcohol.

Yet there is no warning label on fine wine or beer like there is mandated on vaping products now.

Vaping doesn’t kill anyone yet the Food and Drug Administration Nazis of the United States made it a requirement to have warnings like this on websites and on nicotine containing vaping juice.

Nicotine doesn’t kill when it’s inhaled in a vape juice. It doesn’t even kill in cigarettes.

Computers kill and jobs kill and there is no warnings there.

People get worked to death all the time.


feature image of cellar (not seller) where fine wines are stored and aged that do not have ugly warning labels telling those who would use it that 5% of the population is killed by the product is by


Twitter sends 3.35 million users private messages to unauthorized 3rd party developers

They said “maybe” and “out of an abundance of caution”.

And the comment section where this article is posted still cannot stop messages that say you can double your $1000 in 7 days.

I was warned about technology.

They promise you the world.

You end up giving the world your personal information.

You end up slaving all day to be social with images so you can ignore how we all create homelessness as we take from others in other ways.

You have to rinse, dry, repeat every day.

Remember, they once said that it was because of Twitter that liberals won elections.

Now it’s because Russians use it that conservatives win elections.

And yet no one uses any caution with their privacy except when they shit on something.

Like how the banks shit on, I mean sit on, housing that sits empty.

Even the landscape has technology changed since the Amazons and Twitters started, gone are malls and Toys R Us, which were social and fun shopping havens, to be replaced with blank warehouse parks as seen in this story.


Hot climate change air

Huffington Post, now renamed STUPIDLY “HuffPo” (because there is a limit on how many syllables each word can contain in order to combat climate change) ran a headline “Climate Change Comes to Roost in North Carolina”.

This follows the Category 5 hurricane that was at sea then the climate of the category changed to 4 then to 3 then to 2 then to 1 when it finally hit land so it was just a tropical storm though it rained a lot and caused flooding like has happened since the beginning of time.

People who believe in CC are stupid.

Carbon dioxide is claimed to cause a blanket in the sky that keeps the Earth warmer. Air cannot escape the blanket of carbon dioxide is what’s said by scientists who like Gallileo lied to fool other inquisitions.

To believe that a blanket of air is going to keep you warm is like believing you can go out in the woods in winter and take a CO2 tank of air, spray it all over you, and keep warm.

Air moves. Blankets are made of fabric. Air has no fabric.

Is it making sense just a little bit yet or do I still have to explain.

Or are you stuck following your CO2 religion.

Let’s cut down more trees so we can print more books and read more about it and “learn”.

Democratic party is very very very very sick

The sick leaders of the party wait to the last minute to bring up so called sexual assault allegations against the US Supreme Court pick is not believable.

It’s clearly delay tactic.

Every month it’s something new.

The Democrat and FUCKED/SCREWY resist movement has made me abhor the Democratic party like never before.

Thank God Trump is president!

Kavanaugh is a good man.

El Nino is coming back

Weather naming is racist.

It should be gender neutral.

Boys and girls should not be defined.

Viruses should not be defined either, it’s defineist.

reference El Nino

BAN/FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb

Trump is clueless when it comes to picking commissioners to head the FDA and this one needs to be banned.

Scott Gottlieb is hell bent on banning flavors in vegetable glycerine propylene glycol liquids used in vaping.

No flavor ban for teeth rotting kids cereals, oh no, even though those wreak havoc on the immune system, and cause a host of problems for underage sugar addictions.

Vaping is healthy even for kids although I can understand the concern for them getting access to nicotine which is actually harmless, BUT it is a stimulant.

Scott Gottlieb is also not insterested in banning flavored coffee which kids get their hands on and get hooked on the caffeine.

Gottlieb also is waging war on the broad category called opioids which millions use for effective pain relief yet there is no proposed ban on flavored alcohol.

He’s also bought into the lies of HIV/AIDS.

This man is not balanced.

Scott Gottlieb needs to be banned from the position of authority in the Food and Drug Administration.

Wikipedia entry on Scott Gottlieb

Eight Vape’s article on the militant unrealistic dictatorial stance of Scott Gottlieb, SIDE/NOTE: in the article’s comment section reads this “The articles I read said all th same things but there was no mention of a full flavor ban or all ecigs being pulled in 60 days. They are focusing on those 5 companies. All of which are sold at gas stations not actual shops. don’t think there is any real reason to worry about this.”

feature image is official portrait of Scott Gottlieb and is a product of the US government and is copyright free


The massively overblown hype on cigarette deaths

The American Cancer Society states that they support vaping as a smoking cessation tool. That’s fine.

Thing is we all have been brainwashed by years of propoganda about smoking deaths.

On their statement on their support of vaping they say that every year 7 million die WORLDWIDE of smoking cigarettes.

OMG I thought it was more like 7 million in the USA alone.

Well, that changes things. I did the math, it’s about 1/10th of 1% of the population of the entire world.

These numbers also do not consider that there are smokers in countries that are very poor and have chemical spills next to their shacks they live in, don’t have enough food and sanitation, don’t have running water or refrigerators, but they smoke and then the cigarette is blamed.

A friend had an uncle who smoked cigars incessantly. There would be a cloud of smoke in the home every time he’d visit.

He died of stomach cancer, not lung cancer.

reference the American Cancer Society website statement on supporting vaping


feature image by Irena Kostenich see more of her works here

Don’t forgive and never forget

That’s the motto inscribed on the deepest depths of the minds of the letters #meetoo #you3 and @neverforgive.

It’s a sad state of affairs.

Most every religion of the world teaches forgiveness.

The religion of social media does not forgive.

It’s Satanic, torturing it’s victims for eternity.

It’s filled with hate.



I got an email warning me of new vape products listed on a vaping website and that the email contained nicotine and that it is addictive. I tried warning them of my thoughts in a response but these stupid “smart” spam prevention algorithms (a fancy name for a calculation program) sent it back claiming it was something it was not. My email response was born that way and I felt my email was not being treated equal.

Here is what I wrote:


Thank you for warning me in numerous ways about things, including informing me of sales and new products. I hope you had a wonderful holiday. I am a new vaper and love browsing your website and hope to buy at some point. I was just looking at your NEW section but see the same things I have seen there before, so I don’t know how to find the “100 items added”. It would be cool if those new items would be in order with the newest on top. Maybe those are the latest in order? I have seen them many times already though.

I am also looking for a BEER flavor ejuice. Not root beer, just alcohol type beer. If you have that or know where I can find it please let me know. 🙂

WARNING: This reply contains pixels that are addictive.

WARNING: Caffeine is also addictive yet I was not warned when I made a brew this morning prior to consuming 129 cups.

WARNING: Most people already know that e-mail is addictive so warnings about them containing nicotine are pointless.

WARNING: It’s time to warn people of how corrupt the FDA can be as they do not put warnings on tooth rotting hormone unbalancing sugar infused children’s cereal or on cooking oils that create oil slicks that damage cells worse than Gulf oil spills damage wildlife and fish, yet they force that on vapers regarding a chemical that never rotted a single tooth or blood cell in the name of “protecting public health” which leaves an unpleasant aroma of a rat.

This play on warnings is because the FDA is being inconsistent in forcing vaping suppliers and manufacturers with providing warnings on everything they make and sell. It’s absurd, an abuse of power, unfairly targeting the poor, lumping cigarettes in with a completely different product called vaping, and I suspect it’s because they are trying to keep their jobs as vaping is killing the cigarette industry and the taxes those generate, and if they don’t do something their jobs will be toast.


feature image used with permission is by Vojtech Okenka of someone vaping not smoking, vaping is harmless

Library warnings

I went to look for a good book to read, fortunately I live in a very expensive area where libraries still exist.

When I went in there was a sign at the door, “WARNING: This library contains books, books cause cancer and addiction to nicotine.” This is because studying any of these subjects can expose you to harm and basically this is what is happening to the internet and the vaping industry, which is an industry that is shifting a lot of people away from smoking cigarettes to instead, harmless vapor.

FDA (Fake Dipshit Authorities) made a rule, like that grade school nun did when you were growing up, for vaping companies and retailers to provide a warning that “their products contain nicotine”.

The warning has suddenly appeared on every product made and sold to the public for vaping, that includes websites, mods, and juices that don’t contain nicotine.

Nicotine has been associated with cigarettes and cancer.

President Trump has been associated with liberal shitheads. Just because something is associated with something does not make it the cause of the other yet FDA goes around with it’s authority making rules that satisfy themselves.

Where is the warning on coffee? I want to see these black print with white background stark warning labels that caffeine is addictive on 20% of the front label of coffee.

What about the warning labels for government, should say that power, control, and rule making is addictive.

What do you want to watch

I was asked that question as I was sitting in front of the TV.

I said “I want to watch the stock market crash and see all these millionaires cry about losing their imaginary million$”.

What a horrible thing to say right? Not really. Look around if you can get your eyes off a device long enough.

Amazon stock has soared into other galaxies hitting $2000 while putting countless book stores 6 feet under, places that were a wonderful place to get away from every day life much like libraries are. Amazon hasn’t come up with a way to fix that yet.

Then there’s Apple and Google rule the world with connective devices which have billions of Fort Knox’s at their disposal as do shareholders raking in gobs and gobs of money while the people who own all this money when they are forced to walk the sidewalks are tripping over shit, real shit, pooped out by homeless people which population has exploded. Apple and Google have not fixed that yet with a new device.

Play Stations have harnessed unbridled teenage energy but hasn’t sent any of it back into the grid while all these people turn their noses up to those who “waste energy” with their old station wagons that get horrible gas mileage, where if something needs to be fixed, you can fix it yourself for $50 in parts.

What happened?

It’s progress.

As with a hike in the woods, you leave your car behind, and progress into the wilderness, then get eaten by a bear.

Killing time

A skull fidget spinner is the perfect way to KILL time.

WARNING: This toy contains fun. Fun can be addictive. Fun can also kill time. Killing time can be more addictive than caffeine, nicotine, and anyotherteine.


feature image of fidget spinner found here at which is where you can find the real time killer

Now it’s the m word

At this rate it’s going to become the entire alphabet.

A descendant of monkeys (which we all are of if you believe in evolution) was corrected for saying “we don’t want him to monkey things up” in regards to his opponents’ win as the democrat pick to run for Florida governor.

“Let’s build off the success we’ve had on Gov. Scott. The last thing we need to do is to monkey this up by trying to embrace a socialist agenda with huge tax increases bankrupting the state. That is not going to work,” DeSantis said.

OMG liberals are retarpocrits.

They love their word play in comedy and in many a discussion, then freak the zit out over anything even remotely resemblering r word inferences even when there is absolutely no r word inference there anywhere other than their w word out imaginations.


Famous Internet Gamer wrecks his expensive car driving wrong way on I-805 in San Diego.

He had lucrative career at 18 years old selling virtual game piece skins. Lost between $100k to $200k income.

This is obscene, kids should never have that kind of money.

If you don’t know what a game piece skin is think of it as playing Monopoly and being tired of playing with a shoe and wanting to dress it up to look like Armani except that it’s only an image of the game piece within the video game. These games are played online, players compete worldwide.

The online community that knew him say he was very distraught and probably committed suicide.

Where are those liberals gun control freaks? I hear not one peep about car control. This guy murdered a mother and child on that highway. Like guns, they must be confiscated.

He did not have to own a gun to kill. He used his expensive car which was probably going to be repossessed.

Prior to landing on the highway though he blew threw a fence at an elementary school, stopped, got out, threw a rock at a window. That rock could have killed a child as well as how that car could have. He could have run over children.

Liberals should be calling for new laws to fix the problem if they were consistent. When ever someone has a sudden change in income, confiscate their car.

Then make sure that if they live somewhere where there are rocks, those too are confiscated – we cannot wait for mental illness diagnosis from a therapist.

Why is therapist spelled THE RAPIST?

see report about this from another gamer who knew all about him and these lucrative virtual game piece skins here

Lies about heart attack study linking vaping

Fake news lies.

Today we see stories all over it about heart attacks being linked to vaping.

Here’s the truth.

On the verge of understanding something

The Verge reported this about Alex Jones being banned for a week on Twitter after many other ANTI-social cultic platforms banned him completely:

A now common criticism of Twitter holds that the viral mechanics through which tweets spread encourage the polarization of the audience into warring tribes. (See this Ezra Klein piece from last week.) That’s one way to explain why malicious users like Jones are able to thrive on social networks: their bombastic speech attracts a wave of initial attention, and platform algorithms help them find a much larger audience than they ever would otherwise. It’s in this sense that “incentives built into the product,” as Dorsey calls them, bear reconsideration. reference link


And ABC, NBC, CBS, the New York Times, The National Enquirer, radio stations, and all other drama queens don’t do the same?


Medias all make me laugh but the bombastic obsession with media these daze makes me sad. All the energy put forth. All the time wasted. All the worthless self absorbshun.

Shun. Tis all the rage.

And yet STILL TO THIS DAY they can hack off private parts, and it’s legal, and still they throw the less-than in the streets then complain all day long on social medias about the problem THEIR society created.

BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA is not action.

Twitter was beheld as a Saint, until it helped get Trump elected.

Snorting political power

Straw bans, they are on the bandwagon.

Those pushing for them remind me of illegal aliens protesting our laws, DEMANDING we abolish ICE.

This is not COOL.

If politicians and retarded liberal hucksters would read and study the facts instead of getting on their self absorbed pompous selfish I AM SAVING THE WORLD bandwagons we could have some sense in politics.

For example, here is one well thought out well studied opinion:

“Plastic garbage in oceans is a genuine problem. But most of the pollution comes from Asia. A small amount does come from America, but only a tiny fraction of that is plastic straws.” – John Stossel

Facts do not matter though, straw bans are coming to America like drugs across our borders.

Political activism is a disease and an addiction.

I wonder what are Hollywood liberal elites going to use to snort all that coke.

“But what about that scary “500 million” figure that celebrities, politicians and news anchors constantly cite? It turns out that number came from a 10-year-old who, for a school project, telephoned some straw makers.”

Studying viruses

The myriad of “different viruses” and studying them all is on par with studying the variety of ear shapes and sizes or studying the differences of fingerprints in humans.

It’s basically a waste of time.

Ears are still ears no matter how they look, even when they are vastly different as in comparing a dog and a human ear.

The claims about what viruses do is mostly fairy tales.

Claims about what this virus does and that virus does is like claiming one fingerprint caused the goods to disappear from the jewelry store.

It’s not the design stupid. It’s not how this virus looks or is shaped.

Viruses are cellular debris.

Inspired by this statement “As unique as a fingerprint or the shape of the human ear, every smoker has different needs as far as nicotine levels.”

as found here

Never Trumpers humiliated again

The definition of insanity is when you keep bashing your head against the wall over and over and never stop.

Liberals not only keep bashing their heads against the wall they drive their cars through it and expect to get where they are going.

Trump is a wall hon.

read and learn


U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii “debate as I demand, not as I refuse to”

The US House representative demanded debates in 2016. She refuses to debate when others politely ask or demand them of her.

She simply will not debate anyone.

HIV proponents do this same thing. They say “The science is settled. That is a huge lie. The science is all over the map and there are only certain things that make any sense like that HIV cannot possibly exist.

When you say “HIV makes no sense” and “HIV must be transmitted by mosquitoes or are you saying HIV is too heavy that when a mosquito picks it up the bug falls flat onto the ground and when it hits the ground splatters into a million pieces and so does HIV thus they never take HIV on any trips thus never transmitting it?”, which is a question that makes sense, they all refuse to answer, or they come up with wacky crap like “Oh HIV is neutralized by mosquitoes with an enzyme” which has no evidence of such anywhere.

They say things like “HIV has never been shown to be transmitted by mosquitoes” which is because they don’t test mosquitoes for HIV and they cannot because the tests for humans do not even find it. Then they “You are so stupid, HIV is a human virus, mosquitoes cannot carry human viruses” which is so incredibly stoopid a response. If it’s because it’s only a human virus then steel, which is not human, also cannot carry it, as in hypodermic needles.

Then other ways they respond to the question about weight is saying “Yes, HIV is too heavy”. I heard that one by a guy who was hopelessly stuck in the HIV/CULT. It’s apparently the way it’s explained in many of these cult circles.

The stupidity is there, their sales tactics, are just like what politicians use.

HIV is nothing but a politically derived claim. The science was only “settled” by political decisions. Those “in charge” of making declarations from on high, from those “at the top” of the science chain had to declare something to calm people down otherwise they would look so bad, so uncaring, so stupid, that they would lose their jobs. It was decided HIV was the cause of drug abuse related diseases politically because government was being pressed by loudmouth wackjob hysterians in gay politics spurred on by lying medias hyping up the disease for ratings, reporting exaggerations made by stupid people, they demanded government get involved and figure out why drug addicts and alcoholics were dying.

Opportunist infections in the medical community players saw a chance to become famous and fabulously rich.

The claim in 1984 was that “HIV is the cause of AIDS”. AIDS is a syndrome of 29 various diseases. It’s not one condition or disease. Saying someone has AIDS is like saying America is a sick society. Too broad. And saying such a broad category of diseases which have a wide variety of causes already is caused by one thing is insanely stupid, or brilliant in the sense of making money. People are getting tested for decades now for HIV when testing only finds antibodies in the broadest sense of what they are, nothing specific, and everyone everywhere has antibodies. In fact the first HIV test found HIV in everyone that was tested. What they did to fool everyone is to change the blood dilution, a technique that is shunned by all who ever studied blood testing as it changes results inaccurately.

Thus in reality all blood shows an HIV positive status when it is done properly.


When you try to discuss rationally with those in the HIV/CULT and state the question “how can a virus only be transmitted by dicks”, where in the mid 1980’s even Republican senators who think logically and not emotionally stated “If HI viruses are transmissible, then mosquitoes would carry them from town to town right?”.

Immediately the gay community non-elected overly emotional representatives lashed back, that claim was scoffed at by so many without a single shred of evidence.

It’s impossible they say. Mosquitoes only transmit the FLU and Malaria which are both claimed to be caused by viruses. A virus is a stupid particle of matter. Think dust.

Then they said “Oh needles too, they can travel by needles, oh but they have to be dirty needles”.

In reality, and not in the fantasy world of HIV theory that is wacko, that is only possible if needles that fly and things that poke on unicorn heads also can stick HIV in someone.

The fantasy goes on, just like Santa Clause the fantasy of HIV gives some sort of relief “knowing” that IT is the cause and not their drugs and alcohol causing their disease.

You don’t need to get tested for HIV you need to get tested for alcohol and drugs. You need to get tested for proper ample sleep to repair your cells. You need to get tested for enough exercise and good healing foods.

When you test positive you don’t need more drugs and alcohol you need to STOP/IT.

Forced fees

Obama care had as an important foundation of making it work FORCED FEES. Everyone had to buy insurance or pay a minimum FORCED FEE.

Democrats applauded it.

That changed in the courts recently, forced fees no more. Democrats were aghast saying it was necessary. They say it will collapse. They said this was BAD.

Now we have the unions for government employees. They also claimed they had to have forced fees in order for them to work just like health care.

The courts also struck that forced fee down as not constitutional. Democrats are in the news hailing this as GOOD.

People who do this kind of crap are hypocrites and liars. The two things are the very same principle.

This is how Democrats work. They are desperate to get people to their side all they do is lie. Logic is not their priority.

They also spread lies about particles smaller than dust being more powerful than a speeding bullet.

When presented with logical arguments that shoot their views down they refuse to acknowledge they were seriously in error ALL THESE 34 POSITIVE YEARS.

There is no such thing as a virus that only travels on dicks and needles unless there is a virus that travels on dicks and needles and needles.

Needles that belong to mosquitoes, syringes, and dicks inject HIV into everyone they poke, the same way that unicorns poke people.

HIV is an utter fantasy.

Gaming disorder – it’s how they get your gun

World Health Organization, which slobbers itself all over HIV, has declared “gaming disorder” a mental health condition.

This is the sneaky way they go after teens and young adults who can own guns legally and take them away.

All they have to do is declare the person addicted to gaming and take their guns.

Hitler would be so fascinated at how a regime could do this without force as he did.

Michael Moore commits act of bio-illogical errorism

The latest stupid stunt this lying liberal freak pulled is spraying water on a government building labeled “Flint water” and holding up a glass “of it” demanding the Republican governor drink it. The state has stopped supplying free plastic container bottled water, plastic that liberals also blast Republicans for not doing enough to protect the environment.

Hey you stupid fucks, how about doing your laundry in your bath tub to save tons of fossils and using canteens for your water. That would save the planet. Also stop making movies that suck energy and stop using computers and cell phones.

If it was a liberal governor Moore would most certainly not be there, but rather doing some other stunt against a conservative because that’s all he ever does.

If indeed the water is as bad as the film maker claims his act is bio-error. Of course it’s all just an act.

That’s the point. He is an act.

The other thing is in this hyped up blame game, Democrats have been in charge of that city for decades, they never fixed the broader underground pipes when they had plenty of opportunity to do so, pipes that are not lead, they are steel. The TV blabberbox always calls them lead. There is only lead found in certain seams and very minimal amounts are ever exposed to water in those pipes.

That whole Flint thing has been distorted, starting with loud mouth motor speak Rachel Maddow. The water supply changed for financial reasons, old seams in the connecting pipes in the main delivery system at the main facility had corroded more than was allowed, TV got hold of it like they did with HIV in the 1980’s, and suddenly it was a thing. The only problem was when they first switch over the supply of water. The bigger problem was TV hype.

Guess what the corrosive material was. Chlorine.

Chlorine is in all water supplies now. They had to put more in to treat the bad water. Duh.

Why is the water bad in Flint? Gee could it be that cars were made there for 50 years and heavily polluted the entire ecosystem there? That of course is Republicans fault too. Oh wait, Democrats promised they would fix everything.

Actually it was bacteria’s fault.


Doubling double standards

The Hannity vs. Kimmel war is in full force.

Trump is calling out even more National Guard Troops to keep the war from going nuke.

The latest buzz that makes me ROFL more than any of Kimmels stupid jokes that are never funny, is that the freaky acronym community (FAC) of homos and mixedupsexuals (GBTWERTYS) are pissed that he is making jokes about Trump and Hannity.

The comments were like ones fags often joke about to each other (I have heard it repeatedly in gay bars) about having a face in one’s ass and being on top or bottom.

So once again these whiners are annoying the hell out of us and DO NOT REPRESENT ME or 95% of the gay community.

Get this straight you idiots, we are a gay community, not L not B not T not Q not I not Z just gay.

The word gay is inclusive.

Why are these fools not being inclusive in language? Anyone who uses these terms LGBTQFLIPPY and the like are separating everyone into groups. That is just what bigots do.

GAG – Get A Grip

As stated by ‘fird’ – A hint to dumbass Liberals: Conservatives think gay folk are just plain folk.

reference article at Breitbart

Conflictointerest Disease Condition

The top health official head of the Centers of Disease Control was caught BSO (Buying Selling Owning) tobacco stocks.[1]

OMG that is such a serious CDC (Conflictoinderested Deranged Cashscam) it’s not even funny.

This is the same outfit that started the HIV/LIE that killed my friends starting with the LIE that they discovered what caused COMPLEX DISEASE CONDITIONS, naming it HIV/TERROR, and pushing my friends to take experimental drugs AZT which IS/WAS a DNA cell chain migration terminator.

AZT WAS/IS a failed cancer drug a decade prior, which killed people then. Then they pushed the “Hit Hard Hit Early” campaign with this shit drug, no not shit drug as in shit countries, nuclear war drug that bombs the hell out of everything it touches. They used AZT as a nuclear bomb on my friends blood cells to try to kill Big Foot. The forest and the critters were all dead after the AIDS war, and my friends lived in that forest.

In the meantime, people like Fitzgerald who bought drug stocks all got rich.

Filthy filthy filthy.

But this shit goes on in government all the time. Congress buys/sells stocks knowing how a vote is going to go, what companies will benefit, etc.

Health departments make bundles owning stocks that promote the very thing they promote.

They are crooks. No government official should be allowed to own any stock in anything.

Here is a little of what the Politico article stated:

“After assuming the CDC leadership on July 7, Fitzgerald bought tens of thousands of dollars in new stock holdings in at least a dozen companies later that month as well as in August and September, according to records obtained under the Stock Act, which requires disclosures of transactions over $1,000. Purchases included between $1,001 and $15,000 of Japan Tobacco.”

So we finally find out about this CDC (Conflictointerest Disease Condition) after we hear the TND (Typical Nonsensicalitious Drivel) coming from Trump’s first SOUR (State Of Union Raunch) that went on incessantly with jerk off parties and sales pitches highlighting how wonderful they all are.

What is the CDC doing to control the addiction to money?



Feature image of CDC head Brenda Fitzgerald is published by US government and is in the public domain

Update 6:17 pm pt 1/31/18 – she resigned

Not invited**

It’s said that for White House Christmas party Qwerty and black reporters are not invited.

Oh boo hoo.

GEEEEE could it be because the entire Queer community participated in the stupid wacko Resist March (used to be known as gay pride) which TRASHED publicly President Trump and promoted doing such all around the world?


Could it be because the black reporter had distorted what actually happened in police shootings that because of such reporting created serious civil unrest?

Cry your fucking eyes out you idiots. We have a great president. You are not invited.

Take off your pink colored drama filled glasses and get off the drugs and alcohol.

Quotes from article found here on

“Chris Johnson, the chief political and White House reporter for the Washington Blade, one of the world’s oldest LGBT publications, is among those uninvited.”*

The article blabbers on about how it claims Trump could care less about the Alt+ community whereas their slobbering love affair with Barack envoked such statements from him like the following which of course means he’s a better person:

“As LGBT+ people are disproportionally affected by HIV/AIDS, previous presidents have used their World AIDS Day proclamations as an opportunity to reach out to the LGBT community.'”

Why is it disproportional? Too much sex without wearing mosquito repellent?

No, obviously viruses apparently hate LBTQWERTY people too!

My advice that no one wants to hear, Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake up acronym community!

*the blade is the oldest gay rag in the world of the United States of Trumpamerica. They as all gay rags promote HIV/garbage and all the killer HIV drugs that have ever been disseminated. In other words they believe like almost everyone that mosquitoes just are not strong enough to carry gay viruses, that mosquitoes discriminate against carrying viruses that “only humans and sewing needles can transmit” and not their own knitting needles they use to suck blood and knit afghans for their children because when a HIV virus virus attaches to the mosquito needle the mosquito can’t move or fly anywhere as it’s just too heavy, thus the mosquito must either remove the HIV virus virus or die.

** The White House Christmas Tree is invited and arrives via carriage which cannot transmit HIV because it’s too heavy of a virus according to science

Feature image of cart before the horse (horse is not sen in the photo as it is in a stable) of the White House Christmas Tree when the Bush family was in the White House which pissed off many a gay rag reader is a public document not subject to copyright photographed by Chris Greenberg

English: Laura Bush welcomes the arrival of the official White House Christmas tree to the North Portico of the White House. The 18-foot Fraser Fir tree, from the Mistletoe Meadows tree farm in Laurel Springs, N.C., will be on display in the Blue Room of the White House for the 2007 Christmas season. Joining Mrs. Bush, from left are, Beth Walterscheidt, president of the National Christmas Tree Association, and Joe Freeman and his wife Linda Jones of Mistletoe Meadow tree farm in Laurel Springs, N.C.


Gay Star News thinks that unicorns can be defeated.

It claims “This is how we will end the spread of HIV worldwide”.

I would say the way to end fantasies is to end fantasies. HIV is a fantasy.

Here’s some reality. The body processes everything that enters it. It also eliminates everything that enters it, well, not exactly, it does keep protein, vitamins, minerals, etc. to use to rebuild cells. What it doesn’t want or need it eliminates. That would include pathogens. Don’t expect to hear THIS/FACT from the HIV pushers though.

The wacky world of HIV wants you to believe in unicorns and other fantasies, and it’s been promoting this for decades, like that of believing in a virus being an intelligent creature that has a nuclear arsenal that kills mosquitoes that would never be able to carry viruses like a vampire would carry bags of fresh blood from a hospital to feed it’s young. The wacko world of science that is more about politics than it is anything, has dictated like a king that the virus isn’t carried by mosquitoes, cups, or flies on shit, and people buy it.

Those concepts like with unicorns just don’t make any sense though. So again it’s fun to read about these kooky claims that keep being made, latest again, for the billionth time, how we are going to finally end the spread of the virus which is “only spread by superhumans and super dirty needles” and this other fun one, that flies carry more bacteria THAN PREVIOUSLY THOUGHT.


HUH? More than suspected before? What the fuck is that?

Suspected? I thought science concluded, not suspected.

It’s one of those headlines that gives us clue to how the world of science really operates. It suspects things, rarely proves things. Yet that doesn’t stop humans from declaring things proven. Those are called LIES/DECEIT.

HIV/AIDS is that very thing LIES/DECEIT.

Basically this is another $tory just to sell $tories told by $tory teller$.

Now when we read all about it, instead of saying bacteria, the other article quoting from the original story, says flies carry pathogens. That would then include viruses as pathogens is a broader category. It’s like saying the world carries carriers compared to saying the United States carries carriers.

“A new study finds that flies could carry several hundred pathogens in their bodies that they can spread to the environment. Despite this, researchers believe that they can also use flies to monitor disease outbreaks.” – Tech Times

It’s also fun to read how in this story they tell how flies are important as pollinators.

Bees are pissed.

The story also states how the researcher$ want to breed flies that are free of bacteria, let them free, where they can collect bacteria, then these flies can be captured and studied.[2]


NSF (Not So Funny) though is how these same claims were made by gay communities 2 decades ago with their wacked out “Hit Hard, Hit Early” campaign which killed so many of my friends with the killer HIV drugs. Later, quietly those killer drugs that would “save lives” were “adjusted” to “safe levels”, killing the virus and the host of the drug softer and slower.

So then there’s the Gay Star News which paints gays as being “at the center of how we stop HIV” universe. How dare they blame gays.

How is it that gay rags keep blasting their own as carriers and as the center of the universe in what is causing this “thing”? That’s not equality. It’s disgusting. They have been doing this since this whole HIV/LIE started. They keep doing it. They will likely continue.

The gay community keeps bashing itself in the head with this HIV/LIE. It’s the very thing they say in AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) about the definition of insanity.

DOI – Definition Of Insanity – keep doing the same thing over and over again which doesn’t give you the intended result, while expecting a different result.

So they preach that “we have the tools necessary to stop it”. The article is so terribly wrought with flaws in it’s assertions.

— EDIT ADD POINTS HERE LATER reference this article which has been archived and also saved in pdf on my computer

One of the funniest things I see now happening though in the acronym/world is the pushing of PrEP and PEP. It’s also disgusting and sad as it’s becoming that you can’t cruise online anymore without people proclaiming their HIV status and being on PrEP. So now if you are one of those guys like me who don’t get tested with tests that are bogus, you get labeled a risk and they don’t want to have natural sex with you, but rather, they insist you use condoms, which have holes in their natural membranes that are bigger than viruses, thus wearing condoms to stop HIV is like leaving a screen door open while expecting flies to simply realize they are not welcome in the house and stay out.

About that new term PrEP, it’s catchy, though I wouldn’t recommend anyone catch these hung sales and marketing tools as fighting HIV with PrEP and PEP is like fighting unicorns with swords.

Since HIV does not exist (it cannot exist or it would be transmitted by flying needles and PATHOGEN RIDDEN FLIES that cannot select who and what gets attached to themselves) then using PrEP and PEP is absurd, except in that it is making Gilead, the maker of the products, and those investors who own the public company, richer.

Need more? How about the “side effects”. These are direct effects actually, not sideways or upside down effects. Taking these PrEP medications can cause liver failure. OMG. Why do that? Although some of these listed are said to be rare, others are said to be common like stomach pain and decreased weight. Seems to me that stomach pain is an indicator of a problem. Maybe it’s just at war with unicorns and the stomach is getting poked with it’s horn.

Here is what is seen on the website as of November 25, 2017.


[1] Google News snippet dated November 25, 2017

[2] Tech Times as captured by the Wayback Machine archiving tool

*Flies On Shit

I got out of RT rehab

Reality TV which is more unreal than Fake TV or any TV but not as unreal as HGTV used to consume part of my day, every day.

The addiction to watching people fix up their homes was powerful but one day in watching the “successful” show called “Property Brothers” which features an ultra cutesy set of twins flipping houses***** I got so disgusted with it all. The camera is all over the place. I hate drunken camera work. I think this sobered me up (not others) to realize that this whole fix up thing is a sham to get you to buy stuff at their advertisers, of course what TV show isn’t?

It’s all about pushing products, bottom line. One of the things that disgusts me the most about these shows now on this network is their religious fervor in destroying the closed concept kitchen.

That is a kitchen with walls and thus MORE CUPBOARD SPACE and privacy, separation so that you can cook without having to also entertain. It’s one that has worked for ten thousand years, but no, HGTV has it in for that Satanic kitchen concept. Out come the sledge hammers every time.

So it was wildly refreshing to read this article taking a sledge hammer to HGTV, a network I now can’t stand.

Beware of anyone who wants to destroy your closed concept kitchen!


I am now volunteering my time to help others take a sledge hammer to their HGTV home wrecking aka “improvement” addictions.

Feature image By Blaisos (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons showing a shoot of the reality TV show “Being Human”

Additional image is a snapshot from article page

**** flipping houses got the world into a Property Mess in 2008 remember????????