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Baker wins against gay cakes

California Supreme Court decided like I SAID IT WOULD for the baker and not the homos when it comes to trying to force bakeries to design things they don’t want to design.

This is the simplest of logic, we cannot force people to express themselves in a way they don’t want to.

If you do it’s called rape.

Decorating a cake is an expression.

The baker or candlestick maker cannot be forced to put two men on top any more than they can force you to be bottom or straight and for the baker to have sex with you. These are personal choices or born that ways.

In the case of the cake maker he or she is born that way, religious.

The gays have a choice who to marry or who to have sex with or what to wear or what to drink.

To say there is no choice of which gender you want to have sex with would be like saying you don’t have a choice where to get your cake decorated.

Eat it and weep.


Cake decowaiting

The reason the gays will lose the Supreme Court case against bakers and candle stick makers is really rather simple, the business provides what services it wants to provide to the customer, it is not telling the gay dudes “I will not sell you a wedding cake with a man and a woman on top because you are gay and we don’t serve gays because our religion does not approve of homofaguals”.

That would be discrimination if they did.

You cannot force a cake decorator to decorate a cake to your liking, any more than you can force a cake baker to give you a blow job on your candle.

You can force them (by law) to sell you the same wedding cake they provide others.

A gay wedding cake is not the same cake provided to straights.

The force them thing is as absurd as forcing a women’s hair salon to trim your beard when they don’t provide that service to anyone.

The silly fag screams “That’s discrimination!”

The owner says, “That’s not a service we provide.”

It’s like forcing them to provide oranges on a chocolate cake where the owner says “Sorry sirs we do not make cakes with both oranges and strawberries on it, we find it offensive as those flavors do not combine well with chocolate. It’s not that we have anything against orange farmers, it’s just their behavior we hate when they force oranges on chocolate.”

Feature image shows chocolate cake that would be sold to either gay or straight couples by

  Kurt james


Looking for clues under rocks and YouTube dust is one of the numerous ways I find evidence of where an election is going.

Steven Crowder is a tuber who reported on “how Detroit ended up in ruins” which was a poorly presented biased overly simplistic view claiming that it’s all the liberal policies and entitlements that caused it. Those matters are so very complex. I downvoted it.

Another one he presents Berkeley “filthy” hippies. What a dumb topic.

Anyway, a comment was of interest, here it is:


UC Berkeley Hippies!

One other thing I notice that is very subtle, there are many of the younger millenials that were all for Obamacare that are QUIETLY now hating it and despising it. They don’t like being billed for old people’s problems! They don’t like now having to pay premiums when they are healthy and have to cut back on fun stuff to pay for health insurance. Many have to pay a lot of out of pocket expenses when they use it. They are scratching their heads thinking “This is not what I thought we were getting”. Many of them are quietly going to vote for Trump while they all act toward their friends, family, and coworkers that they love, adore, and will be voting for Hillary.

I think that is a big reason why we are going to see Trump win in a landslide. All the rich Milleniumials don’t care, they either had to pay for insurance anyway or they get it free working at Google or Microsoft, it’s all the ones that are done with school, have huge student loan debts, car loan debts, etc. which is the majority in these 26 – 45 age groups who can’t find anything but part time and contract work because companies made their full time jobs into part time to avoid paying.

Required study – how Detroit rose and fell, here’s one of those (albeit one I downvoted) that most certainly gives visuals of a great economy ruined.

Detroit in RUINS!

Can one president change all this? Or is it going to take all 3,796,742 sq mi of the United States?

The real problem in Detroit according to one man is, well, I just can’t say it, I don’t use such words.

The Problem With Detroit is…..

He actually blames the politicians first. If you listen carefully you will notice how he uses the word not to put down those who are subject to the politicians’ greed, but also becomes careless with it throughout in ranting like so many people do. He then blames the homos as well. Sigh.

I think the problem is never one thing, it’s always many.

It’s those who keep trying to pin it on one group, even one party, it’s like they are saying that the problem with the Angel food cake everyone is gawking at, is that “it was made in a gay cake shop!” as we notice it lying on top of Devil’s food cake while some customer is laying there eating it too.

NOTE: this article was written and posted in the pacific standard time early afternoon at 13:50 on November 8, 2016 before it was clear to the world that Trump was the winner, thus despite all appearances and predictions by lame streamers, this publisher saw the signs pointing to his victory quite clear

Featured image by Detroit Publishing Company [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons – this was during Detroit’s better times of great prosperity – don’t think the same thing can’t happen in Cupertino that happened there