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When I was growing up gay, it was called gay, not QWERTY+whatever, the HIV/AIDS holocaust was in full force.

The AIDS war had massive casualties. Gay sex was deemed irresponsible if you were not shielding the world from your dangerous sperm or spit fluids. Condoms were used as artillery. They were flying everywhere.

Then they added chemical war-fare to annihilate sperm which was claimed to be the enemy. The chemical was called nonoxynol-9. I told all my friend that adding chemical warfare to sex was not a good idea, nor necessary, much like how today good people state that chemicals shouldn’t be used in and for so many things, deleting them now from killing bad bacteria in the chicken we eat (that makes no sense – reference trend of having chicken with no antibiotics).

Of course, as with many things during the war, officials later declared chemical weapons to not be a good choice. Like duh.

These chemicals caused more war injuries than prior.

From 1996 to 2000, a UN-sponsored study conducted in several locations in Africa followed nearly 1,000 sex workers who used nonoxynol-9 gels or a placebo. The HIV infection rate among those using nonoxynol-9 was about 50% higher than those who used the placebo; those using nonoxynol-9 also had a higher incidence of vaginal lesions, which may have contributed to this increased risk.

Reference: Wikipedia Nonoxynol-9

Apparently no one told them about iodine.

“Tincture of iodine effectively destroys virus and fungus on contact. Ninety percent of bacteria is killed on the skin within ninety seconds.”

No million$$$$ to be made promoting iodine.

Hmm. I remember seeing iodide on my salt shaker. Iodized salt. I wonder what problems arise without iodine in the diet?

“Iodine deficiency is a lack of the trace element iodine, an essential nutrient in the diet. It may result in a goiter, sometimes as an endemic goiter as well as cretinism due to untreated congenital hypothyroidism, which results in developmental delays and other health problems. Iodine deficiency is an important public health issue as it is a preventable cause of intellectual disability.”

Reference Wikipedia

Apparently those who prescribe nongoodidea-9 suffer from this deficiency.


Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Human Immuneieio Deficiency Virus, Do They Really Exist?

Only in the mind.

Science is often full of shit.

It’s easy to fake results when you are dealing with things that have bazillions of factors that cannot be accurately measured.

The HIV/UNICORN virus is one of those things. Same with dark matter, and other space junk.

In the case of HIV those who “saw it” in the electron microscope actually saw space junk called cellular debris, but insisted it was alien creatures ready to destroy the population of planet Earth, thus calls to Hollywood and the president were initiated.

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Feature image of “this three-dimensional map offers a first look at the web-like large-scale distribution of dark matter, an invisible form of matter that accounts for most of the Universe’s mass. The map reveals a loose network of dark matter filaments, gradually collapsing under the relentless pull of gravity, and growing clumpier over time. The three axes of the box correspond to sky position (in right ascension and declination), and distance from the Earth increasing from left to right (as measured by cosmological redshift). Note how the clumping of the dark matter becomes more pronounced, moving right to left across the volume map, from the early Universe to the more recent Universe” by NASA/ESA/Richard Massey (California Institute of Technology) in public domain

HIV took a dump

Like all other parasites you can see them in the toilet every time you use a umhlaba unless you flush those ideas down the toilet first before looking at what’s right in front of you.


HI virus antidote being made available to everyone

Sorry about that headline, it’s fake. There is no antidote to HI viruses, though if you study how the body works, it seems that maybe there is one, antibodies which are created to get rid of them. What’s odd though is that HI virus tests never find anything more than antibodies if they find anything at all, and thus, if antibodies indicate a positive HI virus test result, it appears that these antidotes might very well be real.

This fake headline brings attention to some about the nagging drag of a question “Since there are drug antidotes being made available to schools and hospitals, why are there still no virus antidotes?”

Hmmm, does make one wonder.

Adapt Pharma Ltd. is one manufacturer of drug overdose antidotes. Someone should ask them if they could make an antidote for HI viruses using antibodies which are created by the body and are in everyone.

Wait, if that’s true, there is an HI virus antidote. I’m so confused. Or is it others that are confused?

If the human body says “Oh there’s that antidote I was looking for, that antibody, it gets rid of viruses” and can be fine with it, why can’t the mind that controls that body?

Don’t expect to be told there is an antidote to an overdose of viruses called antibodies from your local test pushers though even though it seems we have just determined there is one, it was there all along. And when those antidotes are provided to the blood stream and those HIV test results come out positive, well now we know that what it’s finding is antidote to the virus.