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Now viruses are the good Dr.

It just never ends, they say one thing then they contradict themselves. It all sticks to some people.

Ewwww gewey.

Others throw it in the trash.

This time they say that viruses helped kill bacteria.

Yep, you heard right, V’s kill bacteria.

Here’s a few fantastic bits from the article in Ars Technica:

  1. Loyola University Chicago researchers found the sac-like organ brimming with never-before-seen viruses that can kill and manipulate bacteria.
  2. Phages have long been considered potentially valuable tools for manipulating and killing bacterial populations.**

Phages is pronounced FAGS or FEYGES.**

They devour bacteria. They are more commonly referred to as bacteriophages like the term immunodeficiency.

In reality this is not a new discovery, the concept goes back to the 1920’s.

Wikipedia page clearly states, “Phages were discovered to be antibacterial agents and were used in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia (pioneered there by Giorgi Eliava with help from the co-discoverer of bacteriophages, Felix d’Herelle) and the United States during the 1920s and 1930s for treating bacterial infections.

Oh this would be absoulutley fabulous if someone came along and published a study saying that HIV actually was there to eat bacteria, that they got the whole thing wrong.

Oh how quickly we forget (or never even been told by authorities) about how Peter Duesberg and many others did already, telling us HIV was Little Red Riding Virus and the BBW (Big Bad Wolf i.e. HIV) is something entirely different.

Deusberg, father of retrovirology, said that RETROVIRUSES have no ability to harm big bad wolfs or humans. They are like bunny rabbits in a forest.

See HIV theory run.

They laughed him out of grants. No one can seem to understand these simple concepts.

HIV is a bacteriophage. It infects dead cells. The popular claim is that HIV infects cells, yes it does, I agree, but it’s dead ones. Healthy ones are not that stupid. To believe the standard old fashioned disco daze fashioned HIV/THEORY that claims all cells are infected, would be like expecting us to believe that the builder of a bank is going to let the protection around the millions of $$ stored in all of the safety deposit boxes be broken into and not be stopped. The only way that could happen is if there were no humans anywhere to be found protecting that bank.

Here is a phage that is “attached to a cell wall” used with permission by Dr Graham Beards

Looks just like HIV. HIV is a phage.

Let’s now call it HIP.

The Human Immunodeficiency Phage.

Turn the phage.

Another thing that is said about HIP (HIV) is that it infects the cell, killing it.

This is like saying bugs are getting inside the carcass of a dead cow and that in order to save the planet we must kill the bugs getting inside that dead cow.

No stupid, it’s nature says the farmer.

But then the goons at the CDC show up and say spray insecticides to kill the bugs.

Feature image of another fairy tale where the wolf wants to eat a girl which is like the fairy tale of how viruses eat bacteria and HIV is a big bad wolf is in the public domain By Jessie Willcox Smith (1863 – 1935) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.

** it is very interesting to note the use of the term phages when describing killing bacteria. They stop using the term virus. It is important to understand that phages is the broader category, A bacteriophage (bacteria associated phage) is a virus that enters the bacteria. Phages can infect



When I was growing up gay, it was called gay, not QWERTY+whatever, the HIV/AIDS holocaust was in full force.

The AIDS war had massive casualties. Gay sex was deemed irresponsible if you were not shielding the world from your dangerous sperm or spit fluids. Condoms were used as artillery. They were flying everywhere.

Then they added chemical war-fare to annihilate sperm which was claimed to be the enemy. The chemical was called nonoxynol-9. I told all my friend that adding chemical warfare to sex was not a good idea, nor necessary, much like how today good people state that chemicals shouldn’t be used in and for so many things, deleting them now from killing bad bacteria in the chicken we eat (that makes no sense – reference trend of having chicken with no antibiotics).

Of course, as with many things during the war, officials later declared chemical weapons to not be a good choice. Like duh.

These chemicals caused more war injuries than prior.

From 1996 to 2000, a UN-sponsored study conducted in several locations in Africa followed nearly 1,000 sex workers who used nonoxynol-9 gels or a placebo. The HIV infection rate among those using nonoxynol-9 was about 50% higher than those who used the placebo; those using nonoxynol-9 also had a higher incidence of vaginal lesions, which may have contributed to this increased risk.

Reference: Wikipedia Nonoxynol-9

Apparently no one told them about iodine.

“Tincture of iodine effectively destroys virus and fungus on contact. Ninety percent of bacteria is killed on the skin within ninety seconds.”

No million$$$$ to be made promoting iodine.

Hmm. I remember seeing iodide on my salt shaker. Iodized salt. I wonder what problems arise without iodine in the diet?

“Iodine deficiency is a lack of the trace element iodine, an essential nutrient in the diet. It may result in a goiter, sometimes as an endemic goiter as well as cretinism due to untreated congenital hypothyroidism, which results in developmental delays and other health problems. Iodine deficiency is an important public health issue as it is a preventable cause of intellectual disability.”

Reference Wikipedia

Apparently those who prescribe nongoodidea-9 suffer from this deficiency.


Gay Star News thinks that unicorns can be defeated.

It claims “This is how we will end the spread of HIV worldwide”.

I would say the way to end fantasies is to end fantasies. HIV is a fantasy.

Here’s some reality. The body processes everything that enters it. It also eliminates everything that enters it, well, not exactly, it does keep protein, vitamins, minerals, etc. to use to rebuild cells. What it doesn’t want or need it eliminates. That would include pathogens. Don’t expect to hear THIS/FACT from the HIV pushers though.

The wacky world of HIV wants you to believe in unicorns and other fantasies, and it’s been promoting this for decades, like that of believing in a virus being an intelligent creature that has a nuclear arsenal that kills mosquitoes that would never be able to carry viruses like a vampire would carry bags of fresh blood from a hospital to feed it’s young. The wacko world of science that is more about politics than it is anything, has dictated like a king that the virus isn’t carried by mosquitoes, cups, or flies on shit, and people buy it.

Those concepts like with unicorns just don’t make any sense though. So again it’s fun to read about these kooky claims that keep being made, latest again, for the billionth time, how we are going to finally end the spread of the virus which is “only spread by superhumans and super dirty needles” and this other fun one, that flies carry more bacteria THAN PREVIOUSLY THOUGHT.


HUH? More than suspected before? What the fuck is that?

Suspected? I thought science concluded, not suspected.

It’s one of those headlines that gives us clue to how the world of science really operates. It suspects things, rarely proves things. Yet that doesn’t stop humans from declaring things proven. Those are called LIES/DECEIT.

HIV/AIDS is that very thing LIES/DECEIT.

Basically this is another $tory just to sell $tories told by $tory teller$.

Now when we read all about it, instead of saying bacteria, the other article quoting from the original story, says flies carry pathogens. That would then include viruses as pathogens is a broader category. It’s like saying the world carries carriers compared to saying the United States carries carriers.

“A new study finds that flies could carry several hundred pathogens in their bodies that they can spread to the environment. Despite this, researchers believe that they can also use flies to monitor disease outbreaks.” – Tech Times

It’s also fun to read how in this story they tell how flies are important as pollinators.

Bees are pissed.

The story also states how the researcher$ want to breed flies that are free of bacteria, let them free, where they can collect bacteria, then these flies can be captured and studied.[2]


NSF (Not So Funny) though is how these same claims were made by gay communities 2 decades ago with their wacked out “Hit Hard, Hit Early” campaign which killed so many of my friends with the killer HIV drugs. Later, quietly those killer drugs that would “save lives” were “adjusted” to “safe levels”, killing the virus and the host of the drug softer and slower.

So then there’s the Gay Star News which paints gays as being “at the center of how we stop HIV” universe. How dare they blame gays.

How is it that gay rags keep blasting their own as carriers and as the center of the universe in what is causing this “thing”? That’s not equality. It’s disgusting. They have been doing this since this whole HIV/LIE started. They keep doing it. They will likely continue.

The gay community keeps bashing itself in the head with this HIV/LIE. It’s the very thing they say in AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) about the definition of insanity.

DOI – Definition Of Insanity – keep doing the same thing over and over again which doesn’t give you the intended result, while expecting a different result.

So they preach that “we have the tools necessary to stop it”. The article is so terribly wrought with flaws in it’s assertions.

— EDIT ADD POINTS HERE LATER reference this article which has been archived and also saved in pdf on my computer

One of the funniest things I see now happening though in the acronym/world is the pushing of PrEP and PEP. It’s also disgusting and sad as it’s becoming that you can’t cruise online anymore without people proclaiming their HIV status and being on PrEP. So now if you are one of those guys like me who don’t get tested with tests that are bogus, you get labeled a risk and they don’t want to have natural sex with you, but rather, they insist you use condoms, which have holes in their natural membranes that are bigger than viruses, thus wearing condoms to stop HIV is like leaving a screen door open while expecting flies to simply realize they are not welcome in the house and stay out.

About that new term PrEP, it’s catchy, though I wouldn’t recommend anyone catch these hung sales and marketing tools as fighting HIV with PrEP and PEP is like fighting unicorns with swords.

Since HIV does not exist (it cannot exist or it would be transmitted by flying needles and PATHOGEN RIDDEN FLIES that cannot select who and what gets attached to themselves) then using PrEP and PEP is absurd, except in that it is making Gilead, the maker of the products, and those investors who own the public company, richer.

Need more? How about the “side effects”. These are direct effects actually, not sideways or upside down effects. Taking these PrEP medications can cause liver failure. OMG. Why do that? Although some of these listed are said to be rare, others are said to be common like stomach pain and decreased weight. Seems to me that stomach pain is an indicator of a problem. Maybe it’s just at war with unicorns and the stomach is getting poked with it’s horn.

Here is what is seen on the website as of November 25, 2017.


[1] Google News snippet dated November 25, 2017

[2] Tech Times as captured by the Wayback Machine archiving tool

*Flies On Shit

Cinnamon bacteria

Mmmm delicious!

So I added some cinnamon to my coffee. Turns out that it helps get rid of a variety of strains of bad bacteria.

As per the National Center for Biotechnology Information:

RESULTS: Our investigations showed that the tested cinnamon bark oil was inhibiting activity against all isolates.

So the next time you eat or drink something you might consider flavoring that bacteria with cinnamon.

Image of cinnamon sticks, dried flowers, and powder credit by Simon A. Eugster (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons and this is a featured picture on the English (featured pictures) and German (Exzellente Bilder) language Wikipedia and is considered one of the finest images (English and German).

Be Healthy. Fuck natural.

If you want to be healthy I think one way of doing it is to fuck and get fucked the way nature intended more often.!

When a dick fucks many ass holes it helps spread around good healthy bacteria, different strains, that are good for they immune system, 70% of which or more lies in the entire digestive and absorption process found between our mouths and our anuses.

These “one size fits all” fear campaigns that are routinely put out by government bodies that are infected by becoming a little too intimate with Miss Understanding (a transexual with both female and male body parts) that are trying to always protect u$ don’t fit every human any more than separate bathrooms do.

All this crap about STD’s** being the big scary thing and reason to build Great Barrier Penis Walls using tree sap to “protect us” from immigrant viruses is rather Miss Placed when it’s obvious they have ways of getting past those walls and through them anyway.

And when we are healthy our bodies create barriers better than condoms.

The two primary ones are called healthy skin and antibodies.

Where the real scare is, when you understand the body processes, is not having all the good bacteria we need and the building materials that make healthy cells.

The reasons we may not have these great bacterias is more than one, such as how sugars in the diet can make sucky bacterias flourish out of control, and oil slicks that occur when people eat healthy salads and smother them in salad dressings, sometimes creating immune system environmental disasters, but it’s clear, having the good bacterias in your system fucking each other is paramount to health.

Thus, I think it’s high/time to start promoting FMT’s.*

Another option toward better health is to look into the functions of good bacteria. For some that would require removing that condom they placed over their heads so they can see clear. It’s a condom they used to protect them from understanding the bigger world of bacteria around us, and how transmitting these good ones is healthy even when the transmission of these healthy bacterias is by cocks.

So it’s time we read up on poop transplants.

Yes indeed, the medical world is transferring one person’s poop into another to make them healthy again.

No shit.

Of course you can do this easily yourself, and it’s more fun than seeing the doctor.

Also note, fucking one’s self never helps.

*reference Fecal Microbiota Transplants (FMT’s) on Wikipedia

**STD’s is an erroneous acronym because it’s viruses that transmit, not disease (disease is a complex condition of a body that cannot be transmitted, it’s developed so they would be accurately referred to as STV’s)

!for the movie version of this performance to give added drama the director adds sounds and scenes of bodies hitting the floor fainting as we also hear gasps of astonishment, horror, with added screams of outrage from certain establishment authorities who cannot fathom such things in the realm of health even though they are well documented

image credit Jacobo Werther

Bacteria now is giving us warnings!

Finally, the headline I have waited all my life to read, that bacteria is warning us instead of doctors and scientists.


Google News snapshot dated May 30, 2016

I didn’t read the article. I’m just glad to hear that we are starting down the road to letting bacteria talk to us. What they say will make more sense than those studying viruses, which is what bacteria shits/out of it/self, the cell.

BIM’s could save us from viral infections!

Bacteria Infected Mosquitoes (BIM) are said to be the possible protection to humans from ZV (zika virus). I’m not making this up, scientists are.


snapshot from Google news showing a blip from NY Times

So let me get this gay, I get infected with Zika from having sex with mosquitoes and the doctor is going to tell the mosquitoes in my neighbor’s yard to come over to my next back yard bbq and infect me with bacteria which will get rid of the virus.

Great, now let me go over and tell those mosquitoes to go to my neighbor across the street house who’s had HIV since the day it was announced in 1984 which was supposed to wipe out 2/3rds of the people on Earth, a guy who’s now in his 60’s and looks 40, and when they are swimming in their pool, those mosquitoes will infect him and his friends and family with bacteria to get rid of the ID virus (another name for the redundant term human immune deficiency virus) and the Zika virus.

I wonder if the bacteria only eats Zika viruses. If so there must be another bacteria that eats HI viruses. Or are we to believe that bacteria are like Karen Carpenter and don’t eat much, and when they do eat they are extremely picky. I never met a bacteria that didn’t act like a pig but hey let’s ask science.

According to an article at Gizmodo here are 10 things they gobble up: nuclear waste, arsenic, crude oil (gee that might include crude greasy cooking oil and foods), caffeine, human waste, rocks, nothing, gonads, The Titanic, dirty underwear.

So like with how marijuana shops have popped up everywhere to provide necessary treatment I can see them soon selling bags of live mosquitoes to  release in the yard so you get infected with these wonderful life saving bacteria.

Keep in mind if you get infected with The Titanic, there is a cure!

Who knew bacteria was such a great friend?